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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Index taken from the published volumes, with supplementary materials

category group myth object person place term

Historical and pseudo-historical people — see also ‘skalds’ table.

Eiríkr viðsjá (0)

Eiríkr viðsjá

Eiríkr viðsjá

See also under skalds.

Bibliographical References:

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Personal Names:

Barði Guðmundsson, participant in the Heiðarvíg — Evið Lv 2/6, 7/6

Gísli Þorgautsson (d. 1015), participant in the Heiðarvíg — Evið Lv 5/8, 7/7

Gíslungar, descendants of Gíslar Þorgautssynir, participants in the Heiðarvíg — Evið Lv 7/4

Snorri goði ‘the Priest’ Þorgrímsson (963-1031), participant in the Heiðarvíg — Evið Lv 7/1


Styrr ‘Tumult’, Arngrímr Þorgrímsson (940-1007), participant in the Heiðarvíg — Evið Lv 7/1

Veggbergr ‘Rock of Veggir’?, (Þor)Ljótr Þorbjarnarsson (d. 1015), participant in the Heiðarvíg — Evið Lv 4/4

Mythical Beings:

Fjǫlnir, a name for Óðinn — Evið Lv 6/6

Gunnr, a valkyrie — Evið Lv 6/7

Njǫrðr, a god — Evið Lv 7/3

Parallels cited:

6: Hást Lv 7/2IV

4: Hókr Eirfl 5/1I

3: Nefari Lv 1II

7: SnSt Lv 1/4IV

7: Sturl Hákfl 1/4II

5: Sturl Hrafn 18/2, 4II

4: Þmáhl Máv 1/5V

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