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1. annarr (pron.)

‘(an)other, second’
ONP (prose citations):181726238
SkP: 284127911 (prose):53991392394

forms: annaz, Annan acc m sg, Annar nom m sg, Annarri dat f sg, Annars, Annað n sg, Aðra acc, Aðrir nom m pl, annar nom m sg, annarrar gen f sg, annarri dat f sg, annað n sg, aðrar f pl, Önnur nom, Öðru dat n sg, Öðrum dat m, annarar, aðrum, Aðrar, ǫðru, Annat, ǫnnvr, onart, anan, anar, antri?, onon, onar, aþru, ǫnn᷑, Annarr, avdrvm, avnnvr, annari, adrer, annare, ǫðru, aðrir, öðru, önnur, öðrum, aa, on̅or, an̅ara, aɴat, an̅s, anna, an̅ar, oþro̅, on̅or, aþrer, oþrom, aþrır, an̅an, aþra, ǫn̅or, aara, aat, annars, ǫnnur, aðrir, annan, aðra, ǫnnur, annarra, annat, ǫðrum, annarr, aɴarr, aɴaʀ, ꜷɴor, aɴarſ, oðrom, ꜹðro, aɴan, ꜹðrom, ꜹɴor, aɴaʀi, ꜹþrom, ꜹdro, oɴor, aþrar, aɴaʀa, ꜹdrom, aþr a, aɴat, aɴarſ, adrar, aɴaʀar, adra, oþro, aɴarar, aɴaþ



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