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miðr (adj.)

‘middle, less, hardly’
ONP (prose citations):136728073
SkP: 18127911 (prose):3301392394

forms: meðian, miðjar, miður nom m sg, Miðr, miðs, mids, miðju dat n sg, miðia, mitt n sg, midiumm, midrar, miþre, miðri dat f sg, midann, miðiu, miþio, miþivm, miðium, miðian, midiu, Mitth, midío, miðivm, midivm, miðiar, miðt, midium, miþian, midri, miðrar, miþs, midian, midia, miðjan acc m sg, miðiv, miðean, miþia, miðre, midr, miðjum dat, midra, mídium, mïtt, mið, midjar, miðiom, midiann, midur, miðja, miðr, miþſ, miðra, miþiom


Þul Skjaldar 3III, l. 4: miðfjǫrnir ‘mid-helmet’

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