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This material is incomplete and is for reference only: it has not been checked and quality-controlled and should not be cited. References are to the new edition and may not correspond to the text of Skj.

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-ligr (adj.)

ONP (prose citations):0728113
SkP: 24127911 (prose):01392394

forms: ligt, -ligr, ligr, lig, ligra, ligar, ligast, ligs


Anon Hsv 45VII, l. 1: Ljótlig ‘ugly’
Anon Hsv 77VII, l. 1: Optlig ‘frequent’
Anon Hsv 78VII, l. 4: sterklig ‘serious’
Anon Hsv 134VII, l. 4: liðligra ‘more useful’
Anon Hsv 143VII, l. 4: jarðligt ‘earthly’
Arn Hryn 10II, l. 3: fastligr ‘the powerful’
Arn Þorfdr 16II, l. 8: ramlig ‘the mighty’
Bjbp Jóms 11I, l. 5: haukligar ‘hawk-like’
Bjbp Jóms 41I, l. 6: haukligt ‘hawk-like’
Anon Lil 25VII, l. 6: skírligs ‘’
HSt Rst 19I, l. 2: sterklig ‘The powerful’
Hfr ErfÓl 18I, l. 4: dýrligs ‘’
Kolb Jónv 1VII, l. 8: minniligt ‘worthy of remembrance’
Ótt Hfl 6I, l. 1: drjúgligr ‘great’
Sigv Berv 15II, l. 4: hôligt ‘splendid’
Sigv ErfÓl 13I, l. 1: grimmligt ‘fearful’
Sigv ErfÓl 13I, l. 7: ógurligr ‘terrifying’
Sigv Lv 15I, l. 6: hôligt ‘noble’
Sturl Hákkv 17II, l. 3: geigurlig ‘The frightful’
Sturl Hákkv 19II, l. 7: geigurligr ‘the frightful’
Sturl Hákkv 25II, l. 11: konungligt ‘the royal’
Sturl Hryn 10II, l. 3: skæriligr ‘the bright’
Sturl Hryn 16II, l. 6: veglig ‘Magnificent’
ǪrvOdd Lv 20VIII (Ǫrv 53), l. 7: snarligast ‘most keenly’

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