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lǫstr (noun m.)

‘fault, sin’
ONP (prose citations):106727565
SkP: 26127911 (prose):61392394

forms: lǫstu, lasta, lǫstr, löstinn, lst, lester, lǫstum, lęsti, lost, laust, lastar, læsti, laustum, lesterner, lestir, lǫstona, lꜵst, løst, lostu, lestír, lavst, lastu, lꜵstom, lesti, laustr, lavstinn, löstr, lastanna, lꜹstr, lastana, löstu, lꜹstv, lstu, lǫst, löst acc m sg, lꜹst, lestirnir, læstir, lostum, laustu, lǫsto, lꜵstum, leste, lꜵstr, last, lostom, lastum, losto, lꜹstinn, lavsto, lavstr, lỏst, lostr, lỏstu, lꜹſt, lavſt, lꜹſtom


Anon Mdr 4VII, l. 1: lastalausa ‘free from faults’
Anon Lil 81VII, l. 2: lastavinds ‘of the wind of vices’
Sigv Lv 27I, l. 4: braglǫstu ‘verse-flaws’

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