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Whaley, Diana (15)

Diana Whaley

1991. Heimskringla: An Introduction

1993a. Nicknames and Narratives in the Sagas

1993b. Skalds and Situational Verses in Heimskringla

1998. The Poetry of Arnórr jarlaskáld: An Edition and Study

1999. Heimskringla

2000. Myth and Religion in the Poetry of a Reluctant Convert

2001. Representations of Skalds in the Sagas 1: Social and Professional Relations

2002. Sagas of Warrior-Poets

2002. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages. Editors’ Manual

2003. The “Conversion Verses” in Hallfreðar saga: Authentic Voice of a Reluctant Christian?

2005a. Skaldic Poetry

2005b. The Semantics of stöng/stang

2006. Skaldic Flexibility: Discourse Features in Eleventh-Century Encomia

2007. Reconstructing Skaldic Encomia: Discourse Features in Þjóðólfr’s “Magnús verses”

2017. A Far-travelled Word: Old Norse skeið ‘Racecourse, Running Track’ in Early Literature and Place-names

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