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hyrr (noun m.)

ONP (prose citations):1727565
SkP: 63127911 (prose):01392394

forms: hyrjar, hyr, hyr, hyrjar, hyr, Hyr, Hyrr, Hyrjar, Hyʀ, hyrs, hyrr, hyrjar


Anon Gyð 1VII, l. 3: hyrmeiðar ‘the trees {of the fire’
Anon Leið 9VII, l. 2: hyrskerðǫndum ‘for the diminishers {of the fire’
Anon Óldr 14I, l. 3: hyrstríðir ‘The opponent {of the fire’
Anon Pl 3VII, l. 5: Hyrsløngvir ‘Flinger {of the fire’
Anon Pl 16VII, l. 3: hyrlund ‘the tree {of the fire’
Anon Pl 27VII, l. 1: Hyrgeymi ‘the keeper {of the fire’
Anon Pl 40VII, l. 5: hyr-Þróttar ‘the Þróttar {of the fire’
Anon Pl 47VII, l. 2: hyrbrjótr ‘The destroyer {of the fire’
Anon Pl 48VII, l. 2: hyr-Þróttr ‘The Þróttr {of the fire’
Anon Pl 49VII, l. 1: Hyrgildir ‘The appraiser {of the fire’
Anon Pl 55VII, l. 4: hyrgrund ‘ground {of the fire’
Ásgr Lv 1III, l. 2: hyrdraugar ‘Trees {of the fire’
Guðl Lv 1III, l. 3: hyrgœði ‘the increaser {of the fire’
HSt Rst 25I, l. 5: Hyr-Baldr ‘The Baldr {of the fire’
HSt Rst 35I, l. 3: hyr-Njǫrðr ‘Njǫrðr {of the fire’
Kolb Jónv 3VII, l. 4: sundhyrs ‘of strait-fire’
Kolb Jónv 4VII, l. 3: hyrþǫll ‘the fir sapling {of the fire’
Kolb Jónv 5VII, l. 6: hyrbjóðr ‘offerer {of the fire’
RvHbreiðm Hl 53III, l. 7: hyr-Nirðir ‘Nirðir {of the fire’
RvHbreiðm Hl 81III, l. 3: hyrbrjótr ‘the breaker {of the fire’
Sigv ErfÓl 16I, l. 5: hyrsendir ‘the sender {of the fire’
Sigv Lv 11I, l. 6: hyrtælanda ‘destroyer {of the flame’
Sturl Hákfl 3II, l. 2: hyrgildandi ‘validator {of the fire’
ÞjóðA Magnfl 16II, l. 4: hyrfeld ‘fire-razed’
Anon (TGT) 9III, l. 2: hyrbrjótr ‘breaker {of the fire’

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