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oddr (noun m.)

‘point of weapon’
ONP (prose citations):71723058
SkP: 86127911 (prose):8731392394

forms: os, Oddinn, Odds gen m sg, Oddur nom m sg, oddinn, oddurinn nom m sg, Odda, otr, Oddum, Oddr, odde, Oddz, Oddi dat m sg, Odz, Odd acc m sg, oddriɴ, oddinvm, oddinum, oddí, oddana, oddrinn, odda, oddar, oddr, odd, oddum, oꝺz, odds, oddi, oddom, oddom, odz, oddur


Anon Liðs 2I, l. 2: oddsennu ‘of the point-quarrel’
Anon Pl 41VII, l. 2: oddregns ‘of the spear-rain’
ESk Geisl 50VII, l. 6: oddhríðar ‘of the point-storm’
Edáð Banddr 6I, l. 1: Oddhríðar ‘of the point-storm’
Eskál Vell 6I, l. 1: oddneytir ‘arrow-user’
Eskál Vell 12I, l. 2: oddstaf ‘’
Eskál Vell 12I, l. 2: oddastarf ‘’
Eyv Hák 8I, l. 5: oddláar ‘Point-waves’
HSt Rst 4I, l. 7: oddrjóð ‘the point-reddener’
Hfr ErfÓl 20I, l. 2: oddbragðs ‘of the point-thrust’
Hskv Útdr 10II, l. 2: oddhríð ‘point-storm’
Kolli Ingdr 1II, l. 2: oddhríð ‘a point-storm’
SnSt Ht 70III, l. 4: oddbraks ‘of the point-crash’
ÞKolb Eirdr 2I, l. 6: oddherðir ‘the point-hardener’
Tindr Hákdr 2I, l. 2: oddgaldrs ‘of the point-chant’
Anon (SnE) 5III, l. 2: oddnets ‘of the point-net’
Innsteinn Innkv 15VIII (Hálf 35), l. 4: oddvita ‘of the leader’

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