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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Oddr Snorrason (OSnorr)

12th century; volume 1; ed. Diana Whaley;

not in Skj

prose works

Óláfs saga Tryggvasonar by Oddr Snorrason (ÓTOdd) - 31

Oddr (OSnorr) lived in the second half of the twelfth century and belonged to a well-documented family from northern Iceland (Ldn, ÍF 1, 199, 211-12). He became a monk and priest at the Benedictine monastery of Þingeyrar, a great centre of learning and literature, and specifically of devotion to the missionary king Óláfr Tryggvason (r. c. 995-c. 1000). Oddr compiled a life of the king which survives in its Old Norse translation as ÓTOdd; see ‘Sources’ in Introduction to this volume. He is also identified with the monk Oddr inn fróði ‘the Learned’ who is credited with Yngvars saga víðfǫrla in its epilogue. Oddr is not known as a skald, aside from his probable responsibility for the stanza below, which is the Latin counterpart of Stefnir Lv 1; see further Introduction to the stanza and Andersson (2003, 1-4).

Óláfs saga Tryggvasonar by Oddr SnorrasonÓTOddI

Diana Whaley 2012, ‘Óláfs saga Tryggvasonar by Oddr Snorrason (ÓTOdd)’ in Diana Whaley (ed.), Poetry from the Kings’ Sagas 1: From Mythical Times to c. 1035. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 1. Turnhout: Brepols, pp. clxxiv-clxxv.

9547 — ÓTOddS

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lemmatised words

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abbóti (noun m.) [°//] ‘°abbot, superior of a monastery/abbey...’abboti ÓTOddS

af (prep.) ‘from...’ — ÓTOddS

afarskǫmm (noun f.) ‘°great disgrace...’afar skom ÓTOddS

afburðarmaðr (noun m.) [°; ·menn] ‘°outstanding person, person who distingu...’ab burðar maðr ÓTOddS

afgerð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘crime, sin...’af gerða ÓTOddS

1afhuga (adj.) [°indecl.] ‘°adverse to, having turned one’s mind fr...’afhvga ÓTOddS

afli (noun m.) [°-a] ‘[strength]...’ — ÓTOddS

afreksverk (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°outstanding deed, great feat...’afreks verka ÓTOddS, afreksverka ÓTOddS

aka (verb) [°ekr; ók, óku; ekinn/akiðr(Búal³ 34¹‰)] ‘drive...’ — ÓTOddS

akrkarl (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘°farmer, farm hand; peasant, country bum...’akr karl ÓTOddS

akrkvísl (noun f.) ‘°pitch fork (hay fork or dung fork? cf. ...’akr kvisl ÓTOddS

aldri (adv.) ‘never...’alldri ÓTOddS

aldrigi (adv.) ‘never...’alldrege ÓTOddS, alldregi ÓTOddS

algera (verb) [°-rð-; præt. part. ·gǫrr, ·gerr, ·gørr, ·gerðr, ·gørðr] ‘°make perfect; carry out impeccably, ful...’ — ÓTOddS

allr (adj.) ‘all...’ — ÓTOddS

almáttigr (adj.) [°·máttkan/máttigan] ‘almighty...’ — ÓTOddS

almæli (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘°what everybody says, the general opinio...’ — ÓTOddS

1alþýða (noun f.) [°-u] ‘all the people...’alþyþo ÓTOddS

ambáttarbarn (noun n.) ‘°child of a slave-woman; child of a conc...’ambattar barn ÓTOddS

andi (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘spirit, soul...’ꜹndom ÓTOddS

andlátsdagr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. ·degi] ‘°day of (sby’s) death; day on which a ho...’andlaz dagr ÓTOddS

andmarki (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘°fault, shortcoming, drawback; sin, tran...’ — ÓTOddS

apr (adj.) [°superl. aprastr] ‘[downcast]...’aprasta ÓTOddS

aptr (adv.) [°compar. -ar] ‘back...’ — ÓTOddS

3at (prep.) ‘at, to...’ — ÓTOddS

4at (conj.) ‘that...’ — ÓTOddS

5at (nota) ‘to (with infinitive)...’ — ÓTOddS

atburðr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. -; -ir/-ar(var. Hirð 437¹ˆ: NKS 1642 4° “D”)] ‘event, accident...’atbvrdr ÓTOddS

atfang (noun n.) [°; *-] ‘°(pl.) provisions, food; ?profits...’atfỏng ÓTOddS

1atgervi (noun f.) [°-] ‘°ability, (esp. physical) accomplishment...’at gervi ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

atgervismaðr (noun m.) [°acc. ·mann; ·menn] ‘°skilful/proficient person (esp. in phys...’atgervis maðr ÓTOddS

atlaga (noun f.) [°*-u; *-ur] ‘°putting in, laying (a boat) alongside; ...’at lỏgvnne ÓTOddS

atróðr (noun m.) [°dat. ·róðri] ‘rowing...’attroðr ÓTOddS

atvist (noun f.) [°-ar] ‘°presence (at sth.); (spec.) presence at...’at vist ÓTOddS

auðigr (adj.) [°auðgan/auðigan; compar. auðgari/auðigri, superl. auðgastr/auðigastr] ‘wealthy...’ — ÓTOddS

1auðr (noun m.) [°-s/-ar, dat. -i/-] ‘wealth...’ꜹðe ÓTOddS

3auðr (adj.) ‘empty, barren...’ꜹð ÓTOddS

auðsær (adj.) [°compar. -sǽrri, superl. -sǽstr] ‘[obvious]...’ꜹðser ÓTOddS

auðveldliga (adv.) [°compar. -ar, superl. -ast] ‘°easily, without difficulty; compliantly...’ꜹðvelliga ÓTOddS

auga (noun n.) [°auga; augu/augun, gen. augna] ‘eye...’ — ÓTOddS

auglit (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°sight, field of vision, presence; face;...’ꜹgliti ÓTOddS

aumligr (adj.) [°compar. -ri/-ari(ÓHLeg 83²Š), superl. -astr/-st-] ‘wretched...’ꜹmligan ÓTOddS

2ausa (verb) [°eyss; jós, jósu/jusu; ausinn] ‘sprinkle, bail...’ — ÓTOddS

3austr (adv.) [°compar. -ar, superl. -ast] ‘east, in the east...’ — ÓTOddS, ꜹstr ÓTOddS

austrátt (noun f.) [°-ar] ‘°east (one of the cardinal points), the ...’ — ÓTOddS

austrvegr (noun m.) [°dat. -i/-; acc. -a/-u] ‘the East (e.g. the Baltic, Russia), the ...’ꜹstr vego ÓTOddS

3á (prep.) ‘on, at...’ — ÓTOddS

ábóti (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘abbot...’abotin ÓTOddS

áburðr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. -/-i; -ir] ‘°ointment; object used to moor a boat (o...’abvrðr ÓTOddS

áðr (adv.) [°//] ‘before...’ — ÓTOddS

ágangr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘°aggression, violation, molestation...’agange ÓTOddS

ágjarn (adj.) [°superl. -astr] ‘[aggressive]...’ — ÓTOddS

ágætamaðr (noun m.) ‘°outstanding person...’ageta maðr ÓTOddS

ágæti (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘fame, excellence...’ — ÓTOddS

ágætismaðr (noun m.) [°dat. ·manni; ·menn] ‘excellent man...’agetis maðr ÓTOddS

ágætleikr (noun m.) [°-s] ‘°excellence, outstanding qualities...’agættleik ÓTOddS, agættleiks ÓTOddS

ágætliga (adv.) [°compar. -ar, superl. -ast] ‘°admirably, excellently, outstandingly; ...’agetliga ÓTOddS, agettliga ÓTOddS

ágætligr (adj.) [°compar. -ri/-ari(Alk685 116¹ˆ), superl. -astr] ‘[excellent]...’a gettlig ÓTOddS, agettlig ÓTOddS, agætligr ÓTOddS, agættlig ÓTOddS

ágætr (adj.) [°compar. ágǽtari/ágǽtri, superl. ágǽtastr/ágǽztr] ‘excellent...’agetan ÓTOddS, agetra ÓTOddS, agetv ÓTOddS, ageztir ÓTOddS, ageztv ÓTOddS, agætr ÓTOddS

áhyggjusamliga (adv.) ‘°carefully, sincerely; with grave concer...’ahyggio samliga ÓTOddS

ákafi (noun m.) [°-a] ‘°violence, intensity, strength; frenzy, ...’ — ÓTOddS

ákefð (noun f.) [°-ar; dat. -um(Orkn325I 226¹ˆ)] ‘°violence, intensity, strength; vehemenc...’akefð ÓTOddS

ámæli (noun n.) [°-s] ‘°reproach, blame, criticism, slander, de...’ameli ÓTOddS

án (prep.) ‘without...’an ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

ánauð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘°bondage, servitude; oppression, coercio...’anꜹð ÓTOddS

1ár (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. u/-; -ar/-ir(LandslBorg 151b²¹)] ‘oar...’arar ÓTOddS, arỏm ÓTOddS

2ár (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘year, year’s abundance...’ar ÓTOddS, ari ÓTOddS

ástúðarboð (noun n.) ‘°loving invitation...’astvðar boð ÓTOddS

át (noun n.) [°-s] ‘eating, food...’ — ÓTOddS

átak (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘°touch, grip; grasp, pull, effort; ?acti...’ — ÓTOddS

ávallt (adv.) ‘always...’avallt ÓTOddS

ávinnr (adj.)avint ÓTOddS

2ávíta (verb) [°-að-] ‘°castigate, reprimand, reprove, criticiz...’avitaðe ÓTOddS

ávǫxtr (noun m.) [°·vaxtar (auoxtar DN IV (1342) 223¹), dat. ·vexti; acc. ·vǫxtu] ‘fruit; offspring...’a voxtr ÓTOddS, avaxtar ÓTOddS

bak (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘back...’ — ÓTOddS

banablóð (noun n.) [°-s] ‘°blood shed at (sby’s) death; of the blo...’bana bloðe ÓTOddS

bani (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘death, killer...’bana ÓTOddS

baptisti (noun m.) [°-a] — ÓTOddS

barn (noun n.) [°-s; bǫrn/barn(JKr 345³), dat. bǫrnum/barnum] ‘child...’ — ÓTOddS

barnsgrátr (noun m.) ‘°child’s crying...’barns gratt ÓTOddS

bautasteinn (noun m.) [°; ·steinar] ‘°memorial stone (raised in memory of sby...’bavtasteinar ÓTOddS

báðir (pron.) [°gen. beggja (báðra), nom./acc. n. bǽði] ‘both...’baða ÓTOddS, baðer ÓTOddS

beiða (verb) [°-dd-] ‘ask, request...’ — ÓTOddS

2beita (verb) [°-tt-] ‘beat, tack...’ — ÓTOddS

bekkjargjǫf (noun f.) [°; ·gjafir] ‘°“bench-gift”, gift from bridegroom to b...’beckiar giof ÓTOddS

3bera (verb) [°berr; bar, báru; borinn] ‘bear, carry...’ — ÓTOddS

4bera (verb) [°-að-] ‘°afdække, blotte; expose, uncover, strip...’ — ÓTOddS

berg (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘rock, cliff...’ — ÓTOddS

2berja (verb) [°barði; barðr/bariðr/barinn] ‘fight...’ — ÓTOddS

berliga (adv.) [°compar. -ar, superl. -ast] ‘°openly, publicly, demonstrably; plainly...’ — ÓTOddS

bestill (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

betr (adv.) [°superl. bezt/bazt; pos. „ vel adv.] ‘better...’bazt ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

betri (adj. comp.) [°superl. beztr/baztr; pos. „ góðr adj.] ‘better, best...’ — ÓTOddS

biðja (verb) [°biðr; bað, báðu; beðinn (beiþ- Martin¹ 573‡, bỏþ- HákEirsp 661‰, cf. ed. intr. xl)] ‘ask for, order, pray...’ — ÓTOddS

bíða (verb) [°bíðr; beið, biðu; beðit] ‘wait, suffer, experience...’ — ÓTOddS

bíldr (noun m.) [°-s] — ÓTOddS

bíta (verb) [°bítr; beit, bitu; bitinn] ‘bite...’ — ÓTOddS

bjarggengr (adj.) ‘°good at climbing cliff-faces/cliffs...’biarg gengr ÓTOddS

bjartr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘bright...’ — ÓTOddS

bjóða (verb) [°býðr; bauð, buðu; boðinn (buð- Thom¹ 5²n.)] ‘offer, order, invite...’ — ÓTOddS

2blanda (verb) [°blendr; blett, blendu; blandinn] ‘mix, blend (strong)...’ — ÓTOddS

blautlendr (adj.) ‘°wet, marshy...’blꜹtt lent ÓTOddS

2blása (verb) [°blǽss; blés, blésu; blásinn] ‘blow...’ — ÓTOddS

blekkja (verb) [°-kkð-] ‘[entice]...’ — ÓTOddS

bleyði (noun f.) [°-] ‘cowardice...’bleyðe ÓTOddS

bleyðimaðr (noun m.) [°; ·menn] ‘°faint-hearted person, coward, unmanly m...’bleyðe menn ÓTOddS

2blíða (noun f.) [°-u] ‘kindness, happiness...’bliðu ÓTOddS, bliðv ÓTOddS

blíðr (adj.) [°n. sg. nom. & acc. blítt/blíðt; compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘gentle, happy...’bliðr ÓTOddS

blóðøx (noun f.) [°·øxar/exar/axar, acc. ·øxi/exi/ǫx] ‘blood-axe...’ — ÓTOddS

blómi (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘flower...’bloma ÓTOddS

2blóta (verb) [°-að-] ‘sacrifice...’ — ÓTOddS

blótbolli (noun m.) [°; -ar] ‘°sacrificial bowl...’blot bolla ÓTOddS

blótgoð (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°heathen god, god to whom sacrifice is m...’blotgoð ÓTOddS

blótmaðr (noun m.) [°·manns; ·menn] ‘°person who carries out or takes part in...’blott maðr ÓTOddS, blott menn ÓTOddS

boð (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘command, offer, feast...’ — ÓTOddS, boðin ÓTOddS, boðum ÓTOddS

2boða (verb) [°-að-] ‘proclaim...’ — ÓTOddS

boði (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘messenger, breaker...’boða ÓTOddS

boðorð (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘°message, tidings, ministry, teaching; c...’boð orð ÓTOddS

boløx (noun f.) [°dat & acc. ·øxi/exi/ǫxi; -ar] ‘°forestry axe, large working axe (princi...’bolexum ÓTOddS, bolꜹxi ÓTOddS

borð (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘side, plank, board; table...’ — ÓTOddS, borðe ÓTOddS, borðit ÓTOddS

1bók (noun f.) [°bǿkr/bókar; bǿkr] ‘book...’bok ÓTOddS

bót (noun f.) [°-ar; bǿtr] ‘compensation...’ — ÓTOddS

1braut (noun f.) [°dat. -/-u; -ir] ‘path, way; away...’ — ÓTOddS

bráðr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘quick(ly)...’ — ÓTOddS

bregða (verb) [°bregðr/brigðr; brá, brugðu; brugðinn/brogðinn] ‘pull, jerk, break; change...’ — ÓTOddS

brigzli (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘[scoffing]...’ — ÓTOddS

brjóst (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘breast, chest...’briosti ÓTOddS

brjóta (verb) [°brýtr; braut, brutu; brotinn] ‘to break, destroy...’ — ÓTOddS

brotna (verb) [°-að-] ‘break, burst...’ — ÓTOddS

bróðir (noun m.) [°bróður/brǿðr/bróðurs, dat. bróður/brǿðr/breðr, acc. bróður/brǿðr; brǿðr/bróðr/breðr (brǿðrirnir Jvs291 75¹⁴), gen. brǿ---] ‘brother...’ — ÓTOddS

brunnr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘spring, well...’brvnne ÓTOddS

1brynja (noun f.) [°-u (dat. brynnoni Gibb 38⁹); -ur] ‘mailcoat...’ — ÓTOddS

brytja (verb) [°-að-] ‘cut...’ — ÓTOddS

brœðrungr (noun m.) [°dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘°child of paternal uncle (male/female co...’breðrvnge ÓTOddS

bursti (noun m.) ‘°stiff hair (from a hog) (used as a sewi...’ — ÓTOddS

1 (noun n.) [°-s, dat. -i/-(Landsl 39ˆ, DN III (1367) 279¹‡, DN XII (*1348›AM 902 a) 73³⁰); -] ‘homestead...’bui ÓTOddS

2búa (verb) [°býr (1. pers. býg NjM 330²⁴); bjó/bjuggi/bjǫggi/byggi, bjuggu/bjǫggu (præt. conj. byggi); búinn (n. sg. búit/bút)] ‘prepare, ready, live...’ — ÓTOddS

búandi (noun m.) [°-a; búendr (bøendr var. ÓH 47¹²: AM 325 VII 4° “325 VII”), dat. búǫndum/búandum/búendum] ‘farmer, resident...’ — ÓTOddS

búandkarl (noun m.) [°; gen. -a] ‘°farmer, common man...’bvand karl ÓTOddS, bvandkarla ÓTOddS

búða (verb) [°-að-] ‘°make camp...’ — ÓTOddS

1búi (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘dweller, inhabitant...’bva ÓTOddS

búkostr (noun m.) [°dat. -i] ‘°provisions, livelihood; costs/necessiti...’bukostr ÓTOddS

byggð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘dwelling, settlement...’bygð ÓTOddS

2byggja (verb) [°byggir/byggvir; byggði; byggðr] ‘inhabit, dwell; build, found...’ — ÓTOddS

3byrja (verb) [°-að-] ‘°belong to (sby/sth.), be (sby’s/sth.’s)...’ — ÓTOddS

byrsæll (adj.) [°compar. ·sǽlli] ‘°lucky at getting a favourable wind...’byrselli ÓTOddS

1byskup (noun m.) [°-s/-(cf. [$489$]), dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘bishop...’ — ÓTOddS

bæði (conj.) ‘[Both]...’bæðe ÓTOddS

bœgsl (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°shoulder (of an animal), fin (of a whal...’bægslit ÓTOddS

bœjarmaðr (noun m.) [°; ·menn] ‘°townsman, citizen (esp. in Norwegian to...’bøiar maðrinn ÓTOddS

bœnarorð (noun n.) [°; -] ‘[courtship]...’bønar orðvm ÓTOddS

bœr (noun m.) [°-jar/-ar, dat. -; -ir, gen. -ja/-a, dat. -jum/-um/bjóm/-am/-m, acc. -i/-ja/-a/bǿ] ‘farm, homestead...’bein ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS, bøin ÓTOddS, bønum ÓTOddS

bœta (verb) [°-tt-] ‘better, emend, compensate...’ — ÓTOddS

dagr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. degi/dag/dagi(Thom¹ 332¹‡n.); -ar] ‘day...’dag ÓTOddS, dagin ÓTOddS, dege ÓTOddS

dagverðr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. -i; -ir] ‘°morning meal, first (main) meal of the ...’dagverð ÓTOddS

danaást (noun f.) [°-ar] — ÓTOddS

dauði (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘death...’dꜹða ÓTOddS

daufligr (adj.) ‘[dreary]...’dꜹflikt ÓTOddS

deili (noun n.) [°; -] ‘detail...’ — ÓTOddS

1deyja (verb) [°deyr; dó, dó(u); dá(i)nn] ‘die...’ — ÓTOddS

digna (verb) [°-að-] ‘°(of metal) lose temper/hardness; (I) tu...’dignað ÓTOddS

dikta (verb) [°-að-] ‘devise, deliberate...’ — ÓTOddS

diskr (noun m.) [°dat. -i; -ar] ‘°(serving) dish, bowl; of a table)...’ — ÓTOddS

djúp (noun n.) [°-s; dat. -um] ‘depth, the deep...’diup ÓTOddS

djǫfull (noun m.) [°djǫfuls, dat. djǫfli; djǫflar/djaflar] ‘devil...’diofvll ÓTOddS

dómr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘judgement; court; -dom, -ness (suffix)...’domi ÓTOddS

dóttir (noun f.) [°dóttur, dat. dóttur/dǿtr/dóttir, acc. dóttur/dóttir, nom. dóttir/dóttur; dǿtr, gen. dǿtra (cf. [$1592$])] ‘daughter...’dottir ÓTOddS, dottur ÓTOddS

2draga (verb) [°dregr; dró, drógu; dreginn/droget(Hirð NKS 1642 4° 146v²⁹; cf. [$962$])] ‘drag, pull, draw...’ — ÓTOddS

drambsmaðr (noun m.) [°acc. ·mann; ·menn] ‘°arrogant/pompous person, grand/ostentat...’drams maðr ÓTOddS, drams mann ÓTOddS

draumr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘dream...’ — ÓTOddS

drekahǫfuð (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°dragon’s head; of the decoration of a ‘...’ — ÓTOddS

2drekka (verb) [°drekkr; drakk, drukku; drukkinn/drykkinn] ‘drink...’ — ÓTOddS

drengr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -; -ir, gen. -ja] ‘man, warrior...’ — ÓTOddS

drep (noun n.) [°; -] ‘[rot]...’ — ÓTOddS

drepa (verb) [°drepr; drap, drápu; drepinn] ‘kill, strike...’ — ÓTOddS

dreyma (verb) [°-mð-] ‘dream...’ — ÓTOddS

dreyra (verb) [°-rð-] ‘bleed...’dreyrðe ÓTOddS

2drífa (verb) [°drífr; dreif, drifu; drifinn] ‘drive, rush...’ — ÓTOddS

drjúgr (adj.) [°compar. -ari (drýgari [$1033$] „ ms. 56v‰, superl. -astr] ‘very, excessive...’ — ÓTOddS

dróttinlauss (adj.) [°·lausan] ‘°without a lord/master...’drottin lavsir ÓTOddS

dróttinn (noun m.) [°dróttins, dat. dróttni (drottini [$1049$]); dróttnar] ‘lord, master...’ — ÓTOddS

dróttning (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -u/-, acc. -u/-; -ar] ‘queen...’ — ÓTOddS

1drykkja (noun f.) [°-ju/-u; -ur] ‘drinking...’drykio ÓTOddS

drykkr (noun m.) [°-jar/-ar(DN II (*1276›apogr—) 14³Š)/-s, dat. -/-i; -ir] ‘drink...’dryk ÓTOddS

duga (verb) [°dugir; dugði; dugat] ‘help, befit...’ — ÓTOddS

dvelja (verb) [°dvalði; dvalðr/dvalinn (præs. sg. 3. pers. dvel [$1138$], [$1140$])] ‘delay, stay, dwell...’ — ÓTOddS

dvǫl (noun f.) [°-ar; dvalar/dvalir] ‘[rest]...’ — ÓTOddS

dylja (verb) [°dulði; dulðr/duliðr/dulinn (præs. sg. 3. pers. dyll Hirð 401²³, etc., dyl FrostKrᴵ 152¹⁹, etc.)] ‘conceal...’ — ÓTOddS

1dyrr (noun f.) [°gen. dura/dyra, dat. durum/dyrum] ‘door...’dyrnar ÓTOddS

dýrbit (noun n.) ‘°animal bite, (attacking and) biting by ...’dyr biti ÓTOddS

dýrð (noun f.) [°-ar/-a(NoDipl(1279) 44²ˆ); -ir] ‘glory...’dyrð ÓTOddS

dýrðarverk (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°illustrious deed; marvel, miracle...’dyrðar verkvm ÓTOddS

dýrligr (adj.) [°compar. -ri, superl. -astr/-(a)st-] ‘glorious, precious...’dyrlega ÓTOddS, dyrlig ÓTOddS, dyrliga ÓTOddS, dyrligan ÓTOddS, dyrligr ÓTOddS, dyrligum ÓTOddS, dyrligvm ÓTOddS

dœld (noun f.) [°-ar] ‘°small valley, dale, depression, hollow,...’delð ÓTOddS

dæll (adj.) [°dǽlan; compar. dǽlli/dǽllri(FriðB 48¹ˆ), superl. dǽlstr] ‘easy...’ — ÓTOddS

dælleikr (noun m.) [°-s; -ar] ‘°(most often pl.) tractability, gentlene...’deleika ÓTOddS

dœma (verb) [°-mð-] ‘judge...’ — ÓTOddS

dǫgg (noun f.) [°-var/-ar, dat. -/-u; -var/-ar/dǫggir/daggir (cf. [$1242$])] ‘dew...’dꜹgg ÓTOddS

døkkna (verb) [°-að-] ‘°turn dark, become dark, lose lustre, cl...’deknaðan ÓTOddS

eða (conj.) ‘or...’ — ÓTOddS

3ef (conj.) ‘if...’ — ÓTOddS

1efna (verb) [°-að-] ‘initiate...’ — ÓTOddS

efni (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘material...’ — ÓTOddS

efri (adj. comp.) [°superl. efstr/øfstr (eft- [$1653$] 13r²³, etc.)] ‘higher, highest...’efra ÓTOddS, øfri ÓTOddS

eftirleit (noun f.) ‘°search (for sby), seeking out, pursuit;...’eptir leitt ÓTOddS

eftirleita (verb) [°-að-] ‘°look for; seek after, strive to, strive...’eptir leita ÓTOddS

eftirleitun (noun f.) [°·leitanar/leitunar] ‘°search(ing), pursuit; striving/seeking ...’eptir leitonar ÓTOddS, Eptirleitan ÓTOddS

eftirsýn (noun f.) ‘°search...’eptir syn ÓTOddS

eggjun (noun f.) ‘°exhortation (to battle), battle cry; go...’eggian ÓTOddS

1eiga (noun f.) [°-u (nom. for obl. DN III (1347) 206¹³, etc., cf. Seip 1955 304); -ur] ‘property...’eigvr ÓTOddS

2eiga (verb) [°á/eigr (præs. pl. 3. pers. eigu/eiga); átti, áttu; átt] ‘own, have...’ — ÓTOddS

3eigi (adv.) ‘not...’eige ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

eign (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘property...’ — ÓTOddS, eignom ÓTOddS

eilífr (adj.) ‘eternal...’eilift ÓTOddS

einhjal (noun n.) ‘°private/confidential conversation...’ein hiali ÓTOddS

1einn (num. cardinal) [°f. ein, n. eitt; pl. einir; superl. debil. -asti(Anna238(2001) 155³²)] ‘one; alone...’ — ÓTOddS

2einn (pron.) [°decl. cf. einn num.] ‘one, alone...’ — ÓTOddS

einsýnn (adj.) [°·sýnan] ‘°one-eyed...’ein syn ÓTOddS

einvaldi (noun m.) ‘°sole/sovereign ruler...’einvallde ÓTOddS

eir (noun n.) ‘copper coin?...’ — ÓTOddS

eistr (noun m.) [°; eistr/eistir/eistrir(poet.) (cf. [$1575$])] ‘[Estonians]...’ — ÓTOddS

eitrkveisa (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

ek (pron.) [°mín, dat. mér, acc. mik] ‘I, me...’ — ÓTOddS

2ekki (adv.) ‘not...’ — ÓTOddS

ekkjudómr (noun m.) [°dat. -i] ‘°widowhood; of a church whose bishop has...’eckio dóm ÓTOddS

eldiligr (adj.) [°compar. -ri, superl. -astr] ‘°aged, ancient...’ — ÓTOddS

eldr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-(HómÍsl¹‰(1993) 24v²⁴); -ar] ‘fire...’ — ÓTOddS

elfskr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

2elska (verb) [°-að-] ‘love...’ — ÓTOddS

2en (conj.) ‘but, and...’ — ÓTOddS

2enda (verb) [°-nd-] ‘°gøre ende på, ende, afslutte, slutte; b...’ — ÓTOddS

2engi (pron.) ‘no, none...’ecke ÓTOddS, engan ÓTOddS, engar ÓTOddS, enge ÓTOddS, enger ÓTOddS, engo ÓTOddS, engri ÓTOddS, ongar ÓTOddS

engilsmaðr (noun m.)Engils manna ÓTOddS

2enn (adv.) ‘still, yet, again...’en ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

eptir (prep.) ‘after, behind...’eftir ÓTOddS

2er (conj.) ‘who, which, when...’ — ÓTOddS

erfa (verb) ‘[done honour]...’ — ÓTOddS

erfingi (noun m.) [°-ja; -jar] ‘heir, child...’ — ÓTOddS

2eta (verb) [°; -ur] ‘eat...’ — ÓTOddS

etjukostr (noun m.)etiv kostar ÓTOddS

1ey (noun f.) [°-jar, dat. -ju/-; -jar] ‘island...’ — ÓTOddS

2eyða (verb) [°-dd-] ‘destroy...’ — ÓTOddS

eygðr (adj.) ‘°som har (smukke/grimme/store) øjne; (Fr...’ — ÓTOddS

eyra (noun n.) [°eyra; eyru/eyrun, gen. eyrna] ‘ear...’ — ÓTOddS

ér (pron.) [°gen. yðvar/yðar, dat./acc. yðr] ‘you...’er ÓTOddS, yðr ÓTOddS, yþr ÓTOddS, þer ÓTOddS, þær ÓTOddS

faðir (noun m.) ‘father...’ — ÓTOddS

fagna (verb) [°-að-] ‘welcome, rejoice...’ — ÓTOddS

fagr (adj.) [°fagran; compar. fegri, superl. fegrstr] ‘fair, beautiful...’fagra ÓTOddS, fỏgrvm ÓTOddS, fꜹgrum ÓTOddS, fꜹgrv ÓTOddS

fagrliga (adv.) [°compar. -ar, superl. -ast] — ÓTOddS

falla (verb) ‘fall...’ — ÓTOddS

1fals (noun n.) [°-] ‘[Deceit]...’ — ÓTOddS

fang (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘grasp, tunic...’ — ÓTOddS

fara (verb) [ferr, fór, fóru, farinn] ‘go, travel...’ — ÓTOddS

fararskjóti (noun m.) [°-a; -ar]farar skiota ÓTOddS

farsælligr (adj.)farseliga ÓTOddS

fastna (verb) ‘[be engaged to]...’ — ÓTOddS

fastr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘firm, fast...’fasz ÓTOddS

fastráða (verb)fastraðit ÓTOddS

2 (verb) [°fǽr; fekk, fengu; fenginn] ‘get, receive...’ — ÓTOddS

fákunnigr (adj.) [°***·kunngan/·kunnigan]fakvngir ÓTOddS

3fár (adj.) [°compar. fǽrri/fárri(Mág² 11ˆ), superl. fǽstr] ‘few...’fa ÓTOddS, fair ÓTOddS, fat ÓTOddS, fát ÓTOddS

fátœkliga (adv.)fatekliga ÓTOddS

fátœkligr (adj.) [°compar. -ri, superl. -astr]fatekligan ÓTOddS

2fegra (verb) — ÓTOddS

fengr (noun m.) [°-jar/-s, dat. -/-i] ‘loot...’fengi ÓTOddS

fenjóttr (adj.) ‘°sumpet...’feniott ÓTOddS

ferð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir/-arMork 196¹²)] ‘host, journey...’ — ÓTOddS

ferill (noun m.) [°dat. ferli] ‘route, track...’ — ÓTOddS

1festa (noun f.) [°-u; -ur]festv ÓTOddS

2festa (verb) ‘fasten, betrothe, promise...’ — ÓTOddS

festargull (noun n.)festar gull ÓTOddS

festarmál (noun n.) [°; -]festar malum ÓTOddS

festr (noun f.) [°dat. & acc. -i; -ar/-ir] ‘mooring, betrothal...’ — ÓTOddS

(noun n.) [°fjár/féar; -] ‘cattle, money...’ — ÓTOddS

féhirðir (noun m.) [°·hirðis, dat. & acc. ·hirði; ·hirðar]fe hirðar ÓTOddS, fehirþir ÓTOddS

félag (noun n.) [°-s]felag ÓTOddS

félagi (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘companion...’felagar ÓTOddS

félagsgerð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir]felags gerð ÓTOddS

félítill (adj.) [°compar. ·minni, superl. ·minnstr] ‘poor...’fé litill ÓTOddS

fimmti (num. ordinal) ‘fifth...’fimta ÓTOddS

2finna (verb) ‘find, meet...’ — ÓTOddS

Finnr (noun m.) ‘Saami (person)...’ — ÓTOddS

fjándafolk (noun n.)fianda folk ÓTOddS

fjándakraftr (noun m.)fianda krapti ÓTOddS

fjándi (noun m.) [°-a; fjándr/fjándar/fjándir] ‘enemy, devil...’fiandanvm ÓTOddS, fiandin ÓTOddS

fjándskaparfullr (adj.)fiandskapar fullan ÓTOddS

fjármunr (noun m.)fiarmvna ÓTOddS

fjórir (num. cardinal) ‘four...’fiorir ÓTOddS

fjǫlkunnigr (adj.) ‘knowledgeable in magic...’fiolkvngum ÓTOddS

fjǫlkynngi (noun f.)fiolkynge ÓTOddS

fjǫr (noun n.) ‘life...’fiorvi ÓTOddS

fjǫrðr (noun m.) ‘fjord...’ — ÓTOddS

fjǫtra (verb) ‘shackle, fetter...’fiotra ÓTOddS

flekkr (noun m.) ‘stain, defect...’ — ÓTOddS

fleygja (verb) ‘fling...’ — ÓTOddS

fljóta (verb) ‘flow, float...’ — ÓTOddS

flýja (verb) ‘to flee, take flight...’ — ÓTOddS

flæma (verb) ‘[drove]...’ — ÓTOddS

folk (noun n.) ‘people...’ — ÓTOddS

forða (verb) ‘escape, avoid...’ — ÓTOddS

1forellri (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

forflótta (adj.)forflotta ÓTOddS

2forflótti (adj.)for flotti ÓTOddS

foringi (noun m.) ‘°anfører, person som fører an, person so...’forenge ÓTOddS, foringia ÓTOddS

forkunnliga (adv.)forkvnliga ÓTOddS

forkunnr (noun f.) ‘forkunnr...’forkvnnar ÓTOddS

forráðsmaðr (noun m.)forraþz meɴ ÓTOddS

forsjónarmaðr (noun m.)forsionar maþr ÓTOddS

forvitna (verb) ‘pry into, enquire about...’ — ÓTOddS

forynja (noun f.) [°-u] ‘°varsel, forvarsel; ulykkesbringer...’for ynio ÓTOddS

fóstri (noun m.) ‘foster-brother, foster-father, foster-so...’ — ÓTOddS

fóstrjǫrð (noun f.)fỏstriorðina ÓTOddS

fóstrland (noun n.) ‘native land...’fostr londum ÓTOddS

fram (adv.) ‘out, forth, forwards, away...’ — ÓTOddS, framaʀ ÓTOddS

framboð (noun n.)fram boð ÓTOddS

framlútr (adj.)fram ltt ÓTOddS

framr (adj.) [°compar. framari/fremri, superl. framastr/fremstr] ‘outstanding, foremost...’fremstan ÓTOddS

frá (prep.) ‘from...’ — ÓTOddS

frásǫgn (noun f.) ‘narrative...’fra sỏgn ÓTOddS, frasỏgnum ÓTOddS

2frelsa (verb) — ÓTOddS

fremja (verb) ‘advance, perform...’ — ÓTOddS

frétt (noun f.) ‘report...’frett ÓTOddS

friðlusonr (noun m.)frillo sonr ÓTOddS

friðmaðr (noun m.) ‘[men of peace]...’friðmeɴ ÓTOddS

fríðr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘beautiful, fair...’friða ÓTOddS

frost (noun n.) ‘frost...’frosti ÓTOddS

frægð (noun f.) ‘fame...’fregð ÓTOddS

frægr (adj.) [°-jan/-an; compar. -ri, superl. -jastr/-astr/-str] ‘famous, renowned...’fregsti ÓTOddS

frændi (noun m.) ‘kinsman, male relative...’ — ÓTOddS

frændsemi (noun f.)frensymi ÓTOddS

fræva (verb) — ÓTOddS

fullgera (verb) — ÓTOddS

fullgóðr (adj.) ‘[good enough]...’full goðr ÓTOddS

fullliga (adv.)fvlliga ÓTOddS

fundr (noun m.) ‘discovery, meeting...’ — ÓTOddS

1furða (noun f.) ‘marvel...’ — ÓTOddS

fúss (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘eager, willing...’fuss ÓTOddS

1fylgja (noun f.) ‘follower; fetch...’fylgiom ÓTOddS, fylgivr ÓTOddS

2fylgja (verb) ‘follow, accompany...’ — ÓTOddS

fylki (noun n.) ‘county...’ — ÓTOddS

fylking (noun f.) ‘troop...’fylkingar ÓTOddS

fylkiskirkja (noun f.)fylkis kirkia ÓTOddS

fylkiskonungr (noun m.)fylkis konungar ÓTOddS

fyr (prep.) ‘for, over, because of, etc....’ — ÓTOddS

fyrir (prep.) ‘for, before, because of...’ — ÓTOddS

fyrirgefa (verb) ‘to forgive...’ — ÓTOddS

fyrirrennari (noun m.)fyrir rennari ÓTOddS

1fyrirtala (noun f.)fyrir tꜹlom ÓTOddS

fyrlíta (verb)fyr lita ÓTOddS, fyr litv ÓTOddS

fyrr (adv.) ‘before, sooner...’fyrirr ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS, fyʀ ÓTOddS

fýsiligr (adj.)fysilikt ÓTOddS

2fœða (verb) ‘to feed, give food to, bring up, bear, g...’ — ÓTOddS

2fœra (verb) ‘bring...’ — ÓTOddS

fǫgnuðr (noun m.) [°fagnaðar; fagnaðir] ‘joy...’ — ÓTOddS

fǫr (noun f.) ‘journey, fate; movement...’ — ÓTOddS

fǫrunautr (noun m.) ‘comrade...’fꜹronavtar ÓTOddS

gabb (noun n.)gabs ÓTOddS

galgi (noun m.) ‘gallows...’ — ÓTOddS

gamall (adj.) [°gamlan; compar. & superl. „ ellri adj.] ‘old...’ — ÓTOddS, gamla ÓTOddS

gamalmenni (noun n.) ‘[old man]...’ — ÓTOddS

gaman (noun n.) ‘joy, pleasure...’gamni ÓTOddS

2ganga (verb) [geng, gekk, gengu, genginn] ‘walk, go...’ — ÓTOddS

garðr (noun m.) ‘enclosure, yard...’ — ÓTOddS

gata (noun f.) ‘path, road...’ — ÓTOddS

gaumr (noun m.)gꜹm ÓTOddS

gefa (verb) ‘give...’ — ÓTOddS

gegna (verb) ‘encounter, mean...’ — ÓTOddS

2geta (verb) ‘to beget, give birth to, mention, speak ...’ — ÓTOddS

2gifta (verb) ‘marry...’ — ÓTOddS

girna (verb) ‘desire...’ — ÓTOddS

1gjalda (verb) ‘pay, repay...’ — ÓTOddS

gjarna (adv.) ‘readily...’giarna ÓTOddS

gjarnliga (adv.)giarnliga ÓTOddS

glaumr (noun m.) ‘noise...’ — ÓTOddS

gleðja (verb) ‘gladden, rejoice...’ — ÓTOddS

glíking (noun f.)liking ÓTOddS

glíkligr (adj.) ‘likely...’liclikt ÓTOddS

glotta (verb) ‘grin...’ — ÓTOddS

glófi (noun m.)glofa ÓTOddS

gluggr (noun m.) ‘storm...’ — ÓTOddS

glœpr (noun m.) ‘sin, misdeed...’ — ÓTOddS

gløggliga (adv.)glogligaʀ ÓTOddS

gnadd (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

gnýr (noun m.) ‘din, tumult...’ — ÓTOddS

góðgjarn (adj.) ‘benevolent, kind...’goðgiarn ÓTOddS

góðr (adj.) ‘good...’goð ÓTOddS, goða ÓTOddS, goðer ÓTOddS, goðr ÓTOddS, goðra ÓTOddS, goðs ÓTOddS, goðum ÓTOddS, goðv ÓTOddS, goðvm ÓTOddS, gỏtt ÓTOddS, gótt ÓTOddS

graslægr (adj.)graslegt ÓTOddS

gráfeldr (noun m.) ‘Grey-cloak...’grafelldr ÓTOddS

2gráta (verb) ‘weep...’ — ÓTOddS

grátr (noun m.) ‘weeping, crying...’ — ÓTOddS

grenskr (adj.) ‘one from Grenland...’grenski ÓTOddS

grimmleikr (noun m.) ‘[cruelty]...’grimleikr ÓTOddS

grimmr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘fierce...’griman ÓTOddS, grimvm ÓTOddS

grípa (verb) ‘seize, grasp...’ — ÓTOddS

grundvǫllr (noun m.) ‘foundation...’grvndvollin ÓTOddS

grunlauss (adj.) ‘unsuspecting...’grvnlaust ÓTOddS

grunr (noun m.) ‘suspicion, deceit...’grvnr ÓTOddS

grœðing (noun f.) ‘salvation, healing ...’greðingar ÓTOddS

1guð (noun m.) [°***guðrs, guðis, gus] ‘(Christian) God...’ — ÓTOddS

2guð (noun n.) ‘(pagan) god...’gvð ÓTOddS

guðligr (adj.) ‘godly...’guðligvm ÓTOddS

guðsmaðr (noun m.)gvðz maðr ÓTOddS

guðsnafn (noun n.)guðz nafn ÓTOddS, nafn ÓTOddS

guðsréttr (noun m.)guðz rett ÓTOddS

guðsvinr (noun m.)guðz vin ÓTOddS

gullhringr (noun m.) ‘gold ring...’gullhring ÓTOddS

gullkista (noun f.)gvllkistvr ÓTOddS

gullsmiðr (noun m.)gullsmiða ÓTOddS

gullvafiðr (adj./verb p.p.)gullvofðum ÓTOddS

gœði (noun n.) ‘wellbeing...’gæðe ÓTOddS

gæfa (noun f.) ‘luck, fortune...’ — ÓTOddS

gægja (verb) ‘[kept an eye]...’ — ÓTOddS

gǫfugligr (adj.) ‘glorious...’ — ÓTOddS, gꜹfvgligri ÓTOddS

gǫfugr (adj.) [°gǫfgan/gǫfugan; compar. gǫfgari/gǫfugri, superl. gǫfgastr/gǫfugstr/gǫfugastr] ‘noble, glorious...’gꜹfvgs ÓTOddS

haf (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘sea...’ — ÓTOddS

hafa (verb) ‘have...’ — ÓTOddS

hagfelldr (adj.)hagfelldri ÓTOddS

hagleikr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

halda (verb) ‘hold, keep...’ — ÓTOddS

hallæri (noun n.) ‘[famine]...’ — ÓTOddS

hals (noun m.) [°hals, dat. -i; -ar] ‘neck...’ — ÓTOddS

1hamarr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. hamri; hamrar] ‘hammer, cliff...’ — ÓTOddS

hamingja (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘°skytsånd; lykkens gudinde, lykken (lat....’ — ÓTOddS

hann (pron.) [°gen. hans, dat. honum; f. hon, gen. hennar, acc. hana] ‘he, she, it, they, them......’ — ÓTOddS

harðr (adj.) [°comp. -ari; superl. -astr] ‘hard, harsh...’hart ÓTOddS

1harðræði (noun f.) ‘hardship...’ — ÓTOddS

harma (verb) ‘[mourns, lament]...’ — ÓTOddS

1harmr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘sorrow, grief...’harm ÓTOddS, harmi ÓTOddS

haugr (noun m.) [°-s, -i; -ar] ‘mound, cairn...’ — ÓTOddS

1haukr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘hawk...’ — ÓTOddS

hauss (noun m.) [°hauss, dat. hausi/haus; hausar] ‘skull...’hꜹssinn ÓTOddS

haust (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘autumn...’ — ÓTOddS

háðuliga (adv.) ‘[shamefully]...’haðvliga ÓTOddS

háðuligr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

3hár (adj.) [°-van; compar. hǽrri, superl. hǽstr] ‘high...’hatt ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS, hátt ÓTOddS, høra ÓTOddS

1háreysti (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

hárfagr (adj.) ‘fine-haired...’harfagri ÓTOddS

háskasamligr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

háski (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘danger...’ — ÓTOddS

hásæti (noun n.) ‘high-seat...’ — ÓTOddS

hásætiskista (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

heðan (adv.) ‘hence, from this place...’ — ÓTOddS

hefja (verb) ‘lift, start...’ — ÓTOddS

hefna (verb) ‘avenge...’ — ÓTOddS

1heiðingi (noun m.) [°-ja; -jar] ‘heathen...’ — ÓTOddS

heiðinn (adj.) ‘heathen...’ — ÓTOddS, heiðit ÓTOddS, heiðna ÓTOddS, heiðnom ÓTOddS

heiðni (noun f.) [°-] ‘heathendom...’ — ÓTOddS

heilagr (adj.) [°helgan; compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘holy, sacred...’helga ÓTOddS, helge ÓTOddS, helgum ÓTOddS, helgvm ÓTOddS

3heill (adj.) [°heilan; compar. heilli, superl. -astr/-str] ‘healthy, hale, hail...’heil ÓTOddS

heillabrigð (noun n.)heilla brigð ÓTOddS

2heilsa (verb) — ÓTOddS

heilsamligr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

heim (adv.) ‘home, back...’ — ÓTOddS

heimamaðr (noun m.) ‘householder...’ — ÓTOddS

heimaskurðgoð (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

heimr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘home, abode; world...’ — ÓTOddS

3heimta (verb) ‘to draw, pull in, fetch, get back...’ — ÓTOddS

3heita (verb) — ÓTOddS

heitun (noun f.) ‘°truen, truende ord, trussel...’heitan ÓTOddS

heldr (adv.) ‘rather...’ — ÓTOddS

helmingr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘unit, troop...’ — ÓTOddS

helzti (adv.) — ÓTOddS

henda (verb) ‘catch, seize...’ — ÓTOddS

herað (noun n.) [°-s; heruð] ‘district...’ — ÓTOddS

herbergi (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘lodging, bedroom, inn...’ — ÓTOddS

herfang (noun n.) ‘booty...’ — ÓTOddS

2herja (verb) ‘harry, ravage...’ — ÓTOddS

hermaðr (noun m.) ‘warrior...’ — ÓTOddS

herr (noun m.) [°-s/-jar, dat. -; -jar, gen. -ja/herra] ‘army, host...’ — ÓTOddS

1herra (noun m.) [°herra; herrar] ‘lord...’ — ÓTOddS

hertogi (noun m.) ‘duke...’ — ÓTOddS

heygja (verb) — ÓTOddS

hér (adv.) ‘here...’ — ÓTOddS

hérvist (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

himinn (noun m.) [°himins, dat. himni; himnar] ‘heaven, sky...’himin ÓTOddS, himna ÓTOddS, himnvm ÓTOddS

himneskr (adj.) [°-an] ‘heavenly...’himneskvm ÓTOddS

hingat (adv.) ‘(to) here...’ — ÓTOddS

hingatkváma (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

hinnig (adv.) ‘here, hence...’ — ÓTOddS

hitta (verb) ‘meet, encounter...’ — ÓTOddS

hjal (noun n.) [°-s] ‘[talk, chatter]...’ — ÓTOddS

hjala (verb) — ÓTOddS

hjalmvǫlr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

1hjalpa (verb) ‘help...’ — ÓTOddS

hjarðarsveinn (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

hjarta (noun n.) [°-; *-u] ‘heart...’ — ÓTOddS

hjá (prep.) ‘beside, with...’ — ÓTOddS

hjǫlp (noun f.) [°hjalpar; hjalpir/hjalpar] ‘help, salvation...’ — ÓTOddS

2hlaða (verb) ‘heap, pile...’ — ÓTOddS

hlaupa (verb) ‘leap, run...’ — ÓTOddS

2hlið (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘gate...’ — ÓTOddS

2hlíta (verb) ‘[endure]...’ — ÓTOddS

hljóðsamr (adj.) ‘gently...’ — ÓTOddS

hluta (verb) ‘cast lots; select by lot; (-sk) turn out...’ — ÓTOddS

hlutr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. -i/-; -ir, acc. -i/-u] ‘part, thing...’ — ÓTOddS

2hlýða (verb) ‘hear, listen; be able...’ — ÓTOddS

hlœgi (noun n.) ‘[laughable]...’hlegi ÓTOddS

1hneisa (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘°vanære, skam, krænkelse, fornedrelse, f...’neisa ÓTOddS

hollusta (noun f.) [°-u] ‘[faith]...’ — ÓTOddS

holmgǫngumaðr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

holmr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘island, islet...’ — ÓTOddS

1hóf (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘court, temple...’hỏf ÓTOddS, hofi ÓTOddS

hraustleikr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

1hringr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -; -ar] ‘ring; sword...’hringinn ÓTOddS, hringínvm ÓTOddS

hríð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘time, storm...’ — ÓTOddS

hríðóttr (adj.) ‘°stormfuld, fuld af uvejr/nedbør...’hriþtr ÓTOddS

2hrjóta (verb) — ÓTOddS

hrossæta (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

hrósa (verb) ‘praise...’ — ÓTOddS

hryggleikr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

hræ (noun n.) [°; -] ‘corpse, carrion...’hre ÓTOddS

3hræða (verb) ‘fear, be afraid...’ — ÓTOddS

2hrøkkva (verb) — ÓTOddS

hugást (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

hugr (noun m.) ‘mind, thought, courage...’ — ÓTOddS

hulða (noun f.) [°-u] ‘°tåge/sky; (om ngt der dækker/indhyller ...’ — ÓTOddS

hús (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘house...’ — ÓTOddS

húskarl (noun m.) ‘retainer...’ — ÓTOddS

hvar (adv.) ‘where...’ — ÓTOddS

hvass (adj.) [°-an; -ari, -astr] ‘keen, sharp...’hvassi ÓTOddS

hvatleikr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

hvárr (pron.) ‘who, which, what, whether...’ — ÓTOddS

hvárt (adv.) ‘whether...’ — ÓTOddS

1hverfa (verb) ‘turn, disappear...’ — ÓTOddS

2hverr (pron.) ‘who, whom, each, every...’ — ÓTOddS

hversu (adv.) ‘how, however...’ — ÓTOddS

hvé (adv.) ‘how...’hve ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

2hvíla (verb) ‘rest...’ — ÓTOddS

hvítbrúnn (adj.)hvit brvn ÓTOddS

2hyggja (verb) ‘think, consider...’ — ÓTOddS

hýski (noun n.) [°-s] ‘[household]...’hyske ÓTOddS

hœgendi (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°(I) bekvemmelighed, behag, gavn, lindri...’ — ÓTOddS

1hætta (noun f.) [°-u] ‘[danger]...’héttv ÓTOddS

hǫfðingi (noun m.) [°-ja; -jar] ‘chieftain...’ — ÓTOddS

hǫfðingjalauss (adj.) — ÓTOddS

1hǫfn (noun f.) [°hafnar; hafnir(/hafnar(Streng 234³²)] ‘haven, harbour...’ — ÓTOddS

hǫfuð (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘head...’ — ÓTOddS

hǫfuðblót (noun n.)hofuð blott ÓTOddS

hǫfuðbœr (noun m.)hỏfuð bø ÓTOddS, hỏfvð bø ÓTOddS

hǫfuðstaðr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

hǫfuðsteikari (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

hǫgg (noun n.) [°-s, dat. hǫggvi/hǫggi; -] ‘blow...’ — ÓTOddS

hǫggva (verb) ‘to strike, put to death, cut, hew...’ — ÓTOddS

1hǫll (noun f.) [°hallar, dat. -u/-; hallir] ‘hall...’ — ÓTOddS

hǫnd (noun f.) [°handar, dat. hendi; hendr (hendir StatPáll³ 752¹²)] ‘hand...’ — ÓTOddS

hǫrmuliga (adv.) ‘[pitifully]...’ — ÓTOddS

hǫrmung (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -/-u; -ar] ‘°sorg, bedrøvelse; ynk, jammer; ynkelig ...’hỏrmvng ÓTOddS

hǫrzkr (adj.) ‘°fra Hǫrðaland (Hordaland)...’horðski ÓTOddS

1illa (adv.) ‘badly...’ — ÓTOddS

illr (adj.) ‘bad, evil, unwell...’illt ÓTOddS

illúðigr (adj.) ‘[hostile]...’illvðigr ÓTOddS

ilmr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -/-i;] ‘fragrance...’ilm ÓTOddS

2inn (art.) ‘the...’en ÓTOddS, enir ÓTOddS, enn ÓTOddS, ennir ÓTOddS, enno ÓTOddS, eno ÓTOddS, enom ÓTOddS, ens ÓTOddS, env ÓTOddS, et ÓTOddS, Hit ÓTOddS, hitt ÓTOddS, hítt ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

inna (verb) ‘to pay, discharge, relate, tell; to anno...’ — ÓTOddS

innan (prep.) ‘inside, within...’ — ÓTOddS

2inni (adv.) ‘in, inside, indoors...’ — ÓTOddS

it (pron.) [°gen. ykkar, dat./acc. ykkr] ‘you (two)...’ — ÓTOddS

íslendingabók (noun f.)Islendinga bok ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

ítarliga (adv.) — ÓTOddS

ítarligr (adj.) ‘magnificent...’ — ÓTOddS

íþrótt (noun f.) ‘skill, accomplishment...’iðrott ÓTOddS

jafn (adj.) [°comp. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘even, just...’iamnt ÓTOddS

jafnan (adv.) ‘always...’ — ÓTOddS

jafnvægi (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

jarl (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘poet, earl...’ — ÓTOddS

jarteign (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘miracle...’iartegnom ÓTOddS

jarteignagerð (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

járnbarði (noun m.)Iarnbarðan ÓTOddS

jól (noun n.) [°; -] ‘midwinter feast...’ — ÓTOddS

jólaaptann (noun m.) ‘Yule eve...’jólaaftann ÓTOddS

jǫrð (noun f.) [°jarðar, dat. -u; jarðir/jarðar(DN I (1367) 304Š)] ‘ground, earth...’ — ÓTOddS

kaf (noun n.) [°; *-] ‘deep sea...’kafit ÓTOddS

kall (noun n.) ‘cry, prayer...’kalli ÓTOddS

kalla (verb) ‘call...’ — ÓTOddS

3kanna (verb) ‘know, be able...’ — ÓTOddS

kapella (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘°chapel, oratory; (kapel dedikeret helli...’ — ÓTOddS

kappmæli (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

kappsverk (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

karl (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘(old) man...’ — ÓTOddS

kaupa (verb) ‘buy...’ — ÓTOddS

kaupferð (noun f.)kꜹpferðer ÓTOddS

kaupmaðr (noun m.) ‘[for merchants]...’ — ÓTOddS

kápa (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘[capes]...’ — ÓTOddS

kenna (verb) ‘know, teach...’ — ÓTOddS

kennimaðr (noun m.) ‘teacher, cleric...’ — ÓTOddS

kenning (noun f.) [°-ar dat. -/-u; -ar] ‘news, teachings; kenning...’ — ÓTOddS

keppa (verb) ‘compete...’ — ÓTOddS

kesja (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘halberd, spear...’ — ÓTOddS

kjósa (verb) ‘choose...’ — ÓTOddS

klappa (verb) ‘knock...’ — ÓTOddS

klá (verb) — ÓTOddS

klæða (verb) ‘clothe...’ — ÓTOddS

klæði (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘clothes...’ — ÓTOddS

koma (verb) [kem, kom/kvam, kominn] ‘come...’ — ÓTOddS

kona (noun f.) [°-u; -ur/-r(KlmA1980 116¹¹), gen. pl. kvenna/kvinna] ‘woman...’ — ÓTOddS

konulíki (noun n.)konv like ÓTOddS

konungastefna (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

konungr (noun m.) [°dat. -i, -s; -ar] ‘king...’ — ÓTOddS

konungsdómr (noun m.)konungs doms ÓTOddS

konungsdóttir (noun f.)konungs. dottir ÓTOddS

konungsmóðir (noun f.)konungs m. ÓTOddS

konungssonr (noun m.)konungs ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

konungssystir (noun f.)konungs ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

konungstígn (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

konungsvinr (noun m.)konungs ÓTOddS

1kostr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. -i/-; -ir, acc. -i/-u] ‘choice, food, goods, good quality...’ — ÓTOddS

kraftamaðr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

krapparúm (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

1kringr (noun m.) [°; -ar] ‘[a ring]...’ — ÓTOddS

kristinn (adj.) [°superl. kristnastr] ‘Christian...’cristið ÓTOddS, cristin ÓTOddS, cristinna ÓTOddS, krist⟨n⟩v ÓTOddS

2kristna (verb) ‘to convert to Christianity...’ — ÓTOddS

kristni (noun f.) [°-/-s(Ágr 26¹²)] ‘Christianity...’cristni ÓTOddS, cristninar ÓTOddS, cristniɴar ÓTOddS

kross (noun m.) [°-, dat. -i; -ar] ‘cross, crucifix...’ — ÓTOddS

krossmark (noun n.) ‘sign of the cross...’ — ÓTOddS

kunna (verb) ‘know, can, be able...’ — ÓTOddS

kunnigr (adj.) [°acc. kunngan/kunnigan; compar. -ari; superl. -astr] ‘known...’kvnict ÓTOddS, kvnnigt ÓTOddS

kunnr (adj.) ‘known (?)...’kvnr ÓTOddS

kurteisi (noun f.) [°-/-s(i forb. m. sakir);] ‘°kurtoisi, ridderlighed, høvisk adfærd, ...’cvrteisi ÓTOddS

kváma (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘coming...’kvamo ÓTOddS

kvára (verb) — ÓTOddS

kveða (verb) ‘say, recite...’ — ÓTOddS

1kveðja (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘greeting...’kveðiv ÓTOddS

2kveðja (verb) ‘say, greet...’ — ÓTOddS

kveld (noun n.) [°-s] ‘evening...’ — ÓTOddS

kviðugr (adj.) ‘°gravid...’kviðug ÓTOddS

kvistr (noun m.) [°dat. -i; -ir, acc. -i/-u] ‘twig, branch...’ — ÓTOddS

kvísl (noun f.) [°; -ir/-ar] ‘°gren af slægt, slægtled, slægt, folkest...’ — ÓTOddS

kvǫl (noun f.) [°-ar; -ar/-ir] ‘torment, torture...’ — ÓTOddS, kvꜹlom ÓTOddS

kynliga (adv.) — ÓTOddS

kynsl (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°under, jærtegn, magi, trolddom, mystisk...’kynzl ÓTOddS

kyrr (adj.) ‘calm, quiet...’kyrtt ÓTOddS, kyʀ ÓTOddS

kyssa (verb) ‘kiss...’ — ÓTOddS

kýrbein (noun n.)kyr bein ÓTOddS

kýrslátr (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

lag (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘layer; (pl.) law...’ — ÓTOddS

land (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘land...’ — ÓTOddS

landamæri (noun n.) ‘[lands’ boundary]...’ — ÓTOddS

landhallr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

landsmaðr (noun m.) ‘countryman...’ — ÓTOddS

landsskyld (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

langr (adj.) [°compar. lengri, superl. lengstr] ‘long...’langar ÓTOddS, langt ÓTOddS, lỏng ÓTOddS

langskip (noun n.) ‘longship...’ — ÓTOddS

lasta (verb) ‘blame, deride...’ — ÓTOddS

laupr (noun m.) [°; -ar] ‘[baskets]...’ — ÓTOddS

lauss (adj.) [°compar. lausari] ‘loose, free, without...’lꜹst ÓTOddS

lánardróttinn (noun m.)lanar drottna ÓTOddS

láta (verb) ‘let, have sth done...’ — ÓTOddS

leggja (verb) ‘put, lay...’ — ÓTOddS

leið (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -u/-; -ir/-ar] ‘path, way...’ — ÓTOddS

3leiða (verb) — ÓTOddS

leiðarvísir (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

2leiðr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘hateful, loathsome...’leiða ÓTOddS

3leika (verb) ‘play...’ — ÓTOddS

leit (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘°eftersøgning, søgning, søgehold; søgeom...’ — ÓTOddS, leitina ÓTOddS

leita (verb) ‘seek, look for, attack...’ — ÓTOddS

lemja (verb) ‘beat, make lame...’ — ÓTOddS

lengi (adv.) ‘for a long time...’ — ÓTOddS

leyfi (noun n.) [°-s] ‘[approval]...’ — ÓTOddS

leynd (noun f.) [°-ar; dat. -um] ‘[mysteries]...’ — ÓTOddS

leyndarhjal (noun n.)leyndar hial ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

leyni (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘[a secret]...’ — ÓTOddS, leynom ÓTOddS

leysa (verb) ‘release, loosen, redeem...’ — ÓTOddS

létta (verb) ‘to relieve, lighten...’ — ÓTOddS

léttr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘easy, light...’lett ÓTOddS

lið (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘retinue, troop...’ — ÓTOddS, liðe ÓTOddS, liðit ÓTOddS, liðs ÓTOddS, liþe ÓTOddS, liþsens ÓTOddS, liþz ÓTOddS

liðveizlumaðr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

lifa (verb) ‘live...’ — ÓTOddS

liggja (verb) ‘lie...’ — ÓTOddS

list (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘skill, art, virtue...’ — ÓTOddS

1lita (verb) ‘colour, stain...’ — ÓTOddS

1líða (verb) ‘move, glide...’ — ÓTOddS

líf (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘life...’ — ÓTOddS

2líka (adv.) ‘likewise, also...’ — ÓTOddS

línfé (noun n.)lin fe ÓTOddS

líta (verb) ‘look, see; appear...’ — ÓTOddS

lítill (adj.) [°lítinn] ‘little...’litil ÓTOddS, litill ÓTOddS, litinn ÓTOddS, litlo ÓTOddS, litlv ÓTOddS

lítillæti (noun n.) ‘humility...’ — ÓTOddS

lítilsverðr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

ljós (noun n.) [°ljóss; -] ‘light...’ — ÓTOddS

ljóss (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘bright...’lios ÓTOddS

loðkápa (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

lof (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘praise, leave, permission...’ — ÓTOddS

lofa (verb) ‘praise, permit...’ — ÓTOddS

loft (noun n.) ‘air, sky...’ — ÓTOddS

lund (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir/-ar(Rém 301³¹)] ‘mind, way...’lvnd ÓTOddS

lúðr (noun m.) [°lúðrs, dat. lúðri/-; lúðrar] ‘[flour-bin, vessel]...’ — ÓTOddS

lúsarskegg (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

lyfting (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -u, acc. -] ‘after-deck...’ — ÓTOddS

lygi (noun f.) [°-; -ar/-ir(Hem544 43¹⁰n.)] ‘lie...’ — ÓTOddS

Lygra (noun f.) [°-u] ‘lygra...’ — ÓTOddS

lýsari (noun m.) [°-a] ‘°(I) den der kaster lys (over ngt), ?lær...’lysari ÓTOddS

2læra (verb) ‘learned...’ — ÓTOddS

maðr (noun m.) ‘man, person...’ — ÓTOddS

makligr (adj.) ‘deserving...’ — ÓTOddS

manndómligr (adj.)manndomligra ÓTOddS

mannhætta (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

mannligr (adj.) ‘human...’ — ÓTOddS

mannspell (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

mansal (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

margbreytinn (adj./verb p.p.)margbreytnari ÓTOddS

margfalda (verb) ‘manifold...’ — ÓTOddS

2margr (adj.) [°-an] ‘many...’marga ÓTOddS, margan ÓTOddS, margir ÓTOddS, margra ÓTOddS, mart ÓTOddS, morgvm ÓTOddS, mꜹrgvm ÓTOddS

mark (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘sign...’ — ÓTOddS

marka (verb) ‘to draw, mark, carve...’ — ÓTOddS

matr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. -i/-; -ir] ‘food...’ — ÓTOddS

1mál (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘speech, matter...’mal ÓTOddS, mali ÓTOddS

máldagi (noun m.)maldaga ÓTOddS

málóði (adj.) — ÓTOddS

málsnjallr (adj.) ‘eloquent...’ — ÓTOddS

málstaðr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

málugr (adj.) [°málgan; superl. málgastr] ‘reticent...’malgir ÓTOddS

máttigr (adj.) [°compar. -ari/-ri, superl. -astr] ‘mighty...’matkvstv ÓTOddS, matvgr ÓTOddS

máttr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. mǽtti/mátt; mǽttir, dat. -um] ‘power...’ — ÓTOddS

með (prep.) ‘with...’ — ÓTOddS

meðan (conj.) ‘while...’ — ÓTOddS

mega (verb) ‘may, might...’ — ÓTOddS

1megin (noun n.) [°-s, dat. magni/megni/megin(HirðB 398¹⁹); -] ‘might, strength; very...’ — ÓTOddS, megni ÓTOddS

2megin (adv.) ‘(on the side)...’ — ÓTOddS

meiða (verb) ‘maim, wound...’ — ÓTOddS

meinalauss (adj.) ‘[sinlessly]...’meina lꜹs ÓTOddS

meingerð (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

meinsamligr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

meiri (adj. comp.) [°meiran; superl. mestr] ‘more, most...’meira ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS, mestan ÓTOddS, mesti ÓTOddS

meirr (adv.) ‘more...’ — ÓTOddS

merkja (verb) ‘mark, signify...’ — ÓTOddS

1messa (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘mass...’ — ÓTOddS

2meta (verb) ‘measure, value, assess...’ — ÓTOddS

metnuðr (noun m.) [°-aðar, dat. -aði] ‘pride, arrogance...’metnað ÓTOddS

miðr (adj.) ‘middle, less, hardly...’miðs ÓTOddS

mikill (adj.) [°mikinn] ‘great, large...’mikil ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS, mikille ÓTOddS, mikils ÓTOddS, mikin ÓTOddS, mikinn ÓTOddS, mikit ÓTOddS, mikla ÓTOddS, mikli ÓTOddS, miklo ÓTOddS

milli (prep.) ‘between...’ — ÓTOddS

millum (prep.) ‘between...’ — ÓTOddS

min (noun f.) [°-jar; -jar] ‘°minde (om ngn/ngt), erindring; ting som...’miniar ÓTOddS

minn (pron.) [°f. mín, n. mitt] ‘my...’ — ÓTOddS

1minna (verb) ‘remind, remember, recall...’ — ÓTOddS

1minni (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘memory...’ — ÓTOddS

3minni (adj. comp.) [°superl. minnstr] ‘less, least...’ — ÓTOddS, minztan ÓTOddS

minning (noun f.) ‘commemoration, remembrance...’ — ÓTOddS

minnka (verb) ‘diminish, decrease...’ — ÓTOddS

misbjóða (verb)misboðit ÓTOddS

misgera (verb) [°-rð-; præt. part. ·gert/gørt/gǫrt] ‘do wrongly...’ — ÓTOddS

misgerningr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

miskunn (noun f.) [°-ar; gen. -a] ‘forgiveness, mercy, grace...’ — ÓTOddS

mislíka (verb) — ÓTOddS

2missa (verb) ‘lose, lack...’ — ÓTOddS

missir (noun m.) ‘°tab, savn, afsavn...’missi ÓTOddS

misverki (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

mjǫk (adv.) ‘very, much...’ — ÓTOddS

morginn (noun m.) [°morgins, dat. morgni; morgnar] ‘morning...’ — ÓTOddS

morginsól (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

móðir (noun f.) ‘mother...’moðir ÓTOddS, moðr ÓTOddS, moðvr ÓTOddS, moþir ÓTOddS

2mót (noun n.) [°-s; dat. -um] ‘image...’ — ÓTOddS

munkr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘monk...’ — ÓTOddS

munu (verb) ‘will, must...’ — ÓTOddS

múgr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-] ‘°flok, hærskare, menneskeskare, folkemæn...’mugr ÓTOddS

1mæla (verb) ‘speak, say...’ — ÓTOddS

mœta (verb) ‘meet...’ — ÓTOddS

nafn (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘name...’ — ÓTOddS

nafni (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘namesake...’nafna ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

nauðakostr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

nauðsyn (noun f.) ‘need...’ — ÓTOddS

naust (noun n.) [°-s/-(Fær 137¹); -] ‘boathouse...’ — ÓTOddS

1 (verb) ‘reach, get, manage...’ — ÓTOddS

nálga (verb) ‘[draws near]...’ — ÓTOddS

náliga (adv.) — ÓTOddS

nátt (noun f.) [°náttar/nǽtr, dat. -/-u; nǽtr] ‘night...’ — ÓTOddS

neðarr (adv.) — ÓTOddS

neðri (adj. comp.) [°superl. neztr] ‘lower, lowest...’ — ÓTOddS

1neita (verb) ‘refuse...’ — ÓTOddS

2neita (verb) — ÓTOddS

1nema (verb) ‘to take...’ — ÓTOddS

2nema (conj.) ‘unless...’ — ÓTOddS

nenna (verb) ‘strive, be inclined...’ — ÓTOddS

nes (noun n.) [°-s; -, gen. -ja] ‘headland...’ — ÓTOddS

(conj.) ‘nor...’ — ÓTOddS

3niðr (adv.) ‘down...’ — ÓTOddS

njósn (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘°efterretning, budskab, bud, rygte, “nys...’ — ÓTOddS

norðan (adv.) ‘from the north...’ — ÓTOddS

Norðmaðr (noun m.) ‘Norwegian...’ — ÓTOddS

norrœnn (adj.) ‘[Norwegian]...’ — ÓTOddS

(adv.) ‘now...’ — ÓTOddS

nær (adv.) ‘near, almost; when...’ — ÓTOddS

næstum (adv.) — ÓTOddS

nøkkurr (pron.) ‘some, a certain...’ — ÓTOddS

1of (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘°stor/rigelig mængde (af ngn/ngt), overf...’ — ÓTOddS

ofan (adv.) ‘down...’ — ÓTOddS

ofanverðr (adj.) ‘[at end]...’ — ÓTOddS

1ok (noun n.) [°; -] ‘yoke...’ — ÓTOddS

3ok (conj.) ‘and, but; also...’ — ÓTOddS

opt (adv.) ‘often...’oft ÓTOddS

orð (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘word...’ — ÓTOddS

orðlof (noun n.) [°-s] ‘praise, fame...’orð lỏf ÓTOddS

orðsending (noun f.) ‘message...’ — ÓTOddS

orðstírr (noun m.) ‘glory...’ — ÓTOddS

ormr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘serpent...’Ormrinn ÓTOddS

orrusta (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘battle...’orostvnnar ÓTOddS

oxafótr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

óðal (noun n.) [°-s, dat. óð(a)li/óðrli; óðul, dat. óðlum/óðrlum] ‘(hereditary) property...’oðvlvm ÓTOddS

óeirðarmaðr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

óeirinn (adj.)veirinn ÓTOddS

ófallinn (adj./verb p.p.)ofallit ÓTOddS

ófriðarflokkr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

ófriðr (noun m.) ‘unrest...’ — ÓTOddS

ógá (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

óglíkr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

ógn (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘terror, battle...’ogn ÓTOddS, ognvm ÓTOddS

ógna (verb) — ÓTOddS

ógurliga (adv.) ‘[frighteningly]...’ — ÓTOddS

ógurligr (adj.) ‘horrible...’ — ÓTOddS

óhagligr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

óhamingja (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

óhreinn (adj.) — ÓTOddS

óleiðr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

óleyfi (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

ólið (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

ólifaðr (adj./verb p.p.) — ÓTOddS

ómakligr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

ómáttr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

ómerkiligr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

ómælandi (adj.) — ÓTOddS

ónýtr (adj.) ‘useless...’ — ÓTOddS

2ór (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

órræði (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

2órœkja (verb) — ÓTOddS

óskbarn (noun n.)osk barni ÓTOddS

óspakliga (adv.) — ÓTOddS

ótalligr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

ótrúleikr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

ótrúligr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

1ótta (noun f.) [°-u] ‘dawn...’ottv ÓTOddS

ótti (noun m.) [°-a] ‘fear...’ — ÓTOddS

óvarr (adj.) ‘unwary...’ — ÓTOddS, vvart ÓTOddS, vartt ÓTOddS

óvili (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

óvinr (noun m.) ‘enemy...’ — ÓTOddS

óvirðiligr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

óvirðing (noun f.) ‘dishonour...’ — ÓTOddS

óvígr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

óvænliga (adv.) — ÓTOddS

óynði (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

óþokki (noun m.)oþokka ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

óǫld (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

palmasunnudagr (noun m.)palmasvnno dege ÓTOddS

pell (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘velvet...’pellvm ÓTOddS

piliza (noun f.) [°; dat. -um] ‘°pelskåbe. korkåbe...’pilizum ÓTOddS

postuli (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘apostle...’postola ÓTOddS, postoli ÓTOddS

1prímsigna (verb) — ÓTOddS

prýða (verb) ‘adorn...’ — ÓTOddS

purpurakyrtill (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

rannsaka (verb) — ÓTOddS

rauðlitaðr (adj./verb p.p.) — ÓTOddS

rauðr (adj.) [°compar. -ari] ‘red...’rꜹðvm ÓTOddS

raun (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘ordeal, proof, experience...’ — ÓTOddS

ráð (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘advice, plan, control, power...’ — ÓTOddS

ráða (verb) ‘advise, rule, interpret, decide...’ — ÓTOddS

ráðahagr (noun m.) ‘state of life, marriage...’ — ÓTOddS

ráðfár (adj.)raðfat ÓTOddS

ráðsmaðr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

rámr (adj.)ramr ÓTOddS

ránsmaðr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

1reiða (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘chariot, equipment...’ — ÓTOddS

2reiði (noun f.) [°-] ‘anger...’ — ÓTOddS

4reiðr (adj.) [°superl. -astr] ‘angry...’reiðan ÓTOddS

2reisa (verb) ‘to raise, erect...’ — ÓTOddS

2reka (verb) ‘drive, force...’ — ÓTOddS

1rekkja (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘bed...’reckio ÓTOddS, rekia ÓTOddS, rekiom ÓTOddS

rekkjustokkr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

3renna (verb) ‘let run (weak)...’ — ÓTOddS

reyna (verb) ‘test, try, experience...’ — ÓTOddS

2reyra (verb) — ÓTOddS

1reyrr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -/-i] ‘°rørgræs, siv, tagrør...’reyri ÓTOddS

2reyrr (noun m.) ‘°stendynge...’reyr ÓTOddS

réttendi (noun n.) [°; -] ‘[justice]...’rettende ÓTOddS

rétthárr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

réttorðr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

1réttr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. -/-i; -ir, acc. -i/-u] ‘right, entitlement...’ — ÓTOddS

3réttr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘right, straight, direct...’retta ÓTOddS, rettara ÓTOddS, rettrar ÓTOddS

riðla (verb) — ÓTOddS

risi (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘[giant]...’ — ÓTOddS

1ríða (verb) ‘ride...’ — ÓTOddS

ríki (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘kingdom, power...’ — ÓTOddS

ríkja (verb) ‘rule...’ — ÓTOddS

ríkr (adj.) ‘mighty, powerful, rich...’rik ÓTOddS, rikastir ÓTOddS, rikr ÓTOddS, riks ÓTOddS

rísa (verb) ‘rise, raise...’ — ÓTOddS

rjúfa (verb) ‘break...’ — ÓTOddS

1róa (noun f.) ‘°ro, stilhed...’roa ÓTOddS

róðr (noun m.) [°róðrar, dat. róðri, acc. róðr/róð(BǫglEirsp 458²⁴)] ‘rowing-district, levy...’roðr ÓTOddS

rygskr (adj.)rygski ÓTOddS

1rœða (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘story, tale, speech...’reða ÓTOddS, ræðu ÓTOddS

2rœða (verb) ‘utter, speak...’ — ÓTOddS

rækja (verb) — ÓTOddS

rǫdd (noun f.) [°raddar, dat. -/u; raddir] ‘voice...’ — ÓTOddS

rǫnd (noun f.) [°dat. -/-u; rendr/randir] ‘shield, shield-rim...’ — ÓTOddS

rǫskr (adj.) ‘brave...’rỏskvi ÓTOddS

safna (verb) ‘gather...’ — ÓTOddS

safnaðarǫl (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

1saga (noun f.) [°*-u; *-ur] ‘story, saga...’ — ÓTOddS

1salr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -; dat. sǫlum] ‘hall...’salinn ÓTOddS

2sama (verb) ‘befit...’ — ÓTOddS

saman (adv.) ‘together...’ — ÓTOddS

sambera (verb) — ÓTOddS

samburðr (noun m.)sambvrð ÓTOddS

samfǫr (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

1sami (noun m.) [°-a] ‘°ære, hæder, værdighed; (om hvad det er ...’sáma ÓTOddS

samlag (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

sammœddr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

samnafni (noun m.) ‘[namesake]...’ — ÓTOddS

samr (adj.) [°compar. -ari] ‘same...’sama ÓTOddS

1samvista (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

2samþykki (noun n.) ‘concord...’ — ÓTOddS

2samþykkja (verb) — ÓTOddS

sandi (noun m.)sande ÓTOddS

1sanna (noun f.) [°;*-ur] ‘°(I) bevis...’sꜹnnvr ÓTOddS

2sanna (verb) ‘prove...’ — ÓTOddS

sannliga (adv.) ‘truly...’ — ÓTOddS

sannligr (adj.) ‘[indeed, True]...’ — ÓTOddS

2sannr (adj.) [°-an; compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘true...’saðr ÓTOddS, sana ÓTOddS, sanan ÓTOddS, satt ÓTOddS, sát ÓTOddS, sátt ÓTOddS, sỏn ÓTOddS, sonno ÓTOddS, sỏnnv ÓTOddS, sꜹn ÓTOddS, sꜹno ÓTOddS

1 (pron.) [°gen. þess, dat. þeim, acc. þann; f. sú, gen. þeirrar, acc. þá; n. þat, dat. því; pl. m. þeir, f. þǽ---] ‘that (one), those...’ — ÓTOddS

1sát (noun f.) [°; -ir] ‘°baghold...’ — ÓTOddS

segja (verb) ‘say, tell...’ — ÓTOddS

segl (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘sail...’ — ÓTOddS

seinn (adj.) [°seinan; compar. seinni, superl. seinstr/seinastr] ‘slow, late...’seinir ÓTOddS

sekr (adj.) [°-jan/-an] ‘guilty...’ — ÓTOddS

4selja (verb) ‘hand over, sell, give...’ — ÓTOddS

sem (conj.) ‘as, which...’ — ÓTOddS

senda (verb) ‘send...’ — ÓTOddS

senn (adv.) ‘at once...’ — ÓTOddS

1sess (noun m.) [°-, dat -/-i;n dat. -um] ‘seat, throne...’ — ÓTOddS

setja (verb) ‘place, set, establish...’ — ÓTOddS

siðr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. -/-i; -ir, acc. -u] ‘faith, morals...’sið ÓTOddS, siðenvm ÓTOddS, siðinvm ÓTOddS, siþ ÓTOddS, siþinn ÓTOddS, siþr ÓTOddS

siðvenja (noun f.) ‘custom...’ — ÓTOddS

2sigla (verb) ‘sail...’ — ÓTOddS

sigr (noun m.) [°sigrs/sigrar, dat. sigri; sigrar] ‘victory...’sigrs ÓTOddS

sigra (verb) ‘win, gain victory...’ — ÓTOddS

sigrmark (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

sik (pron.) [°gen. sín, dat. sér] ‘(refl. pron.)...’ — ÓTOddS

silkikyrtill (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

silkimǫttull (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

silkitreyja (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

2sinn (noun n.) [°?dat. -] ‘time...’sin ÓTOddS, sine ÓTOddS, sinne ÓTOddS

3sinn (pron.) [°f. sín, n. sitt] ‘(refl. poss. pron.)...’ — ÓTOddS

sitja (verb) ‘sit...’ — ÓTOddS

síbyrða (verb) — ÓTOddS

síðan (adv.) ‘later, then...’ — ÓTOddS

2síðr (adv.) ‘less, hardly...’ — ÓTOddS

síga (verb) ‘sink, slide, lower...’ — ÓTOddS

sjalfr (adj.) ‘self...’sialfir ÓTOddS, sialfr ÓTOddS, sialfra ÓTOddS

1sjá (pron.) [°gen. þessa dat. þessum/þeima, acc. þenna; f. sjá/þessi; n. þetta, dat. þessu/þvísa; pl. þessir] ‘this...’ — ÓTOddS

2sjá (verb) ‘see...’ — ÓTOddS

skaði (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘harm, damage...’skaða ÓTOddS

skammr (adj.) ‘short...’skamt ÓTOddS, skom ÓTOddS, skommo ÓTOddS

1skap (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘mind, fate...’ — ÓTOddS

skapari (noun m.) [°-a] ‘(the) creator...’skapara ÓTOddS

skapfelldr (adj./verb p.p.)skapfellt ÓTOddS

skarð (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘[clefts, a notch]...’ — ÓTOddS

skart (noun n.) [°-s] ‘splendours, finery...’skarti ÓTOddS

skattyrða (verb) — ÓTOddS

skáli (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘hall...’skala ÓTOddS

skegg (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘beard...’ — ÓTOddS

skemmtun (noun f.) [°-anar/-unar; -anir] ‘entertainment...’skemtan ÓTOddS

1skepja (verb) ‘create...’ — ÓTOddS

skera (verb) ‘cut...’ — ÓTOddS

skeyti (noun n.) [°; -] ‘arrow, missile...’skeytum ÓTOddS

skilnuðr (noun m.) [°-aðar, dat. -aði] ‘°det at skille ngt el. ngn ad, skel, del...’skilnvð ÓTOddS

skin (noun n.) [°-s] ‘gleam, shine...’ — ÓTOddS

skip (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘ship...’ — ÓTOddS

1skipa (verb) ‘change, place...’ — ÓTOddS

skipun (noun f.) [°-anar/-unar; -anir] ‘ship’s equipment, crew...’skipunvm ÓTOddS

skína (verb) ‘shine...’skein ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

skíra (verb) ‘baptise, purify...’ — ÓTOddS

skírgetinn (adj./verb p.p.)skirgettnir ÓTOddS

skírn (noun f.) [°-ar] ‘[baptism]...’scirnar ÓTOddS, skirn ÓTOddS

skírnarklæði (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

skjalfra (verb) — ÓTOddS

skjóta (verb) ‘shoot...’ — ÓTOddS

2skjótr (adj.) ‘quick(ly)...’skiot ÓTOddS, skiotast ÓTOddS, skiotr ÓTOddS, skiott ÓTOddS, skíott ÓTOddS

skot (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘shot...’skott ÓTOddS, skozins ÓTOddS

skógarnef (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

skógr (noun m.) [°-ar/-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘forest...’ — ÓTOddS

skrautligr (adj.) ‘fine, splendid...’ — ÓTOddS

skrokkr (noun m.) [°; -ar] ‘°krop, lig; (heiti; for mand) skrog, pjo...’skrokinum ÓTOddS

2skrýða (verb) ‘adorn, clothe...’ — ÓTOddS

skulu (verb) ‘shall, should, must...’ — ÓTOddS

skutstafn (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

skúfa (verb) — ÓTOddS

1skúta (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘boat...’skvta ÓTOddS

2skyldr (adj.) ‘obliged...’skylld ÓTOddS, skyllzt ÓTOddS

2skynda (verb) ‘rush, hasten...’ — ÓTOddS

skynja (verb) ‘learn, understand...’ — ÓTOddS

skynlauss (adj.) ‘[inanimate]...’ — ÓTOddS

skyti (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘°(bue)skytte; hvalfanger; (om stjernebil...’ — ÓTOddS

ský (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘cloud...’skyionvm ÓTOddS

skýrr (adj.) ‘clear...’skyro ÓTOddS, skyrꜹ ÓTOddS

skǫmm (noun f.) [°skammar; skammir] ‘shame...’skom ÓTOddS

skǫruliga (adv.) — ÓTOddS

2slá (verb) ‘strike, cut...’ — ÓTOddS

sleikja (verb) — ÓTOddS

sléttr (adj.) ‘level, smooth...’ — ÓTOddS

2slíkr (adj.) ‘such...’slikr ÓTOddS, slikt ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

slœgð (noun f.) [°-ar: -ir] ‘trick, sleight, slyness...’ — ÓTOddS

1slœgja (noun f.) ‘°fordel, nytte, vinding...’sløgia ÓTOddS

smámenni (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

smáskúta (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

smetta (noun f.) [°-u] ‘°snude...’smétta ÓTOddS

smiðr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar/-ir, acc. -a/-i/-u] ‘smithy, something crafted...’smiðnvm ÓTOddS

smíða (verb) ‘craft...’ — ÓTOddS

smíðarlýti (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

1snara (noun f.) [°*-u; *-ur] ‘°løkke, strikke (til hængning); (I) henr...’snorv ÓTOddS

snarr (adj.) ‘gallant, bold...’ — ÓTOddS

snákr (noun m.) ‘snake...’snakr ÓTOddS

snemma (adv.) ‘early...’ — ÓTOddS

snemmr (adj.) ‘soon, early...’snemt ÓTOddS

snúa (verb) ‘turn...’ — ÓTOddS

snúðr (noun m.) [°-ar; -ar] ‘fortune, favour...’snvðar ÓTOddS

snæða (verb) — ÓTOddS

sonr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. syni; synir, acc. sonu, syni] ‘son...’sỏn ÓTOddS, sona ÓTOddS, sono ÓTOddS, sonom ÓTOddS, sonvm ÓTOddS, syni ÓTOddS, synir ÓTOddS

sómahlutr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

sómi (noun m.) [°-a] ‘honour...’soma ÓTOddS

2spara (verb) ‘spare, withhold...’ — ÓTOddS

spádómr (noun m.) ‘[prophetic]...’spadomi ÓTOddS

spákona (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

spáleikr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

spáleiksandi (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

spásaga (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

spekð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘wisdom...’specð ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

speki (noun f.) [°-] ‘wisdom...’ — ÓTOddS

spenja (verb) ‘entice...’ — ÓTOddS

spor (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘track...’ — ÓTOddS

1spretta (verb) ‘spurt, spring...’ — ÓTOddS

spurning (noun f.) [°-ar, dat./acc. -u; -ar] ‘°spørgsmål, spørgen, forespørgsel; (om g...’spvrningo ÓTOddS

spyrja (verb) [spurði] ‘ask; hear, find out...’ — ÓTOddS

1staðr (noun m.) [°-ar/-s; -ir] ‘place...’ — ÓTOddS

stafa (verb) — ÓTOddS

stafkarl (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

stafkarlabúningr (noun m.)stafkarla bvninge ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

stallr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘seat, stall, support...’stall ÓTOddS

stamr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

standa (verb) ‘stand...’ — ÓTOddS

2steðja (verb) ‘stop, place...’ — ÓTOddS

2stefna (verb) ‘aim, summon...’ — ÓTOddS

steinn (noun m.) [°steins; steinar] ‘stone, colour...’steini ÓTOddS, steininom ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

sterkleikr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

sterkliga (adv.) — ÓTOddS

steypa (verb) ‘throw down, cast off...’ — ÓTOddS

stirðna (verb) ‘[becomes difficult]...’ — ÓTOddS

stíga (verb) ‘step...’ — ÓTOddS

stjórn (noun f.) [°-ar; dat. -um] ‘steering, leadership, rudder...’stiorn ÓTOddS

stjórnarmaðr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

stjúpmœðrasaga (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

stoða (verb) ‘to stay, support, back...’ — ÓTOddS

1stóll (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘seat, throne...’stoli ÓTOddS

stórmálugr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

stórmenni (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

stórmerki (noun n.) ‘great feat...’ — ÓTOddS

stórr (adj.) ‘large, great...’ — ÓTOddS

stórráðr (adj.) ‘ambitious...’ — ÓTOddS

stórskip (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

stórtákn (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

stórvirki (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

strandhǫgg (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

2stríð (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘affliction...’striðe ÓTOddS

strǫnd (noun f.) [°strandar, dat. -u/-; strandir/strendr] ‘beach, shore...’strandar ÓTOddS

stulðr (noun m.) [°dat. -; -ir] ‘[theft]...’stvlðe ÓTOddS

stund (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -u/-; -ir] ‘time, hour...’stundina ÓTOddS, stvnd ÓTOddS

2styðja (verb) ‘protect, support...’ — ÓTOddS

stynr (noun m.) [°dat. -; -ir] ‘°støn, stønnen...’styn ÓTOddS

styrjǫld (noun f.) [°-aldar; -aldir] ‘conflict, war, battle...’styriold ÓTOddS

styrkja (verb) ‘strengthen, assist...’ — ÓTOddS

1styrkr (noun m.) [°-s/-jar, dat. -; -ir] ‘strength...’styrk ÓTOddS

styrma (verb) — ÓTOddS

stýra (verb) ‘steer, control...’ — ÓTOddS

2støkkva (verb) — ÓTOddS

sumar (noun n.) [°-s; sumur/sumar] ‘summer...’sumarit ÓTOddS, svmarit ÓTOddS, svmri ÓTOddS

sumarávǫxtr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

2sumr (pron.) ‘some...’ — ÓTOddS

sund (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘sound, strait; swimming...’svnd ÓTOddS

sundr (adv.) ‘(a)sunder...’ — ÓTOddS

svara (verb) ‘answer...’ — ÓTOddS

svarabróðir (noun m.)svara broðer ÓTOddS

svá (adv.) ‘so, thus...’ — ÓTOddS

sveinn (noun m.) [°sveins; sveinar] ‘boy, servant, attendant...’svein ÓTOddS, sveininn ÓTOddS, sveininom ÓTOddS, sveininvm ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS, sveinnin ÓTOddS, sveins ÓTOddS, sveinsins ÓTOddS

4sveipa (verb) — ÓTOddS

svigi (noun m.) [°-a; dat. -um] ‘[bushwood]...’sviga ÓTOddS

1svik (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘deceit, treachery; poison...’ — ÓTOddS, svikum ÓTOddS

svíi (noun m.) [°; -ar] ‘°svensker...’Svia ÓTOddS

svínahús (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

2svívirða (verb) — ÓTOddS

sýn (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘sight...’ — ÓTOddS

sýna (verb) ‘show, seem...’ — ÓTOddS

1sýsla (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘work, job...’syslor ÓTOddS

sœkja (verb) ‘seek, attack...’ — ÓTOddS

sœmð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘honour...’semð ÓTOddS, semþ ÓTOddS

sœmiliga (adv.) — ÓTOddS

2sæta (verb) ‘mean, signify...’ — ÓTOddS

2sæti (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘seat...’ — ÓTOddS

sœtr (adj.) ‘sweet...’ — ÓTOddS

sætt (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘settlement...’sett ÓTOddS, sættar ÓTOddS

sætta (verb) ‘reconcile, settle...’ — ÓTOddS

sættir (noun m.) ‘reconciler...’ — ÓTOddS

sǫgn (noun f.) [°sagnar; sagnir] ‘narrative, message; troop, men...’sỏgnina ÓTOddS

sǫk (noun f.) [°sakar; sakar/sakir] ‘cause, offence...’ — ÓTOddS

1søkkva (verb) ‘sink, strong intrans....’ — ÓTOddS

2søkkva (verb) ‘sink, weak trans....’ — ÓTOddS

sǫngr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -vi/-; -var] ‘song...’sỏngvm ÓTOddS

sǫnnun (noun f.) [°-ar; -ar] ‘°bevis, bekræftelse, stadfæstelse; påsta...’sỏnvnar ÓTOddS

2taka (verb) ‘take...’ — ÓTOddS

tal (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘talk, speech; number...’ — ÓTOddS

3tala (verb) ‘speak, talk...’ — ÓTOddS

tannfé (noun n.)tann fe ÓTOddS

tákn (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘token...’taknvm ÓTOddS

1tál (noun f.) [°-ar; -ar] ‘deceit...’tal ÓTOddS, tálar ÓTOddS, tálvm ÓTOddS

tár (noun n.) [°; -] ‘tear...’tarom ÓTOddS

telja (verb) ‘tell, count...’ — ÓTOddS

teygja (verb) ‘lead, entice...’ — ÓTOddS

til (prep.) ‘to...’ — ÓTOddS

tilfang (noun n.)til fỏngvm ÓTOddS

tilgerningr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

tillag (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

tilskipun (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

tiltœki (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

timbra (verb) — ÓTOddS

1tíð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘time...’tið ÓTOddS, tiðer ÓTOddS, tiðum ÓTOddS, tiþ ÓTOddS

tíðendi (noun n.) [°; -] ‘news...’tiðenda ÓTOddS, tiðende ÓTOddS, tiþende ÓTOddS

tíginligr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

tíginn (adj./verb p.p.) ‘noble...’tigins ÓTOddS

tígnarklæði (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

tíguligr (adj.) ‘[magnificent]...’tiguli ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

tími (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘time...’ — ÓTOddS

tjald (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘tent, awning...’tiolld ÓTOddS

torfengr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

torsóttr (adj./verb p.p.) — ÓTOddS

toti (noun m.) [°-a]tota ÓTOddS

1trana (noun f.) [°*-u; *-ur] ‘°trane; (om skib)...’Trꜹnona ÓTOddS

1trani (noun m.) [°-a] ‘°(om skib)...’Tranann ÓTOddS

trapiza (noun f.) [°-u] ‘°anretterbord, (lille) bord (til at stil...’trapizv ÓTOddS

traust (noun n.) [°-s/-] ‘support, protection...’trꜹst ÓTOddS, trꜹsti ÓTOddS

trefill (noun m.) [°; gen. trefla] ‘°trevl, las, ?strimmel...’ — ÓTOddS

tré (noun n.) [°-s; tré/trjó, gen. trjá, dat. trjóm/trjám] ‘tree...’triam ÓTOddS

troða (verb) ‘tread...’ — ÓTOddS

troll (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘troll...’trꜹll ÓTOddS

trollagangr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

trú (noun f.) [°-ar] ‘faith, belief...’truar ÓTOddS, trv ÓTOddS, trvna ÓTOddS

2trúa (verb) ‘to believe (in)...’ — ÓTOddS, trva ÓTOddS, tryðe ÓTOddS

trúarmaðr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

trúlyndr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

trúr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘faithful...’trvt ÓTOddS, trvtt ÓTOddS

tveir (num. cardinal) ‘two...’ — ÓTOddS

tvennr (adj.) ‘two...’tvennir ÓTOddS

tvisvar (adv.) ‘[Two, twice]...’ — ÓTOddS

tvívegis (adv.) — ÓTOddS

týna (verb) ‘lose, destroy...’ — ÓTOddS

tœla (verb) — ÓTOddS

ullhvítr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

umbúð (noun f.) ‘preparation, outfit ...’vmbvð ÓTOddS

1umsát (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

umsýsla (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

undankváma (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

undanlausn (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

undir (prep.) ‘under...’ — ÓTOddS

undirhyggja (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

undirrót (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

undra (verb) ‘be surprised, amazed...’ — ÓTOddS

ungr (adj.) ‘young...’vngr ÓTOddS

2unz (conj.) ‘until...’ — ÓTOddS

upp (adv.) ‘up...’ — ÓTOddS

upphaf (noun n.) ‘beginning...’ — ÓTOddS

upphaldsmaðr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

upplenzkr (adj.) ‘[Oppland]...’ — ÓTOddS

uppreist (noun f.) ‘success, improvement ...’ — ÓTOddS

út (adv.) ‘out(side)...’ — ÓTOddS

útan (prep.) ‘outside, without...’ — ÓTOddS

útganga (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

útibúr (noun n.)ti bvri ÓTOddS

1vaka (noun f.) [°*-u; *-ur] ‘[vigil]...’vokv ÓTOddS

vakna (verb) ‘wake, awake...’ — ÓTOddS

vald (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘strength, power...’valld ÓTOddS, vallde ÓTOddS

vanbúinn (adj./verb p.p.)van bvinn ÓTOddS

vanstilla (verb) — ÓTOddS

2vanstilli (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

3vara (verb) — ÓTOddS

varðveita (verb) ‘[preserve]...’ — ÓTOddS

varliga (adv.) ‘barely...’ — ÓTOddS

vaskleikr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

vatn (noun n.) [°-s; -*] ‘water, lake...’vatni ÓTOddS, vatnino ÓTOddS, vaz ÓTOddS, vazins ÓTOddS, vỏtn ÓTOddS

vaxa (verb) ‘grow, increase...’ — ÓTOddS

vábœli (noun n.)vabølvm ÓTOddS

ván (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -/-u; -ir] ‘hope, expectation...’van ÓTOddS, vỏn ÓTOddS

vándr (adj.) ‘wicked...’vandom ÓTOddS

vápn (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘weapon...’vapn ÓTOddS, vapna ÓTOddS, vapnum ÓTOddS, vapnvm ÓTOddS

vápna (verb) — ÓTOddS

vápnaburðr (noun m.)vapna bvrðr ÓTOddS

vára (verb) — ÓTOddS

várr (pron.) [°f. ór/vár; pl. órir/várir] ‘our...’ — ÓTOddS

vátr (adj.) ‘wet...’vát ÓTOddS

váveifliga (adv.) — ÓTOddS

veðja (verb) ‘[bet]...’ — ÓTOddS

2veðr (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘weather, wind, storm...’ — ÓTOddS

1vega (verb) ‘strike, slay...’ — ÓTOddS

2vega (verb) ‘lift, weigh...’ — ÓTOddS

1vegr (noun m.) [°-s/-ar, dat. -i/-; -ar/-ir, gen. -a/-na, acc. -a/-i/-u] ‘way, path, side...’ — ÓTOddS

2vegr (noun m.) [°-s/-ar, dat. -] ‘honour...’veg ÓTOddS

veiða (verb) ‘hunt, catch...’ — ÓTOddS

veina (verb) — ÓTOddS

2veita (verb) ‘grant, give...’ — ÓTOddS

veizla (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘[banquet]...’veizlo ÓTOddS

1vekja (verb) ‘awaken, rouse...’ — ÓTOddS

vel (adv.) ‘well, very...’ — ÓTOddS

veldi (noun n.) ‘realm...’velde ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS, veldis ÓTOddS, velldi ÓTOddS

velgerningr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

2venda (verb) ‘roll, turn...’ — ÓTOddS

venzl (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°forpligtende forhold (især pga. slægtsk...’ — ÓTOddS

2vera (verb) ‘be, is, was, were, are, am...’ — ÓTOddS

1verða (verb) ‘become, be...’ — ÓTOddS

verðkaup (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

4verja (verb) ‘?...’ — ÓTOddS

verk (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘deed...’ — ÓTOddS, verkvm ÓTOddS

verkfœrr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

verkkaup (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

2vers (noun n.) [°vers; -] ‘[verse]...’verss ÓTOddS

vestrland (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

vetr (noun m.) [°vetrar/vetrs(HómHauksb³ 173²³), dat. vetri; vetr] ‘winter...’ — ÓTOddS, vetrinn ÓTOddS, vétr ÓTOddS

vélræði (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

vér (pron.) [°gen. vár, dat./acc. oss] ‘we, us, our...’ — ÓTOddS

2við (prep.) ‘with, against...’ — ÓTOddS

1viða (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘°mast og/eller rå, forhøjning ved mast; ...’viðvm ÓTOddS

viðarrót (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

1viðrtaka (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

vilð (noun f.) [°-ar; dat. -um] ‘[wish, goodwill]...’villd ÓTOddS

vili (noun m.) [°-ja] ‘will, wish...’vilia ÓTOddS

vilja (verb) ‘want, intend...’ — ÓTOddS

1villa (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘error...’villom ÓTOddS

2villa (verb) ‘lead astray, lead...’ — ÓTOddS

vináttumál (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

vinðaskip (noun n.)Vinða skipit ÓTOddS

vinðasnekkja (noun f.)Vinda snekivr ÓTOddS, Vinða sneckian ÓTOddS

vinðverskr (adj.) ‘[Wendish]...’vindverska ÓTOddS

vingun (noun f.) [°-anar/-unar] ‘[friendship]...’vingan ÓTOddS

2vinna (verb) ‘perform, work...’ — ÓTOddS

vinr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. -/(-i OsvReyk 92.17); -ir] ‘friend...’vin ÓTOddS, vinar ÓTOddS, vini ÓTOddS, vinir ÓTOddS

vinskapr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

2virða (verb) ‘value, appraise...’ — ÓTOddS

virðiliga (adv.) — ÓTOddS

virðiligr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

virðing (noun f.) [°-ar] ‘honour...’uirðingvm ÓTOddS

virðuligr (adj.) ‘[worthy]...’ — ÓTOddS

virkð (noun f.) [°; -ir] ‘[affectionate, very]...’ — ÓTOddS, virkt ÓTOddS

vist (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘abode, lodging, provisions...’vistar ÓTOddS, vister ÓTOddS, vistin ÓTOddS

2vit (pron.) ‘we two...’ — ÓTOddS

vitja (verb) ‘visit...’ — ÓTOddS

vitorð (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

vitr (adj.) ‘wise...’ — ÓTOddS

2vitra (verb) ‘appear, reveal...’ — ÓTOddS

1víða (adv.) ‘widely...’ — ÓTOddS

víggyrðla (verb) — ÓTOddS

vígkœnn (adj.) — ÓTOddS

víkingr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘viking...’vikinga ÓTOddS, vikingvm ÓTOddS

vínber (noun n.)vin berium ÓTOddS

víngarðr (noun m.) ‘[a vineyard]...’ — ÓTOddS

vínviðr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

2vísa (verb) ‘show...’ — ÓTOddS

vænn (adj.) ‘beautiful, expected...’ — ÓTOddS

2vætt (noun n.) ‘°låg...’vettið ÓTOddS

vætta (verb) ‘expect...’ — ÓTOddS

vǫllr (noun m.) [°vallar, dat. velli; vellir acc. vǫllu/velli] ‘plain, field...’velli ÓTOddS, vellinom ÓTOddS

vǫrðr (noun m.) [°varðar, dat. verði/vǫrð; verðir, acc. vǫrðu] ‘guardian, defender...’verðer ÓTOddS, vỏrð ÓTOddS

vǫrn (noun f.) [°varnar; varnir] ‘defence...’vornin ÓTOddS

vǫrnuðr (noun m.) [°varnaðar, dat. varnaði] ‘[a warning]...’varnaðar ÓTOddS

vǫxtr (noun m.) [°vaxtar, dat. vexti; vextir, acc. vǫxtu] ‘[growth]...’voxt ÓTOddS

yðvarr (pron.) [°f. yður; pl. yðrir] ‘your...’ — ÓTOddS

yfir (prep.) ‘over...’ — ÓTOddS

yfirkoma (verb) — ÓTOddS

yfirkonungr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

yfirlæti (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

ygla (verb) ‘become fierce...’ — ÓTOddS

ylma (verb) — ÓTOddS

yrmlingr (noun m.) [°; -ar] ‘°lille orm...’yrmling ÓTOddS

ýfa (verb) — ÓTOddS

ýling (noun f.) [°dat. -u; -ar] ‘°hylen, skrigen, (højlydt) klage...’ylingv ÓTOddS

ýmiss (adj.) ‘various, alternate...’ — ÓTOddS

ýr (noun m.) ‘yew, yew-bow, bow...’ — ÓTOddS

þaðan (adv.) ‘from there...’ — ÓTOddS

þambaskelmir (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

þangat (adv.) ‘there, thither...’ — ÓTOddS

þangatkváma (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

þannig (adv.) ‘thus, there, that way...’ — ÓTOddS

þar (adv.) ‘there...’ — ÓTOddS

þarvist (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

2þá (adv.) ‘then...’ — ÓTOddS

þegar (adv.) ‘at once, then...’ — ÓTOddS

2þekja (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

þiggja (verb) ‘receive, get...’ — ÓTOddS

þinn (pron.) [°f. þín, n. þitt] ‘your...’ — ÓTOddS

þjá (verb) ‘enslave, torture...’ — ÓTOddS

þjóð (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -/-u; -ir] ‘people...’þioðvm ÓTOddS, þioþvm ÓTOddS

þjóðleið (noun f.) — ÓTOddS

þjóna (verb) ‘serve...’ — ÓTOddS

þjónun (noun f.) [°-unar] ‘°tjeneste, tjenstvillighed, underdanighe...’þionan ÓTOddS

þola (verb) ‘suffer, endure...’ — ÓTOddS

þorp (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘village...’ — ÓTOddS

þó (adv.) ‘though...’þott ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

þrágjarn (adj.) — ÓTOddS

þreyta (verb) ‘prolong, strive...’ — ÓTOddS

þriði (num. ordinal) ‘third...’ — ÓTOddS

þriðjungr (noun m.) [°dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘°(sands. fejl for þrítíðungr sb. m.); tr...’þriðivnge ÓTOddS

þrjóta (verb) [str. 2; þrýtr, þraut, þrutu, þrotinn] ‘end, fail...’ — ÓTOddS

þrútuligr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

þrysvar (adv.) ‘three times, thrice...’ — ÓTOddS

þræll (noun m.) [°þrǽls, dat. þrǽli/þrǽl; þrǽlar] ‘slave, servant...’þrels ÓTOddS

1þræta (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘quarrel...’þretv ÓTOddS

2þræta (verb) ‘argue...’ — ÓTOddS

þrøngva (verb) ‘press, throng...’ — ÓTOddS

þungi (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘°tyngde, vægt, kraft, styrke; (om tung g...’þvnga ÓTOddS

þungr (adj.) ‘heavy...’þung ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

2þurfa (verb) ‘need, be necessary...’ — ÓTOddS

þú (pron.) [°gen. þín, dat. þér, acc. þik] ‘you...’ — ÓTOddS

1þverra (verb) ‘diminish...’ — ÓTOddS

3þverra (verb) ‘-rð-...’ — ÓTOddS

þvertré (noun n.) — ÓTOddS

því (adv.) ‘therefore, because...’þvi ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

2þykkja (verb) ‘seem, think...’ — ÓTOddS

2þykkr (adj.) ‘thick...’þiokvm ÓTOddS, ÓTOddS

þyss (noun m.) [°-] ‘[tumult]...’ — ÓTOddS

3þýða (verb) — ÓTOddS

þýðverskr (adj.) ‘°tysk, fra Tyskland...’ — ÓTOddS

þægiligr (adj.) ‘[pleasing]...’ — ÓTOddS

þǫkk (noun f.) [°þakkar; þakkar/þakkir] ‘thanks...’þackir ÓTOddS, þock ÓTOddS

2æ (adv.) ‘always, forever...’ — ÓTOddS

2æðra (verb) — ÓTOddS

œgja (verb) ‘terrify...’ — ÓTOddS

œrinn (adj.) ‘ample, sufficient...’ — ÓTOddS

œskiligr (adj.) — ÓTOddS

œskualdr (noun m.) — ÓTOddS

ætla (verb) ‘intend, mean, think...’ — ÓTOddS

ættland (noun n.) ‘ancestral land...’ — ÓTOddS

ǫmbun (noun f.) [°ambanar/ambunar/ǫmbunar; ambanir/ǫmbunir/ǫmbunar] ‘°belønning (for ngt), løn (som fortjent)...’ꜹmvnom ÓTOddS

2ǫnd (noun f.) [°andar, dat. ǫnd/ǫndu; andir] ‘soul, breath...’anda ÓTOddS

ǫr (noun f.) [°dat. -/-u; ǫrvar/ǫrar] ‘arrow...’ꜹrum ÓTOddS

1ørendi (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘errand, news...’erende ÓTOddS, ærende ÓTOddS

ørkumla (verb) — ÓTOddS

ørvasa (adj.) — ÓTOddS

ørvæna (adj.) — ÓTOddS

unlemmatised words — .viii. ⸢fylkia (ÓTOddS); battnaðar (ÓTOddS); beglino (ÓTOddS); brún (ÓTOddS); bunaðrin (ÓTOddS); bvnað (ÓTOddS); bvnaðe (ÓTOddS); drengskap (ÓTOddS); dyðrill (ÓTOddS); einhveriom (ÓTOddS); eisill (ÓTOddS); farreðe (ÓTOddS); fiðrinv (ÓTOddS); firra (ÓTOddS); fletta (ÓTOddS); floti (ÓTOddS); flottanvm (ÓTOddS); forvitra (ÓTOddS); fótr (ÓTOddS); friðr (ÓTOddS); fullz (ÓTOddS); fvlla (ÓTOddS); gagn (ÓTOddS); gagni (ÓTOddS); geit (ÓTOddS); gera (ÓTOddS); gruna (ÓTOddS); harmsǫk (ÓTOddS); hegr (ÓTOddS); heimsliga (ÓTOddS); herbvnað (ÓTOddS); hernaðe (ÓTOddS); heyra (ÓTOddS); hœfa (ÓTOddS); hof (ÓTOddS); hǫfðingjaskifti (ÓTOddS); hǫfuðssmiðr (ÓTOddS); horfa (ÓTOddS); hó (ÓTOddS); hugga (ÓTOddS); hvárki (ÓTOddS); hver (ÓTOddS); hvíglíkr (ÓTOddS); hylla (ÓTOddS); ifa (ÓTOddS); inn (ÓTOddS); ivanligan (ÓTOddS); í (ÓTOddS); játa (ÓTOddS); krapti (ÓTOddS); kraptr (ÓTOddS); kýr (ÓTOddS); leiða (ÓTOddS); lesti (ÓTOddS); leyna (ÓTOddS); ljósta (ÓTOddS); loftsmegin (ÓTOddS); lúka (ÓTOddS); megn (ÓTOddS); mýkva (ÓTOddS); ok (ÓTOddS); olmvsvr (ÓTOddS); orðaskifti (ÓTOddS); orski (ÓTOddS); óvitandi (ÓTOddS); sax (ÓTOddS); siar (ÓTOddS); sifiar (ÓTOddS); sionvm (ÓTOddS); sióin (ÓTOddS); skifta (ÓTOddS); skilja (ÓTOddS); skiptom (ÓTOddS); skiptvm (ÓTOddS); skorta (ÓTOddS); skurðguð (ÓTOddS); skvti (ÓTOddS); skýla (ÓTOddS); slevan (ÓTOddS); stig (ÓTOddS); svelta (ÓTOddS); svíkva (ÓTOddS); sýkva (ÓTOddS); trvaða (ÓTOddS); trvnad (ÓTOddS); tulka (ÓTOddS); tvítugssessa (ÓTOddS); um (ÓTOddS); ummæli (ÓTOddS); undan (ÓTOddS); unna (ÓTOddS); útlagr (ÓTOddS); vallgróa (ÓTOddS); varla (ÓTOddS); vefja (ÓTOddS); vegsama (ÓTOddS); vegssamliga (ÓTOddS); verðan (ÓTOddS); vertt (ÓTOddS); verþr (ÓTOddS); vesell (ÓTOddS); vita (ÓTOddS); vitni (ÓTOddS); vittni (ÓTOddS); víkva (ÓTOddS); víss (ÓTOddS); vndr (ÓTOddS); vndran (ÓTOddS); þakka (ÓTOddS); þvilika (ÓTOddS); þvíglíkr (ÓTOddS); ætlan (ÓTOddS)


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