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landsmaðr (noun m.)

ONP (prose citations):76727565
SkP: 3127911 (prose):791392394

forms: landsmaðr, Landsmenn m pl, landsmaður, landsmennirnir, landsmönnum dat m pl, landzmenn, landz-manna, landz. maunum, landz menn, landzmonnum, landz monnum, lanndz menn, laɴsmenn, landz ⟨menn⟩, lazmaa, laꝺz m̅, laz m̅, laz maa, laz moom, lazm̅, landsmanna, landsmanna, landsmǫnnum, landsmenn

parts: land (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘land...’ • maðr (noun m.) ‘man, person...’

Sigv Lv 16I l. 6: landsmenn ‘his countrymen’


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