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Turville-Petre, Gabriel (13)

Gabriel Turville-Petre

1951a. The Heroic Age of Scandinavia

1951b. Thurstable

1953. Origins of Icelandic Literature

1956. Hervarar saga ok Heidreks

1960. Víga-Glúms saga

1964. Myth and Religion of the North

1968. Haraldr the Hard-ruler and his Poets: The Dorothea Coke Memorial Lecture in Northern Studies delivered at University College London, 1 December 1966

1969. Scaldic Poetry: History and Literature

1971. Dróttkvætt and Irish Syllabic Measures

1972a. Nine Norse Studies

1972b. Dreams in Icelandic Tradition

1972c. The Cult of Óðinn in Iceland

1976. Scaldic Poetry

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