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McKinnell, John (12)

John McKinnell

1970. The Reconstruction of Pseudo-Vatnshyrna

1987. Viga-Glums saga, with the tales of Ögmund Bash and Thorvald Chatterbox

1993. Vatnshyrna

2001. Eddic Poetry and Anglo-Scandinavian Northern England

2002. Þorgerðr Hölgabrúðr and Hyndluljóð

2004. Runes, Magic and Religion: A Sourcebook

2005. Meeting the Other in Norse Myth and Legend

2006. The Fantastic in Old Norse / Icelandic Literature: Sagas and the British Isles. Preprint Papers of the Thirteenth International Saga Conference

2009a. The Ideology of Vengeance in Old Norse Mythology

2009b. The Fantasy Giantess: Brana in Hálfdanar saga Brǫnufóstra

2014. Essays on Eddic Poetry

2014. On Heiðr and Gullveig

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