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ǫld (noun f.)

‘people, age’
ONP (prose citations):64726238
SkP: 176127911 (prose):101392394

forms: ǫlð, aldar, aldar, ǫld, ǫldur, ǫld, Alda, alda, Öld, Ǫld, altum, ata, ꜹldvm, alldir, allder, olld, lld, aulld, avlld, ǫlld, alder, ꜹlld, avlldum, ld, alldum, Aulld, allda, allda⟨r⟩, ald, Öldum, old, ỏlld, aldir, ǫldum, aldar, *öldum, öldum, öld, *Öldum, ǫldur, ꜹld, alda, ꜹldom, alda


Anon Pl 13VII, l. 4: ǫldurmanns ‘the nobleman’s’
Anon Sól 41VII, l. 6: aldaheimi ‘the world of men’
Bjbp Jóms 11I, l. 2: ǫldurmenn ‘the leaders’
Refr Þorst 1III, l. 1: Grjótaldar ‘of the rock-people’
Hfr ErfÓl 25I, l. 6: skalmǫld ‘a sword-age’
ÞSjár Klœingr 1I, l. 1: aldvalds ‘mighty ruler’
Þorm Lv 19I, l. 4: skalmǫld ‘a sword-age’
Bragi Þórr 1III, l. 2: Aldafǫðrs ‘of mankind’s father’
Þul Manna 7III, l. 2: aldaþoptar ‘old rowing-mates’

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