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kona (noun f.)

ONP (prose citations):186728070
SkP: 73127911 (prose):16611392394

forms: kuinu, kunu, †kynæna†, kona, Kona nom f sg, Konan nom f sg, Konu, Konunni, Konur nom f pl, Konurnar nom f pl, Kvenna, konan nom f sg, konuna acc f sg, konunnar gen f sg, konunum dat f pl, konurnar f pl, kvenna gen f pl, kvennanna, Kœnu, kuna, ...u, kun..., gonu, -u-u, kunu?, ku..., ...-na, konu, konum, kona, konunni, konur, kono, kvenna, kóna, qveɴa, konom, kóno, konor, cóna, kónor, cona, konor, kona, cono


Anon Hsv 10VII, l. 4: eiginkonu ‘wife’
Vagn Lv 1I, l. 6: vinkonu ‘lady-friend’
FriðÞ Lv 14VIII (Frið 16), l. 1: trollkonur ‘troll-women’
FriðÞ Lv 15VIII (Frið 17), l. 3: trollkonum ‘the troll-women’
Hjþ Lv 3VIII (HjǪ 5), l. 6: vinkona ‘woman-friend’
Forað Lv 4VIII (Ket 24), l. 9: brúðkonum ‘the bridesmaids’

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