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nýtr (adj.)

‘useful, able’
ONP (prose citations):61726238
SkP: 54127911 (prose):11392394

forms: nýztan, nýtust, nýtar, nýtum, nýztr, nýtan, nýtara, Nýtr, Nýtust, Nýt, n..., nu, nutan, ...utan, nytan, nuta, nyz, nvto, nytum, nïtt, nytt, nytr, nytazti, nẏtann, nytv, nyto, nyt, nytir, nytur, nýtt, nytrar, nýt, nýzti, nýtu, nytra, nitt, nýter, nyzti, nytz, nyts, nýtin, nytasti, nýtasti nom m sg, nyth, nýtastr, nýtra, nýta, nýtr, nytꝛı, nyter, nýtri, nýtir, nꝩta, nꝩt, nꝩtom, nꝩtt


ESk Geisl 49VII, l. 2: þjóðnýtr ‘very bountiful’
Hókr Eirfl 6I, l. 1: heiptarnýta ‘battle-worthy’
RvHbreiðm Hl 81III, l. 5: Allnýtr ‘The thoroughly beneficial’

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