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land (noun n.)

ONP (prose citations):386725694
SkP: 334127911 (prose):28951392394

forms: lǫnd, land, landit, Land acc n sg, Landið, Lönd, landanna gen n pl, landið n sg, landsins gen n sg, löndin n pl, lendur, Lands, Lǫnd, Landi, lantom, lant, lonti, lanti, lans, landeno, lanði, landinv, lavnd, lond, landinu, lǫndum, löndum, lands, landa, landi, land, lönd, landinu, lande, lanðit, lꜹndom, londom, lónd, lanz, landz, lꜹnd

1. land

2. country


Anon Alpost 11VII, l. 3: Persiðalandi ‘the land of Persia’
Anon Heildr 10VII, l. 6: landherr ‘The army on earth’
Anon Krm 14VIII, l. 4: Norðimbralandi ‘Northumbria’
Anon Liðs 1I, l. 2: ættlǫnd ‘the ancestral lands’
Anon Líkn 33VII, l. 4: fóstrlands ‘of our native land’
Anon Mv III 2VII, l. 4: hugarland ‘mind-land’
Anon Nkt 68II, l. 3: næfrlands ‘the land {of the roof-shingle’
Anon Óldr 10I, l. 6: landherr ‘the land’s people’
Anon Óldr 12I, l. 1: Hjaltland ‘Shetland’
Anon Óldr 12I, l. 5: Grœnland ‘Greenland’
Anon Pl 33VII, l. 5: landreki ‘The king’
Anon Pl 55VII, l. 2: fóstrlanda ‘of her homeland’
Arn Magndr 6II, l. 8: Jótlandi ‘Jylland’
Arn Þorfdr 12II, l. 2: Hjaltlands ‘of Shetland’
Bjarni Frag 5III, l. 3: landrifs ‘of the land-rib’
Bjbp Jóms 18I, l. 8: landherr ‘force from the land’
Bkrepp Magndr 1II, l. 4: Halland ‘in Halland’
Bkrepp Magndr 8II, l. 5: Grenlands ‘of Grenland’
Brúlf Lv 1I, l. 2: Vettaland ‘Vettaland’
ESk Geisl 16VII, l. 5: landfolks ‘the people of the country’
ESk Geisl 47VII, l. 7: landreka ‘land-ruler’
ESk Geisl 66VII, l. 5: landsfolk ‘the people of the land’
ESk Hardr II 1II, l. 6: landreka ‘land-ruler’
Edáð Banddr 2I, l. 4: landmann ‘the countryman’
Edáð Banddr 4I, l. 6: Gotlands ‘of Gotland’
Edáð Banddr 4I, l. 6: Gotland ‘of Got’
Eil Þdr 8III, l. 2: hallands ‘of the sloping-land’
Eskál Hardr 1III, l. 2: landfrœkn ‘The land-valiant’
Eskál Vell 8I, l. 2: austr lǫnd ‘the lands in the east’
Eskál Vell 21I, l. 6: folklǫndumfolklǫnd
Eskál Vell 22I, l. 4: landrekar ‘commanders’
Eskál Vell 22I, l. 4: lǫndrekar ‘commanders’
Eyv Hál 10I, l. 6: landrekar ‘rulers of the land’
Eyv Lv 3I, l. 2: landsfolk ‘land-army’
Eyv Lv 7I, l. 2: landvǫrðr ‘land-guardian’
Gamlkan Has 15VII, l. 6: landreki ‘land-governor’
Gamlkan Has 26VII, l. 8: ormlands ‘of the snake-land’
Gamlkan Has 49VII, l. 6: landreka ‘the land-ruler’
Gamlkan Has 61VII, l. 6: landreka ‘of the land-ruler’
Glúmr Gráf 2I, l. 6: Skotlandi ‘Scotland’
Glúmr Gráf 4I, l. 1: Austrlǫndum ‘eastern lands’
HSt Rst 3I, l. 5: Vestrlǫnd ‘the western lands’
HSt Rst 4I, l. 6: Englandi ‘England’
HSt Rst 6I, l. 5: Skotland ‘Scotland’
HSt Rst 10I, l. 1: Þjóðlǫnd ‘countries’
Halli XI Fl 3II, l. 6: landamæris ‘the border’
Hallv Knútdr 5III, l. 3: heinlands ‘of the whetstone-land’
Hfr ErfÓl 19I, l. 4: landvǫrðr ‘The land’s guardian’
Hfr ErfÓl 21I, l. 4: landherðar ‘of the land-shoulder’
Hharð Lv 10II, l. 6: fóstrlandi ‘from my native land’
Ill Har 4II, l. 4: sunnlǫnd ‘the southern lands’
Jór Send 4I, l. 6: landrekar ‘land-rulers’
Ólhelg Lv 2I, l. 2: landrifs ‘of the land-rib’
Ólhv Hryn 8II, l. 2: Upplǫnd ‘Opplandene’
Ótt Hfl 4I, l. 4: landvǫrðr ‘land-guardian’
Ótt Hfl 7I, l. 4: þjóðlǫnd ‘the nation’s lands’
Ótt Hfl 9I, l. 6: landfolk ‘The people of the land’
Ótt Hfl 12I, l. 4: Túskalandi ‘Touraine’
Ótt Hfl 13I, l. 6: friðlands ‘a land of peace’
Ótt Hfl 16I, l. 8: áttlǫnd ‘your ancestral lands’
Ótt Hfl 19I, l. 6: ættlǫnd ‘ancestral lands’
Ótt Lv 1I, l. 8: íslands ‘ice-land’
RvHbreiðm Hl 25III, l. 4: huglandi ‘mind-land’
Sigv Berv 7II, l. 8: landfolk ‘The countrymen’
Sigv Berv 9II, l. 6: landherr ‘the countrymen’
Sigv Berv 11II, l. 4: innanlands ‘in his own land’
Sigv ErfÓl 2I, l. 1: Upplǫnd ‘of Opplandene’
Sigv ErfÓl 4I, l. 6: herland ‘the people’s land’
Sigv ErfÓl 21I, l. 8: landreki ‘land-ruler’
Sigv Erlfl 5I, l. 4: landvǫrn ‘his defence of territory’
Sigv Knútdr 8I, l. 4: landreka ‘land-ruler’
Sigv Óldr 1I, l. 2: landrétt ‘the law ’
Sigv Lv 4I, l. 5: Landaura ‘the landing tax’
Sigv Lv 16I, l. 6: landsmenn ‘his countrymen’
SnH Lv 5II, l. 4: bauglands ‘of the shield-boss land’
SnSt Ht 44III, l. 8: vallands ‘of the falcon-land’
SnSt Ht 45III, l. 6: brimlands ‘of the surf-land’
Sturl Hákfl 6II, l. 8: landráða ‘treason’
ÞKolb Eirdr 1I, l. 5: suðrlǫndum ‘’
ÞKolb Eirdr 9I, l. 4: farlands ‘of the vessel-land’
ÞSkegg Hardr 1II, l. 2: Grikklands ‘of Greece’
Þfisk Lv 3II, l. 5: Serkland ‘of the land of the Saracens’
Þhorn Gldr 8I, l. 4: landmens ‘-ring’
Þjóð Har 2I, l. 7: Upplanda ‘of Opplandene’
Þjóð Yt 5I, l. 5: landherr ‘the army of the land’
ÞjóðA Sex 9II, l. 4: landreki ‘land-ruler’
ÞjóðA Sex 15II, l. 4: landreki ‘the land-ruler’
ÞjóðA Sex 20II, l. 2: landkarlar ‘The landsmen’
ÞjóðA Sex 27II, l. 5: landreki ‘land-ruler’
Þloft Hfl 1I, l. 2: Gríklands ‘of Greece’
Anon (LaufE) 3III, l. 2: serkland ‘shirt-land’
Anon (Mberf) 7II, l. 4: landgarðr ‘land-enclosure’
StarkSt Vík 26VIII (Gautr 34), l. 8: Hörðalands ‘Hordaland’
Hróksv Hrkv 4VIII (Hálf 54), l. 8: fóstrlönd ‘homelands’
Hróksv Hrkv 18VIII (Hálf 68), l. 3: landreki ‘land-ruler’
Ǫlvǫr Lv 1VIII (Ǫrv 4), l. 3: Íralandi ‘Ireland’

indexed kennings:

index entries (as compounds):
• England (England)
• Fretland (Fretland, Sogndal hd, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway)
• Frøisland (Frøisland, Førde hd, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway)
• Frøisland (Frøisland, Søgne hd, Vest-Agder, Norway)
• Frøyslund (Frøyslund, N. Land hd, Opland, Norway)
• Gotland (Gotland, Sweden)
• Grenland (Grenland - region in Norway)
• Grikkland (Grikkland - Greece)
• Halland (Halland - region of Denmark)
• Hjaltland (Hjaltland - Shetland)
• Hǫrðaland (Hǫrðaland region, western Norway)
• Írland (Írland - Ireland)
• Jótland (Jótland - Jylland, Denmark)
• Nerland (Nerland, Eresfjord, Nesset hd, Møre, Norway)
• Nærland (Nærland, Finnø hd, Rogaland, Norway)
• Nærland (Nærland, Nærbø hd, Rogaland, Norway)
• Nørland (Nørland, Masfjorden hd, Hordaland, Norway)
• Odenslanda (Odenslanda, Vederslövs sn, Kinnevalds hd, Småland, Sweden)
• Osland (Osland, Kinn hd, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway)
• Osland (Osland, Kirkebø hd, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway)
• Persiðaland (Persiðaland - land of the Persians)
• Torslanda (Torslanda, Torslanda sn, V. Hisings hd, Bohuslän, Sweden)
• Totland (Totland, Daviken hd, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway)
• Totland (Totland, Masfjorden hd, Hordaland, Norway)
• Totland (Totland, Hosanger hd, Hordaland, Norway)
• Totland (Totland, Samnanger hd, Hordaland, Norway)
• Totland (Totland, Finnås hd, Hordaland, Norway)
• Totland (Totland, Ø. Siredal hd, Vest-Agder, Norway)
• Totland (Totland, Åserål hd, Vest-Agder, Norway)
• Totland (Totland, Alversund hd, Hordaland, Norway)
• Ulland (Ulland, Samnanger hd, Hordaland, Norway)
• Ulland (Ulland, Hitterø hd, Vest-Agder, Norway)
• Ulland (Ulland, Flesberg hd, Buskerud, Norway)
• Ulland (Ulland, Fåberg hd, Opland, Norway)
• Ulleland (Ulleland, Førde hd, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway)
• Ulleland (Ulleland, Volden hd, Møre, Norway)
• Ulleland (Ulleland, Nærbø hd, Rogaland, Norway)
• Ulleland (Ulleland, Fede hd, Vest-Agder, Norway)
• Ulleland (Ulleland, Ø. Eiker hd, Buskerud, Norway)
• Upplǫnd (Upplǫnd - Oppland, present-day Hadeland, Norway)

Runic data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas, Uppsala universitet, unless otherwise stated