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Perkins, Richard (12)

Richard Perkins

1969. A Medieval Icelandic Rowing Chant

1971. An Edition of Flóamannna saga with a Study of its Sources and Analogues

1976. The Furðustrandir of Eiríks saga rauða

1984-5. Rowing Chants and the Origins of dróttkvæðr háttr

1986. Droplaugarsona saga

1986-9a. Steigar-Þórir’s Couplet and Steinn Herdísarson II: Notes and Queries

1986-9b. Þrymskviða, Stanza 20, and a Passage from Víglundar saga

1995. Fóstbrœðra saga

1999. The Gateway to Trondheim: Two Icelanders at Agdenes

2001. Thor the Wind-Raiser and the Eyrarland Image

2004. Medieval Norse Visits to America: Millennial Stocktaking

2011. The Verses in Eric the Red’s saga. And Again: Norse Visits to America

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