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øruggr (adj.)
ONP (prose citations):223725759
SkP: 1127911 (prose):481392394

forms: øruggr, örugg nom f sg, örugga, öruggan acc m sg, öruggastir, öruggir nom m pl, öruggrar, öruggt n sg, öruggum, öruggur nom m sg, öruggastur, aurugu, uruggom, uruggaɴ, vrugri, vrugr, óruggan, vrygr, vrugrar, vrug, vruggan, vruggir, oruggra, uruggri, urugg, øryɢo, uruggu, ruggr, oruggr, auruggr, vrugg, vrvggir, urugrar, öruggasti nom m sg, oruɢ, øruggt, eyrꜹggr, orugg, úruggr, avr⟨r⟩gr, orugt, vrugs, urugr, uruggr, ruggir, ruɢir, aurẏgian, ørvɢr, øryɢr, urugga, øruggan, ruɢer, rugga, urug, urugre, ruggari, uruɢt, oruggann, öruggri, aurugger, vrvgr, ꜹrvggan, øruggu, oruggir, urvgga, öruggr, ỏruggr, ỏruggir, ỏruɢir, ỏrugga, ỏruggari, ǫruggir

parts: ør- ((prefix)) ‘[carefully]...’ • uggr (adj.) ‘anxious, fearful...’

ESk Geisl 62VII l. 2: øruggt ‘fearlessly’


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