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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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parts: rǫgn (noun n.) ‘the gods (in names)...’ • valdr (noun m.) ‘ruler...’

Anon Krm 15VIII l. 6: Rögnvaldr ‘Rǫgnvaldr’
Arn Rǫgndr 3II l. 2: Rǫgnvaldi ‘Rǫgnvaldr’
Arn Þorfdr 16II l. 7: Rǫgnvalds ‘of Rǫgnvaldr’
Oddi Lv 3II l. 6: Rǫgnvaldr ‘Rǫgnvaldr’
Rv Lv 11II l. 2: Rǫgnvalds ‘of Rǫgnvaldr’
KrákÁsl Lv 6VIII (Ragn 17) l. 5: Rögnvaldr ‘Rǫgnvaldr’
Arn Þorfdr 2II l. 4: Rǫgnvalds ‘of Rǫgnvaldr’
Sigv Austv 12I l. 4: Rǫgnvalds ‘Rǫgnvaldr’s’
Sigv Austv 17I l. 4: Rǫgnvald ‘Rǫgnvaldr’
Sigv Austv 18I l. 8: Rǫgnvaldi ‘Rǫgnvaldr’
Sigv Austv 20I l. 8: Rǫgnvaldr ‘Rǫgnvaldr’
Sigv Austv 20I l. 8: Rǫgnvalds ‘Rǫgn’
Sigv Austv 21I l. 2: Rǫgnvald ‘Rǫgnvaldr’
Sigv Austv 21I l. 2: Rǫgnvaldr ‘Rǫgn’
Sigv Erlfl 9I l. 8: Rǫgnvaldi ‘to Rǫgn valdr’
Þjóð Yt 27I l. 5: Rǫgnvaldr ‘Rǫgnvaldr’
TorfE Lv 4I l. 1: Rǫgnvalds ‘Rǫgnvaldr’s’
Vitg Lv 1I l. 5: Rǫgnvaldr ‘Rǫgnvaldr’
Anon (Hák) 1II l. 1: Rǫgnvalds ‘Rǫgnvaldr’s’


indexed kennings:
Arn Lv 1II: syni Brúsa; ‘the son of Brúsi; ’
Arn Rǫgndr 1II: gunnbráðr Njǫrðr gǫndlar ‘the war-hasty Njǫrðr <god> of battle ’
Arn Rǫgndr 2II: Herþarfr konr Heita ‘The army-beneficent descendant of Heiti ’
Arn Þorfdr 22II: dróttin* Hjalta. ‘the Shetlanders’ lord. ’
Árm Lv 1II: Snjallr vǫrðr grundar, ‘The keen guardian of the land, ’
BjHall Kálffl 8I: óðfúss sonar Brúsa, ‘of the ragingly eager son of Brúsi ’
Hbreiðm Lv 1II: Rýrir hodda, ‘The diminisher of hoards, ’
Oddi Lv 3II: sveigi logs sunda, ‘the bender of the fire of straits, ’
Rv Lv 6II: myrðir menja ‘the murderer of neck-ornaments ’
Rv Lv 6II: bræði bengagls. ‘the feeder of the wound-gosling.’
Sigv Erlfl 9I: feðr Ulfs. ‘Úlfr’s father. ’
Sigv Austv 14I: þrýstis jǫfra; ‘the compeller of princes; ’

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