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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Öl 1 (Öl1) - Karlevi stone (DR411)

inscription; c1000;

Sweden: Öland
Location: Karlevi, Vickleby sn., Öland, Sweden;
Swedish map: X:1538971 Y:6275755
Google maps: 56.6076,16.4399
RAÄ: Vickleby 10:1
Links: (image)

Samnordisk runtextdatabas:
siglum: Öl 1 $ 
place: Karlevi 
parish: Vickleby sn 
district: Algutsrums hd 
coordinates: 6275755:1538971 
original place?: ja 
new coords:  
RAÄ number: 10 [objektid=10087900100001] 
rune types:  
cross form:  
period/dating: V s 900-t 
style group: RAK 
material/object: runsten, smålandsporfyr 
other: västnordisk inskrift 
reference: $=ATA Dnr 323-3515-2002; $=Gustavson 2002; Strid 1991:44; Svenska landsmål 1995 (321) s. 436 med n. 3; BN 1 
image link:,  
rune text: + s-a... --(s)- i(a)s * satr * aiftir * si(b)(a) * kuþa * sun * fultars * in hons ** liþi * sati * at * u * -ausa-þ-... +: fulkin : likr : hins : fulkþu : flaistr (:)* uisi * þat * maistar * taiþir : tulka * þruþar : traukr : i : þaimsi * huki * munat : raiþ:uiþur : raþa : ruk:starkr * i * tanmarku : --ntils : iarmun**kruntar : urkrontari : lonti
{÷ IN| |NONIN- ¶ + HE... ...} 
old west norse: S[t]e[inn] [þe]ss[i] er settr eptir Sibba Góða/Goða, son Foldars, en hans liði setti at ... ... Folginn liggr hinns fylgðu, flestr vissi þat, mestar dæðir dolga Þrúðar draugr í þessu haugi; munat Reið-Viðurr ráða rógstarkr í Danmǫrku [E]ndils jǫrmungrundar ørgrandari landi.
{In nomin[e](?) Ie[su](?) ...} 
original language: S[t]æ[inn] [sa]s[i] es sattr æftiR Sibba Goða/Guða, sun Fuldars, en hans liði satti at ... ... Fulginn liggR hinns fylgðu, flæstr vissi þat, mæstaR dæðiR dolga ÞruðaR draugR i þæimsi haugi; munat Ræið-Viðurr raða rogstarkR i Danmarku [Æ]ndils iarmungrundaR uRgrandaRi landi.
{In nomin[e](?) Ie[su](?) ...} 
english: §A This stone is set up in memory of Sibbi Góði/Goði, son of Foldarr, and his retinue set on ... Hidden lies the one whom followed (most know that) the greatest deeds, Thrud's warrior of battles, in this mound. Never will a more honest, hard-fighting 'wagon-Viðurr' upon Endill's expanses rule the land in Denmark. [This stone is placed in memory of Sibbi the good, Fuldarr's son, and his retinue placed on ... ... He lies concealed, he who was followed by the greatest deeds (most men knew that), a chieftain (battle-tree of [the Goddess] Thrúðr) in this howe; Never again shall such a battle-hardened sea-warrior (Viðurr-of-the-Carriage of [the Sea-king] Endill's mighty dominion ( = God of the vessels of the the sea) ), rule unsurpassed over land in Denmark.] §B {In the name of Jesus(?) ...}  
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magic attitude (CO): neutral 
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