Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to stanza

7. Anonymous Poems, Hugsvinnsmál, 138 [Vol. 7, 442-3]

[All]: Lat. parallel: (Dist. IV, 43) Suspectus caveris, ne sis miser omnibus horis, / nam timidis et suspectis aptissima mors est ‘Avoid being suspected so that you will not be miserable forever, for death is most proper for the timid and suspected’. This st. is included between 137 and 146 in the mss (translating Dist. IV, 38 and 23/27/48 respectively) but all the sts at this point seem to correspond poorly to the Lat. It is included here in accordance with its position in the mss. Concerning content and phrasing cf. Hávm 23 (NK, 20): Ósviðr maðr | vakir um allar nætr | oc hyggr at hvívetna; | þá er móðr, | er at morni kømr, | allt er víl, sem var ‘The foolish man lies awake all night and worries about things; he’s tired out when the morning comes and everything’s just as bad as it was’ (Larrington 1996, 17). Cf. also Hávm 48/4-5 (NK, 24): en ósniallr maðr | uggir hotvetna ‘but the cowardly man is afraid of everything’ (Larrington 1996, 20).


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