Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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TCD MS 1027x (1027x)

paper; c1700-1800;

Some of the information in this record derives from Stories for all time (FASNL)

Trinity College Dublin

contents from the ONP and skaldic databases:

Hávamál 13r-33v
Vafþrúðnismál 34r-41v
Grímnismál 42r-51r
Skírnismál 52r-59r
Hárbarðsljóð 60r-67r
Lokasenna 68r-78r
Þrymskviða 79r-84v
Hymiskviða 85r-91r
Völundarkviða 92r-99v
Alvíssmál 100r-105r
Baldrs draumar 106r-109r
Fjölsvinnsmál 110r-115v
Hyndluljóð 116r-124v
Grógaldr 125r-127r
Sólarljóð 128r-138v
Gróttasöngur 139v-144r
Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks 145r-156r
Helga kviða Hundingsbana I 157r-167v
Helga kviða Hundingsbana II 168r-179v
Helga kviða Hjörvarðssonar 180r-190r
Frá dauða Sinfjötla 190r-230r
Helreið Brynhildar 231r-233r
Sigurðarkviða hin skamma 234r-239v
Atlakviða 240r-248r
Sigurðarkviða hin skamma 249r-255r
Guðrúnarkviða I 256r-268r
Guðrúnarhvöt 269r-273r
Hamðismál 274r-279v
Atlamál 280r-297v
Oddrúnargrátur 298r-304r
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