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Runic Dictionary

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Ásbjǫrn (Ásb)

volume 8; ed. Peter Jorgensen;

VIII. Ævikviða (Ævkv) - 9

Ævikviða — Ásb ÆvkvVIII (OStór)

Peter Jorgensen (forthcoming), ‘ Ásbjǫrn, Ævikviða’ in Margaret Clunies Ross (ed.), Poetry in fornaldarsögur. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 8. Turnhout: Brepols, p. . <> (accessed 9 December 2021)

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SkP info: VIII, 612

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5 — Ásb Ævkv 5VIII (OStór 8)

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lemmatised words

This information has not been reviewed and should not be referred to.

1annarr (pron.) [°f. ǫnnur, n. annat; pl. aðrir] ‘(an)other, second...’Annat 5/1

5at (nota) ‘to (with infinitive)...’ — 5/6

ek (pron.) [°mín, dat. mér, acc. mik] ‘I, me...’ — 5/2

elfr (noun f.) ‘river...’Elfar 5/5

eptir (prep.) ‘after, behind...’ — 5/8

2er (conj.) ‘who, which, when...’ — 5/1, 5/7

ferð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir/-arMork 196¹²)] ‘host, journey...’ — 5/2

forma (verb) ‘[Perform, forming]...’ — 5/6

hagliga (adv.) ‘easily, comfortably ...’ — 5/6

1herjan (noun m.) ‘herjan...’Herjans 5/4

hvass (adj.) [°-an; -ari, -astr] ‘keen, sharp...’hvassri 5/3

hǫgg (noun n.) [°-s, dat. hǫggvi/hǫggi; -] ‘blow...’högg 5/3

2inni (adv.) ‘in, inside, indoors...’ — 5/1

í (prep.) ‘in, into...’ — 5/4

kolfr (noun m.) [°dat. -i; -ar] ‘°slank stang eller stamme; bolt, fodlænk...’kólfi 5/5

liggja (verb) ‘lie...’lágu 5/8

mágr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘brother-, father-, or son-in-law...’mágar 5/8

með (prep.) ‘with...’ — 5/3

meirr (adv.) ‘more...’mest 5/7

Miðjungr (noun m.) [°; -ar] ‘Miðjungr, giants...’Miðjungs 5/7

1nema (verb) ‘to take...’nam 5/5

opt (adv.) ‘often...’ — 5/5

Ormr (noun m.) ‘Ormr...’ — 5/6

sker (noun n.) [°-s; -, gen. -ja] ‘skerry...’skerjum 5/4

2suðr (adv.) ‘south, in the south...’ — 5/4

sveittr (adj.)sveittri 5/2

traustr (adj.) ‘trusty...’traustir 5/7

tugga (noun f.) [°-u] ‘[mouthful]...’tuggu 5/3

2veita (verb) ‘grant, give...’veitta 5/2

2vera (verb) ‘be, is, was, were, are, am...’var 5/1

2þá (adv.) ‘then...’ — 5/1, 5/7


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