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Data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas

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Anon Hsv 11VII, l. 3: auðtryggr ‘credulous’
Anon Hsv 89VII, l. 4: auðgætt ‘easy’
Anon Mv I 1VII, l. 4: auðgreinandi ‘the wealth-divider’
Anon Mv I 5VII, l. 2: auðgætanda ‘wealth-guardian’
Anon Mv I 14VII, l. 6: auðar-Bil ‘wealth-Bil’
Anon Mv II 4VII, l. 2: auðmjúk ‘humble’
Anon Mv II 14VII, l. 3: auðspaung ‘for the wealth-clasp’
Anon Nkt 6II, l. 8: auðgefendr ‘wealth-givers’
Anon Óldr 4I, l. 4: auðmildr ‘wealth-generous’
Anon Pét 52VII, l. 6: auðsýtir ‘wealth-yearner’
Anon Pl 17VII, l. 1: auðskiptis ‘wealth-distributor’
Anon Pl 21VII, l. 6: auðgildir ‘the wealth-payer’
Anon Vitn 7VII, l. 4: auðbrík ‘wealth-plank’
Arn Magndr 4II, l. 3: auðvin ‘treasure-friend’
Arn Þorfdr 21II, l. 4: auðgjafa ‘wealth-givers’
Bjbp Jóms 10I, l. 5: auðbrotar ‘wealth-breakers’
ESk Geisl 3VII, l. 3: auðfinnǫndum ‘for finders of riches’
ESk Geisl 40VII, l. 7: auðskýfanda ‘of the distributor of riches’
ESk Geisl 60VII, l. 5: Auðskiptir ‘The wealth-distributor’
ESk Sigdr I 3II, l. 6: auðlestir ‘the wealth-destroyer’
Eskál Vell 15I, l. 7: auðrýrir ‘the wealth-diminisher’
Gamlkan Has 24VII, l. 2: auðbrjótr ‘The destroyer of riches’
Glúmr Gráf 12I, l. 4: auðvôn ‘my expectation of wealth’
GunnLeif Merl II 6VIII (Bret 6), l. 3: auðstǫfum ‘for wealth-staves’
GunnLeif Merl I 58VIII (Bret 126), l. 6: auðvarpaðar ‘of the wealth-flinger’
Hskv Hardr 5II, l. 1: auðsendir ‘Wealth-dispenser’
Ótt Knútdr 2I, l. 2: auðmildr ‘wealth-generous one’
RvHbreiðm Hl 23III, l. 7: auðbrjótr ‘the wealth-breaker’
Sigv Nesv 10I, l. 4: auðvôn ‘expectation of riches’
SnSt Ht 11III, l. 2: auðmildr ‘The wealth-generous’
SnSt Ht 48III, l. 2: auð-Týr ‘The wealth-Týr’
SnSt Ht 48III, l. 1: Auðkendar ‘readily recognised’
SnSt Ht 48III, l. 3: auðviðum ‘to wealth-trees’
Sturl Hrafn 18II, l. 8: auðstefni ‘wealth-dispenser’
ÞHjalt Lv 2I, l. 2: auðkveðjǫndum ‘for the wealth-demanders’
Þhorn Harkv 11I, l. 5: auðkylfur ‘-cudgels’
Tindr Hákdr 3I, l. 3: auðfundit ‘easily found’
Anon Brúðv 17VII, l. 7: auðlistr ‘wealth-skilful one’
Anon Brúðv 18VII, l. 5: auð-Rán ‘gold-Rán’
Anon (SnE) 9III, l. 3: auðsúg ‘wealth-sucker’
Þul Øxna 4III, l. 3: Auðhumbla ‘Auðhumbla’
Innsteinn Innkv 13VIII (Hálf 33), l. 4: auðbrota ‘the treasure-breaker’
ÞjóðA Magn 4II, l. 5: Auðtróðu ‘For the wealth-pole’

indexed kennings:
GSúrs Lv 4V (Gísl 6): Gefn linnvengis ‘The Gefn <goddess> of the snake-ground ’
GSúrs Lv 13V (Gísl 16): Fold unnfúrs, ‘Land of wave-fire, ’
GSúrs Lv 13V (Gísl 16): Eir aura, ‘Eir <goddess> of wealth, ’
GSúrs Lv 17V (Gísl 20): þornreið. ‘brooch-pin-carrier. ’
GSúrs Lv 19V (Gísl 22): Eir aura, ‘Eir <goddess> of wealth, ’
GSúrs Lv 25V (Gísl 28): mjó Hlín fleyvangs ‘the slender Hlín <goddess> of the ship-field ’
GSúrs Lv 32V (Gísl 35): ber-Lofn seima; ‘carrying-Lofn <goddess> of gold; ’
GSúrs Lv 34V (Gísl 37): Syn tvinna; ‘Syn <goddess> of threads; ’
GSúrs Lv 36V (Gísl 39): hǫr-Bil, ‘flax-Bil <goddess>, ’
GSúrs Lv 37V (Gísl 40): Fagrleit Fulla regns hallar fals, ‘The fair-featured Fulla <goddess> of the rain of the hall of the spear-socket, ’
Þmáhl Máv 9bV (Eb 11): mína Hlín goðvefjar; ‘my Hlín <goddess> of fine cloth; ’

Runic data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas, Uppsala universitet, unless otherwise stated