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meiri (adj. comp.)

‘more, most’
ONP (prose citations):204723058
SkP: 187127911 (prose):10421392394

forms: meira, mestri, mestrar, mestrar, meiri, mestar, mæstir, mæst, Meir, Meira, Mest, Mestar, Meiri nom m sg, mest*, maistar, mist, mi?i, mai?i, mesr, mestu, mæira, Meire, mæstr, meiru, mæiru, me⟨i⟩ri, me⟨i⟩ra, meire, meri, mestum, mestr, mesti, meste, mester, mestan, meir⟨i⟩, meirri, meiran, mæire, męstr, merstr, mestvm, mestv, mæiran, mestur, męri, meirom, mestre, męst, mestir, meirum dat, méire, méira, mæiri, mæirrar, mæri, meirí, meíre, mesta, meiri, mest, meıra, meira, meir, mestu, mæstir, meira, meſta, meſti, meſt, męiri, meſtar, meíra


Anon Leið 2VII, l. 5: aflamestan ‘the most powerful’
Anon Mey 12VII, l. 3: prýðimestum ‘to the most magnificent’

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