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3. réttr (adj.)

‘right, straight, direct’
ONP (prose citations):453728113
SkP: 65127911 (prose):1721392394

forms: réttr, réttra, rétts, réttrar gen f sg, réttur nom m sg, retrar, riettum, Rietta, riettr, ritar, ?ita?, rita?, Rétts, reetto, rettra, ręttvm, réttum dat, rettu, rettum, rez, reittum, reitt, reíttan, reitta, rétta sg, retta, rettara, Rett, rætt, rettr, rettri, réttast nom n sg, rettom, rettir, riettar, rettan, rèttr, rettare, rætto, reᴛer, réttri dat f sg, rette, réttra gen pl, rettar, riettara, rettann, rettv, Rétt nom n sg, ret, retter, rezt, rèttu, rét, rętto, riettre, rettrar, ræz, ręttan, rietta, rétto, retr, ríettr, riettu, rettvr, retth, riętt, rettazst, réttan acc m sg, rettz, rettasta, retti, retom, rettvm, retara, riettur, reítum, retari, riet, reet, ręttv, rettur, ręttann, Riett, riett, réttara, réttar, réttir, retto, rętt, rett, réttu, rétt, ret̨, rétti


Anon Heildr 7VII, l. 1: Réttvísum ‘righteous’
Anon Hsv 13VII, l. 1: réttdæmr ‘just in judgement’
Kálf Kátr 14VII, l. 7: riettvís ‘righteous’
Anon Óldr 13I, l. 8: réttdœmr ‘the righteous’
Anon Lil 3VII, l. 4: riettferðugt ‘proper’

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