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1. rót (noun f.)

ONP (prose citations):71728113
SkP: 18127911 (prose):141392394

forms: rœtr, ræturnar, rót f sg, rót*um, rotvm, rot, rotum, rótina acc f sg, rœtr, rætr, rtr, rótvm, rȯt, rotina, rættur, rotom, rotna, rótinni, rætur, rott, rt, rotinne, rótarinnar, rỏt, rótum, róta, rótom, rǫtr


Anon Pét 43VII, l. 6: hjartrót*um ‘the heart-roots’
Anon Lil 77VII, l. 7: hjartarótum ‘the roots of the heart’
Þjóð Haustl 6III, l. 3: eikirótum ‘the oak-roots’
Hundk Lv 3VIII (HjǪ 33), l. 4: rótakylfu ‘a club’

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