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mikill (adj.)

‘great, large’
ONP (prose citations):685726238
SkP: 174127911 (prose):81351392394

forms: miklum, miklu, miklu, mikinn, Meira n sg, Meiri, Mikils gen sg, Mikið sg, Mikla sg, Miklar, meir, meira sg, mest, mesta sg, mestan acc m sg, mestar f pl, mesti nom m sg, mestir nom m pl, mestrar, mestri f sg, mestu, mestum dat, mestur nom m sg, mikilla gen pl, mihgil, Mikill nom m sg, mukin, mukit, ?ikit, m...r, micill, myklu, mikell, mykyllar, mikilli dat f sg, miklvm, myklarrar, mikinn m sg, micil, mikillar gen f sg, mẏkillar, mykyt, mykyl, miclv, mykit, míkla, mikel, mikid, miklir nom m pl, mykil, miᴋlo, miᴋla, mykel, micklum, mykla, miklv, miclom, mikclu, mikklu, Myklv, miclo, miclu, miklo, myklv, myklo, myclo, Mikit, mikin, mikille, micit, miklom, Mycklu, miclir, mikkenn, mykillí, micklo, micklir, mycklum, Miklir nom m pl, mikklum, micla, micinn, mikiɴ, mickla, micklv, Mikil, mikilꜱ, miclar, mykli, micka, mẏcko, mickill, mickils, Miklu, mykinn, mycla, mykiz, miket, mykylli, mikll, Mkill, mykum, mioklum, myky, mykill, miklri, michill, myklæ, mestr, miken, mykid, micli, miyclu, mikjll, uexsti, micid, míkit, micklvm, nikli, mikíls, mkilla, Mykils, micᴋlo, myclu, mikílle, mycklu, mikít, myklum, mikle, Mykynn, myccla, myklar, Mikinn m sg, mẏkillí, mikillri, mykillar, mikkla, mikklar, ṃịḳịṭ, miklum, mikið, mikli, miklu, mikils, meiri, mikla, mııl, míclar, mikil, miklu, miklar, mikill, mikil, mikit, mikill, mesti, mikils, mícit, miciꝇ, miclar, micilſ, mꝩclo, micla, mícil, mikill, mikla, mikill, meirum


Anon Sól 66VII, l. 2: mikillæti ‘pride’
Bǫlv Hardr 2II, l. 6: Miklagarðs ‘Constantinople’
ESk Geisl 53VII, l. 2: Miklagarðr ‘Constantinople’
Hókr Eirfl 3I, l. 5: borðmikinn ‘the high-sided’
Hókr Eirfl 5I, l. 5: fjarðmykils ‘of the fjord’
RvHbreiðm Hl 35III, l. 4: hringmiklum ‘for the ring-powerful’
ÚlfrU Húsdr 5III, l. 2: firin*mikla ‘a very great’

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• Miklagarðr (Miklagarðr - Constantinople, Byzantium)

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