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2. ǫnd (noun f.)

‘soul, breath’
ONP (prose citations):160728113
SkP: 63127911 (prose):01392394

forms: önd, ǫndu, andu, ǫnd, and, Andar, atu, ant, aunt, an…, an-, ont, aout, aut, antu, at, aat, nat, ...atu, ...n-, a-t, ot, a--, --t, on, an, hont, onl, out, ...t, -t, otu, ontini, antini, aot, hut, ut, -nt, And, andir, ndum, avnd, ǫndin, anda, onð, ꜵnd, ǫndom, aundu, ɴ[dina, ondo, øɴd, onndin, avndv, ondu, ǫndunni, nd, ondin, anndar, onda, ꜵɴd, ander, andarinnar, ꜹnd, onndu, andunum, øndom, ondinn, andanna, aundin, aund, [o]nd, ndina, ondina, aundum, ønd, onndena, aundunni, aundunne, ndinne, ondunne, avnð, ꜴNd, aɴdar eɴar, ꜵɴden, aɴdar, Aund, ndu, ondinne, ǫndina, aundv, Önd, an..., ỏndum, Ond, ỏndina, ỏndinne, ỏndu, önd, andar, öndu, ꜹndo, ond, ǫndo


Eskál Vell 28I, l. 4: ǫndvígr ‘aggressive’
Eyv Hál 11I, l. 4: ǫndverðan ‘at the break’
Sigv Austv 10I, l. 4: ǫndvert ‘at the beginning of’
Sigv ErfÓl 21I, l. 2: andprútt ‘the proud-spirited’
Sigv Vestv 2I, l. 2: andspilli ‘an audience’
Sigv Lv 18I, l. 6: ǫndverðan ‘early’
Þhorn Harkv 3I, l. 4: ǫndverðum ‘break’
ÚlfrU Húsdr 3III, l. 2: ǫndótts ‘of the hostile’
ǪrvOdd Ævdr 44VIII (Ǫrv 114), l. 6: andrán ‘Life-robbery’
ǪrvOdd Ævdr 67VIII (Ǫrv 137), l. 7: andrán ‘life-robbery’
Þul Himins I 1III, l. 8: Andlangr ‘Andlangr’

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