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nafn (noun n.)

ONP (prose citations):247726238
SkP: 49127911 (prose):2971392394

forms: nafni, Nafn, nafninu, nafnið acc n sg, nabnum, namfne, nöfnum dat n pl, namn, nomn, nafne, nafnn, namfn, nꜹfnom, nomfn, nanf, nafnum, nofnum, nafnit, nꜹfn, navfn, nǫfɴ, namni, namɴ, nafɴ, namfni, nǫmn, nafnsins, naffnn, nfn, nafmn, nafnne, namɴi, naufnum, nfnen, nǫf⟨n⟩, nafnni, nams, naufn, nampne, nampn, Namn, nꝍfn, Nꝍfn, nofnom, nỏfn, nỏfnen, nafns, nafni, nöfn, nan, noꝩɴ, na̅, nofn, nafn, nǫfn, nafnſ, nafni, nafn


Anon Mv II 8VII, l. 8: móðurnafn ‘the name of mother’
Anon Mv II 16VII, l. 5: Móðurnafn ‘The name of mother’
Anon Pl 5VII, l. 8: hirðnǫfn ‘names {of the court’
ESk Geisl 68VII, l. 4: nafnkuðr ‘the well-known’
Sturl Hákkv 4II, l. 10: jöfursnafni ‘the royal title’
Sturl Hákkv 23II, l. 1: nafnfrægt ‘renowned’

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