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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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R. D. Fulk (RDF) - 239

Prof. R. D. Fulk (RDF)

R. D. Fulk is Class of 1964 Chancellor’s Professor Emeritus of English and Adjunct Professor Emeritus of Germanic Studies at Indiana University. Among his recent publications are A Comparative Grammar of the Early Germanic Languages (Amsterdam, 2018), (with Michael Adams and Laurel Brinton, edd.) Studies in the History of the English Language VI: Evidence and Method in Histories of English (Berlin, 2014), An Introductory Grammar of Old English (Tempe, 2014), (with Christopher M. Cain) A History of Old English Literature (2nd ed., Chichester, 2013), An Introduction to Middle English (Peterborough, Ont., 2012), (with Stefan Jurasinski) The Old English Canons of Theodore (Oxford, 2012), (with Richard M. Hogg) A Grammar of Old English, Vol. 2: Morphology (Chichester, 2011), The Beowulf Manuscript: Complete Texts and The Fight at Finnsburg (Cambridge, Mass., 2010), and (with Robert E. Bjork and John D. Niles, edd.) Klaeber’s Beowulf and The Fight at Finnsburg (Toronto, 2008).

allocated stanzas by volume:
Vol. I: 126
Vol. III: 13
Vol. V: 90

poems and verse groups:
Anonymous Lausavísur, Lausavísa from Fóstbræðra saga
Anonymous Lausavísur, Lausavísur from Njáls saga
Anonymous Poems, Poem about the Phoenix
Anonymous Poems, Darraðarljóð
Anonymous Poems, Eiríksmál
Anonymous Poems, Oddmjór
Atli litli, Poem about Óláfr kyrri
Ásgrímr Jónsson, Lausavísa
Einarr skálaglamm Helgason, Haraldsdrápa blátannar
Erringar-Steinn, Lausavísa
Eyvindr skáldaspillir Finnsson, Hákonarmál
Gunnarr Hámundarson, Lausavísur
Gunnhildr konungamóðir, Lausavísa
Hallgrímr, Fragment
Haraldr hárfagri Hálfdanarson, Lausavísa
Hákon inn góði Haraldsson, Lausavísa
Kári Sǫlmundarson, Lausavísur
Móðólfr Ketilsson, Lausavísa
Óláfr svartaskáld Leggsson, Hákonardrápa
Óláfr svartaskáld Leggsson, Skúladrápa
Óttarr svarti, Lausavísur
Sigmundr Lambason, Lausavísur
Sigvatr Þórðarson, Austrfararvísur
Sigvatr Þórðarson, Lausavísur
Skarpheðinn Njálsson, Lausavísur
Skáldþórir, Lausavísa
Snorri goði Þorgrímsson, Lausavísa
Steinunn Refs (Dálks)dóttir, Lausavísur
Steinþórr, Fragment
Styrkárr Oddason, Fragment
Svanr á Svanshóli, Lausavísa
Unnr Marðardóttir, Lausavísur
Úlfr Uggason, Lausavísa
Vetrliði Sumarliðason, Lausavísa
Þjóðólfr ór Hvini, Lausavísur
Þjóðólfr ór Hvini, Poem about Haraldr hárfagri
Þorbjǫrn hornklofi, Haraldskvæði (Hrafnsmál)
Þorkell elfaraskáld, Lausavísa
Þorkell klyppr Þórðarson, Lausavísa
Þormóðr Kolbrúnarskáld, Lausavísur
Þormóðr Kolbrúnarskáld, Lausavísur
Þormóðr Kolbrúnarskáld, Þorgeirsdrápa
Þormóðr Óláfsson, Lausavísa
Þorvaldr veili, Lausavísa
Þórhildr skáldkona, Kviðlingr
Þráinn Sigfússon, Lausavísa

other individual stanzas:

prose works:
Fóstbrœðra saga
Haralds þáttr hárfagra
Hauks þáttr hábrókar
Njáls saga
Sigurðar þáttr slefu
Þormóðar þáttr Kolbrúnarskálds
Þormóðar þáttr Kolbrúnarskálds R

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