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2. margr (adj.)

ONP (prose citations):295726238
SkP: 315127911 (prose):34531392394

forms: mart, Fleiri, Flesta, Flestar, Flestir nom m pl, Flestra, Flestum, Margra gen pl, Margs, Margur, Mörg n pl, Mörgum dat, fleira n sg, fleiri, fleirum dat, flest n, flesta m, flestar f pl, flestir nom m pl, flestra gen m pl, flestu sg, flestum dat pl, margri, Marga nom f sg, Margr, Mǫrg, Marg, mrkom, mǫrhk, margar, arkum, mͬgͬ, Mǫrgum, mꜹgr, mꜹrg, marginvm, marginum, margnum, margkt, Mart nom m sg, marg, murghvm, markt, morgum, morgv, morgo, margur nom m sg, Margan, mꜵrg, mrg, morg, morgu, margtt, morgvm, Margir nom m pl, mǫrgvm, mavrg, mꜷrg, Morg, marga⟨r⟩, maur⟨g⟩, margum, margh, marz, morghu, margínum, martt, Margar nom f pl, mrg, mrgu, mǫrgo, Margt nom n sg, morgh, mꜹrgvm, marghr, margann, mỏrg, mỏrgu, margrar, margs, mǫrg, mǫrgum, mǫrgu, margr, mart, mörgum, mörgu, mörgum, mörg, margar, marg, marger, mgt, marga, margir, margra, margt, margan, margſ, morgom, mórg, mꜹrgo, margſ, mart, mórg, mꜹrgom, mǫrgum, mǫrg, mǫrgum


Anon Hsv 79VII, l. 1: Margsnotr ‘A very wise’
Anon Krm 17VIII, l. 2: Hundmargan ‘very many’
Anon Leið 36VII, l. 8: drjúgmǫrg ‘Very numerous’
Anon Líkn 11VII, l. 5: margfalda ‘manifold’
Anon Mv I 6VII, l. 3: margvíss ‘a very crafty’
Anon Óldr 8I, l. 8: margspakr ‘very wise’
Anon Pét 24VII, l. 8: hermargra ‘of very many’
Anon Vitn 25VII, l. 1: margföldust ‘the most manifold’
Atli Ól 1III, l. 2: allmǫrg ‘very many’
Bjbp Jóms 39I, l. 6: jafnmarga ‘such number’
ESk Geisl 26VII, l. 2: margfríðr ‘the very beautiful’
ESk Geisl 51VII, l. 4: margþarfr ‘very useful’
ESk Geisl 58VII, l. 4: margfaldr ‘the many-sided’
ESk Geisl 59VII, l. 2: marglitendr ‘Frequent-stainers’
Anon Lil 16VII, l. 6: margbrugðinn ‘the shifty’
Gamlkan Has 51VII, l. 8: margfríðr ‘the very beautiful’
Gamlkan Has 56VII, l. 6: margríkr ‘very powerful’
Gamlkan Has 63VII, l. 4: margríkr ‘Very powerful’
HSt Rst 3I, l. 3: hermǫrg ‘splendidly’
HSt Rst 26I, l. 5: Hermart ‘very much’
HSt Rst 34I, l. 1: Hermart ‘a great deal’
Hfr ErfÓl 21I, l. 6: margdýrr ‘the magnificent’
Hskv Útdr 9II, l. 1: Margdýrkaðr ‘The much-worshipped’
RvHbreiðm Hl 29III, l. 5: margsnills ‘of the deeply wise’
RvHbreiðm Hl 44III, l. 3: margkostigr ‘the very splendid’
Sigv ErfÓl 5I, l. 2: margdýrr ‘The very glorious’
Sigv ErfÓl 6I, l. 2: hundmǫrgum ‘of very many’
Sigv Vestv 5I, l. 6: margvitr ‘wise in many ways’
Þhorn Gldr 8I, l. 2: margspakr ‘The very wise’
Þjóð Haustl 3III, l. 5: Margspakr ‘The deeply wise’
Þstf Stuttdr 1II, l. 8: margspǫkum ‘of the very sagacious’
Þstf Stuttdr 2II, l. 3: margspaks ‘of the very sagacious’
Anon Brúðv 31VII, l. 3: margföld ‘the manifold’
KrákÁsl Lv 10VIII (Ragn 31), l. 2: hundmörgum ‘a great many’
Ásb Ævkv 4VIII (OStór 7), l. 6: raunmargan ‘very many a’
Rloð Lv 7VIII (Ragn 23), l. 7: allmarga ‘very many’
ÞjóðA Magn 4II, l. 7: týmargr ‘a great many’

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