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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ǫrvar-Oddr (ǪrvOdd)

volume 8; ed. Margaret Clunies Ross;

Ævidrápa (Ævdr) - 71

not in Skj

Ævidrápa — ǪrvOdd ÆvdrVIII (Ǫrv)

Not published: do not cite (ǪrvOdd ÆvdrVIII (Ǫrv))

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Skj: Anonyme digte og vers [XIII]: E. 10. Vers af Fornaldarsagaer: Af Ǫrvar-Oddsaga IX (AII, 306-19, BII, 324-39)

SkP info: VIII, 902

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19 — ǪrvOdd Ævdr 19VIII (Ǫrv 89)

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Cite as: Margaret Clunies Ross (ed.) 2017, ‘Ǫrvar-Odds saga 89 (Ǫrvar-Oddr, Ævidrápa 19)’ in Margaret Clunies Ross (ed.), Poetry in fornaldarsögur. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 8. Turnhout: Brepols, p. 902.

Kóðuz fjallbúar         flytja mundu
oss ór eyju,         nema út* færim.
Þótti ei rekkum         rómr at heyra
hagligr, sá er var         hraunskjöldunga.

{Fjallbúar} kóðuz mundu flytja oss ór eyju, nema færim út*. Rómr, sá er var {hraunskjöldunga}, þótti ei rekkum hagligr at heyra.

{The mountain dwellers} [GIANTS] said they would move us off the island, unless we went away. The voice that belonged to {the rock-princes} [GIANTS] did not seem to the men pleasant to hear.

Mss: 343a(80v), 471(94v), 173ˣ(61vb) (Ǫrv)

Readings: [4] út*: útan all    [5] ei: so 173ˣ, eigi 343a, 471    [6] rómr: rómu 173ˣ;    heyra: heyja 173ˣ    [7] hagligr: hógligr 471    [8] ‑skjöldunga: ‑skjöldungar 173ˣ

Editions: Skj: Anonyme digte og vers [XIII], E. 10. Vers af Fornaldarsagaer: Af Ǫrvar-Oddssaga IX 19: AII, 309, BII, 328, Skald II, 175; Ǫrv 1888, 200, FSGJ 2, 346.

Notes: [All]: There is no close correspondence between this stanza and the prose saga, aside from the common theme of the general hostility between the giants and Oddr’s party during the latter’s stay on the unnamed island. — [4] út* ‘away’: The emendation from mss’ útan ‘from outside’ has been made on grounds of sense and metre, as útan would give a hypermetrical málaháttr line and imply movement in the opposite direction from what the stanza suggests was intended. — [4] færim ‘we went’: With all other previous eds, the mss’ færum (1st pers. pl. pret. indic.) has been normalised to the pret. subj. færim after a clause beginning with nema ‘unless’. — [5] þótti ei ‘did not seem’: All earlier eds emend to þóttit ‘did not seem’, with suffixed negative ‑(a)t, in order to gain metrical regularity, but regularity can be achieved by adopting 173ˣ’s reading ei rather than the other mss’ eigi. — [7] hagligr ‘pleasant’: The alternative reading of 471, hógligr ‘easy, gentle’, is also possible here.

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