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This material is incomplete and is for reference only: it has not been checked and quality-controlled and should not be cited. References are to the new edition and may not correspond to the text of Skj.

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nøkkurr (pron.)

‘some, a certain’
ONP (prose citations):1349728073
SkP: 33127911 (prose):26851392394

forms: nökkurr, nökkurn, nøkkurr, nǫkkra, nakkvarn, nokkvorn acc m sg, nǫkkvorrar, nokkvorra, nakkvars, nǫkkurn, nakkvara, nøkkvi, nøkkvat, nǫkkvat, Nokkrir, Nokkru dat n sg, Nokkurar, Nokkurir, Nokkuru pl 3rd pret, Nokkurum dat m sg, nokkra acc, nokkrar f pl, nokkrir nom m pl, nokkru dat n sg, nokkrum dat, nokkura acc f sg, nokkurar, nokkurir pres, nokkurn acc m sg, nokkurra gen pl, nokkurrar gen f sg, nokkurri dat f sg, nokkurs gen sg, nokkurt n sg, nokkuru 3rd pret, nokkurum dat m sg, nokkuð n sg, nǫkkurir, nökkur, Nøkkvi, nakkvar nom, nokkvern, nokkvað n sg, nockvra, nockrer, nockvrer, nockut, navqvenr, nacqvert, nacqverrar, nokkot, nokcon, nokkorr, nequeʀ, neque, nęcqueria, noquerer, neqqvers, Nokkorv, nokkon, nokkora, nokkorss, nokkorer, nokkor, noccor, nockorvir, necque, naukkuru, nockr, noccuro, nokko, nokor, nokora, noccora, nǫkkuru, nǫkkur, nokkorar, nockor, nockuru, noccorum, nǫkkut n sg, nackuat, nockvd, nokot, nockor⟨o⟩, nockot, nackvat, nockvʀ, nocquot, [no]ckud, nckuru, nckurt, nockvrri, nöckuru, nøckvra, nøckvrr, nockurv, nøkkvi, nockvrví, nocut, neyckui, Noᴋui, nøcki, nuckurir, nokcurt, nockvt, nockurir, nackornn, nǫkkurr, nǫkkura, nacquat, nakuat, necqueria, nokrom, noqvat, nakcuað, nǫkkurs, neckvernn, nockorir, nackvarar, noccorar, nackvara, noccorom, nockora, nokkurr, nackorr, naccurn, nackurn, naccot, nacort, nackvt, noccorir, nackvaʀar, nockorom, nockoʀ, nockoro, naccvat, nacqvat, naccqvarn, nocorv, Nokverio, naccura, nakkorum, nackverir, nǫkkurar, nacqverɴɴ, necqvert, neckuria, necqvat, noccors, noᴋoʀar, noccoʀ, nackvarnn, noccot, Noccoro, nokkore, nocqvot, nocqvort, nokkort, nockveria, nokorom, nokornn, noᴋuria, nokkors, naccorn, nackurr, nakkvn, nackor, nakora, nckurum, nackorra, nackveria, nackueria, nǫkkurra, necqueriom, naquat, nakuað, nauckut, navcurr, nokkur, nǫckud, nokkott, navkut, nckveria, nøcqve, nœcque, nocque, noqve, nokoʀ, noccornn, nackvaʀi, nackvarir, nocorom, nøccors, nocot, noccoro, nockarr, nacqvars, nockra, nackurum, nokon, nokott, nockvr, nockud, nocor, nckrn, nocqui, nökkurri, nockurn, nǫkkurt, Nǫkkuru, nocqvarar, nocquorre, nockorɴ, nokkvʀʀ, nǫckurr, nakot, nǫckur, nckut, nokors, necquert, Nokkorr, nockveriar, nackveriar, nackvrr, nackot, nockurum, nockuʀ, nøcque, neqqverɴ, nequet, neqquet, nauckur, nvckud, nackvaʀ, nakkvað sg, neccved, naᴋvaʀi, nockur, nequeria, nakcut, nockvað, nakkvarra, nakkverjum, Nakkvað, nỏckuru, nỏckurt, nỏckveria, nỏckrn, nỏckut, nockvrvm, nökkuð, nökkurir, nökkut, nokkut, nacqt, nakkvat, nǫkkurum, nǫkkut, nökkuru, nökkurum, nökkru, nökkura, noccorr, nóccoþ, noccorn, necqvi, nacqvad, nekkvat, nǫkkvi, nakkvarir, nǫkkurrar



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