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lǫgmaðr (noun m.)

ONP (prose citations):110726238
SkP: 2127911 (prose):831392394

forms: lǫgmann, lǫgmaðr, Lögmaður, lögmanna, lögmanni dat m sg, lögmanninum, lögmanns gen m sg, lögmaður nom m sg, lögmaðurinn, lögmenn m pl, lögmönnum, Lǫgmanni, Lǫgmann, logh maðr, lǫgmaðz, loghmenn, logmadr, lǫgmenn, løgmaðr, lögmaðr, l' mannz, loghmann, log madr, lꜹg manni, log mann, logmadur, lgmaðr, logmœnnum, log madur, lögmann, log, lǫgmǫnnum, logmenn, logmonnum, lgmadr, lǫgmanns, lǫgmanni, lgmadur, loghmadr, loghmaðr, logmadhir, logmanðz, logmanz, logh manne, loghmadhir, logmaðr, lỏgmadr, lỏgmadur, loghman

parts: lag (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘layer; (pl.) law...’ • maðr (noun m.) ‘man, person...’

Anon Law 1VII l. 1: Lögmaðr ‘The lawman’
Anon Law 1VII l. 2: lögmanns ‘the lawman’s’


indexed kennings:
Bkrepp Magndr 10II: arfi Guðrøðar ‘Guðrøðr’s heir ’
Gísl Magnkv 9II: gram Ívistar ‘the lord of North Uist ’

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