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image of AM 738 4°x folio <83r>

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AM 738 4°, 83r (b150dpi)
AM 738 4°, 83r (b201dpi)

Anon Sól 65VII (1-3)
    ‘Menn sák þá,’
Anon Sól 66VII (4-6)
    ‘Menn sák þá,’
Anon Sól 67VII (7-9)
    ‘Menn sák þá,’
Anon Sól 68VII (10-13)
    ‘Allar ógnir’
Anon Sól 69VII (14-17)
    ‘Menn sák þá,’
Anon Sól 70VII (18-20)
    ‘Menn sák þá,’
Anon Sól 71VII (21-23)
    ‘Menn sák þá,’
Anon Sól 72VII (24-27)
    ‘Menn sák þá,’
Anon Sól 73VII (28-31)
    ‘Helgar meyjar’
Anon Sól 74VII (32-34)
    ‘Hávar reiðir’
Anon Sól 75VII (35-38)
    ‘Enn mátki faðir,’
Anon Sól 76VII (39-2)
    ‘[Bjúgvǫr ok Listvǫr’

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digital photograph - 610 dpi

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