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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eyjólfr dáðaskáld, Bandadrápa, 7 in AM 35 folx

start200r 22
end200v 1
transcr.Fra ec hvar fleina siá⸌æ⸍var | fúr herðir styr[35] gerði | endr i eyia sunde | Eirikr und sic geira g[36] | rꜹð fúr gia⸌⸍fall fiorar[37] | folcmeiðr[38] dana sceiðar | ver fragom þat vaga[39] || veðr mildr og semr hilldi[40] |
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200r (d315dpi)
200v (b150dpi)
200v (d315dpi)
notes[35] strijd written on the right margin. [36] The scribe of the main text, Ásgeir Jónsson, has written g. Later, another hand has written g on the right margin, close to the end of the line. Someone, probably the same hand has added –eira to Ásgeir’s original g, disregarding the – abbreviation sign. To clarify, the later hand writes geira above the line, between the original g (by then geira) and the added g on the right margin. Ein und sigri gefnom is written further to the right on the margin. [37] rÈñ furgia fall fiorar written on the right margin. [38] fólk meidir written on the right margin. [39] var frágom {ãat} ãar vága written on the right margin. [40] A line separates this stanza and the next one, following immediately. The initial letter of each word in the last line is written above the line; v m s h. vadr hri¨d oc red si¨dan written on the left margin.

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