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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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image of AM 748 II 4° folio <6v>

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AM 748 II 4°, 6v (b300dpi)

VSt Erf 2III (33-1)
    ‘Mank, þats jǫrð við orða’
ÚlfrU Húsdr 4III (1-2)
    ‘En stirðþinull starði’
Anon (SnE) 10III (3-4)
    ‘Ǫrgildi vask (Eldis)’
ÞjóðA Sex 31II (5-6)
    ‘Gera vas gisting byrjuð’
Egill Hfl 11V (Eg 44) [5-8] (7-8)
    ‘sleit und freki,’
ESk Elfv 1II (8-9)
    ‘Margr fell maðr af dreyrgu’
Arn Frag 2III (10-11)
    ‘Svalg áttbogi ylgjar’
Ill Har 1II (11-12)
    ‘Vargs vas munr, þats margan’
HSn Magndr 1III (15-16)
    ‘Heiðingja sleit hungri;’
ÞKolb Eirdr 17I (16-17)
    ‘Óð, en œrnu náði’
Þul Þorgþ I 1III (17-19)
    ‘Hrafn ok Sleipnir,’
Þul Þorgþ I 2III (19-20)
    ‘Viggr ok Skúfr’
Þul Þorgþ I 3III (21-22)
    ‘Blóðughófi hét hestr,’
Þul Kálfv 1III (22-24)
    ‘Dagr reið Drǫsli,’
Þul Kálfv 3III (24-26)
    ‘Ali Hrafni,’
Þul Kálfv 2III (24-26)
    ‘Vésteinn Vali,’
Þul Kálfv 4III (26-27)
    ‘Bjǫrn reið Blakki,’
Þul Þorgþ II 1III (30-31)
    ‘Gamalla øxna nǫfn,’

prose text:


Snorra Edda

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