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hvítr (adj.)

ONP (prose citations):196726238
SkP: 68127911 (prose):2651392394

forms: hvítust, hvítari, hvítr, Hvítur, Hvíta, Hvít, hvít*, huitan, hvitr, huitt, hvitvm, huit, huita, huíter, huitir, huitu, hwita, hvit, huitar, huitari, huít, huitr, hvitar, huitum, hvitan, huítz, hvítt n sg, hwitu, huitann, Hvitz, hwiter, huitær, hviti, huiti, hvita, hvitaz, Hvita, hviter, hvit[an], hvitt, huitri, huite, huíti, hvitann, hvítra, huítur, hvitum, huitare, huijt, hvítur nom m sg, huitra, hvitaɴ, huiiter, huiter, hvitir, hvítu, huitur, hvitri, hvite, hvitastv, huitz, huÿtur, huíta , h[vítar], hwith, hvítum, hvítrar, hvítir, hvítara, hvítan, hvítri, hvítum, hvítar, hvïta, hvıta, hvıtı, hvít, hvíta, hvíti, Hvítan, Hvítir, hvitari, hvitom, hvitaſtan, hvitom


Gestumbl Heiðr 21VIII (Heiðr 68), l. 5: hvítföldnu ‘white-hooded ones’
ESk Run 7II, l. 4: Hvítabý ‘Whitby’
Anon Lil 17VII, l. 6: andlitshvít ‘bright of face’
Sigv Lv 23I, l. 2: Hvíta-Kristr ‘White-Christ’
Þdís Saint 1III, l. 3: Hvíta-Krists ‘of White-Christ’
Án Lv 5VIII (Án 5), l. 3: hvíthaddaðar ‘The fair-haired’
StarkSt Vík 31VIII (Gautr 39), l. 4: hvítbránna ‘white-eyelashed’
Ásb Ævkv 1VIII (OStór 4), l. 4: svanhvít ‘swan-white’
AngH Lv 2VIII (Heiðr 95), l. 2: blikhvíta ‘white-gleaming’

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index entries (as compounds):
• Hvítabýr (Hvítabýr - Whitby, England)

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