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Data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas

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indexed kennings:
Bragi Rdr 1III: þjófs Þrúðar, ‘of the thief of Þrúðr <goddess>, ’
Skarp Lv 11V (Nj 44): kindar mellu, ‘of the offspring of the giantess, ’
Þjóð Haustl 13III: Finns fjalla. ‘of the Finnr <Saami> of the mountains. ’
Þjóð Haustl 14III: b*ǫr hellis haugs Grjótúna. ‘the tree of the cave of the mound of Grjótún. ’
Þjóð Haustl 16III: solgnum dolgi manna; ‘the greedy enemy of men; ’
Þjóð Haustl 16III: vátt vagna myrkbeins reinar Haka ‘the knower of killer whales of the dark bone of the land of Haki <sea-king> ’
Þjóð Haustl 17III: gæti bjarga; ‘of the guardian of the rocks; ’
Þjóð Haustl 17III: Hraundrengr ‘The rock-gentleman ’
Þjóð Haustl 18III: bolm fjalfrs ólágra gjalfra ‘the bear of the hiding-place of not low roaring waters ’
Þjóð Haustl 18III: gramr grundar gilja ‘the ruler of the land of ravines ’
Þjóð Haustl 19III: heimþingaðar herju Vingnis ‘of the home-visitor of the female follower of Vingnir <giant> ’

Runic data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas, Uppsala universitet, unless otherwise stated