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ríkr (adj.)

‘mighty, powerful, rich’
ONP (prose citations):261725759
SkP: 106127911 (prose):3751392394

forms: ríkjan, ríkjum, ríkja, ríkar, ríkasti, ríkastir nom m pl, ríkastur nom m sg, ríkra gen pl, ríks gen m sg, ríku, ríkur nom m sg, ríkust, Ríkust, Rík, Ríkt, Ríkr, Ríks, riki?, ríkir, rikvm, rikr, rigt, rikt, riktt, Ríkir, rykare, rict, ríkt n sg, rikur, ríkari m, riki, rika, rikazti, rikaztur, rikra, rikvzstv, ríka, ricom, riciom, rikian, riker, ricra, rikari, rikarum, rikara, ríkri, ríkara sg, ricri, rícra, rikri, rikare, rikazst, ricastr, rikazstir, rikastir, ricr, rijkt, ric, rik, riku, ríct, Rijkur, rikum, rix, ricar, rikan, rijk, rikir, ríki nom m sg, rijki, rickt, ry⟨k⟩tt, ríkast, rikazt, ríkum dat m, rijkur, Rijker, ríkastr, rikiym, ríkan, ricium, ricari, ricsti, rikaztr, rikst, rikaster, riks, rík nom f sg, riko, rikar, Riki, rikarsti, rikazstr, rígt, rikann, ríkrar, rikurum, rician, ríkia, rikiraztir, ʀikir, ʀikur, ʀijkur, ríkr, ríkstr, ríkri, rikía, rikiom, ricſ, ríc, ricſtr, rikia


Anon Hsv 34VII, l. 3: fullríkr ‘very ’
Anon Mey 54VII, l. 8: kraftarík ‘rich in miracles’
Anon Pét 7VII, l. 6: hjálpríkum ‘to the help-mighty’
Anon Vitn 23VII, l. 1: ríkamanni ‘the powerful man’
Gamlkan Has 56VII, l. 6: margríkr ‘very powerful’
Gamlkan Has 63VII, l. 4: margríkr ‘Very powerful’
HSt Rst 12I, l. 2: hjaldrríkr ‘The battle-mighty’
Hfr Hákdr 4III, l. 2: gunnríkr ‘The battle-powerful’
Sigv ErfÓl 4I, l. 4: ríklunduðum ‘the mighty-spirited’
Steinn Óldr 1II, l. 8: Ríklundaðr ‘Proud-minded’
Sturl Hryn 17II, l. 8: ríkilátr ‘high-minded’
Þhorn Harkv 17I, l. 7: ríkuliga ‘powerfully’

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