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holmr (noun m.)

‘island, islet’
ONP (prose citations):60726238
SkP: 27127911 (prose):01392394

forms: holm, holms, holmr, holma, Hólms gen m sg, Hólmur, hólminn acc m sg, hólminum dat m sg, hólmsins gen m sg, hólmunum, hólmur nom m sg, hólmurinn, Holm, Hólm m sg, Holmi, Hólmi dat m sg, hólma m sg, hólmanum, hólmann, hólmi, holmi, hólms, hólm, holmum


Bjarni Frag 3III, l. 1: Holmneglða ‘the island-studded’
ESk Frag 11III, l. 3: holmfjǫturr ‘The island-fetter’
ESk Frag 12III, l. 2: holmrǫnd ‘island-rim’
Eskál Vell 25I, l. 5: holmfjǫturs ‘of the island-fetter’
Eþver Lv 1I, l. 7: holmgjarðar ‘of the islet-belt’
HSt Frag 2III, l. 1: Holmleggjar ‘of the island-bone’
Hallv Knútdr 5III, l. 2: holmfjǫturs ‘of the island-fetter’
Sturl Hákfl 2II, l. 1: Hólmreyðar ‘of the island-char’
Þhorn Gldr 6I, l. 6: holmreyðar ‘of the island-salmon’
ÞjóðA Sex 21II, l. 1: Holmbúa ‘of the Island-dwellers’
ǪrvOdd Lv 11VIII (Ǫrv 44), l. 4: Hólmsnesi ‘Hólmsnes’
Marm Lv 1VIII (Hálf 6), l. 8: hólmstefnu ‘a duel’

indexed kennings:

index entries (as compounds):
• Nardo (Nardo, Strinda hd, S.Trøndelag, Norway)
• Odensholmen (Odensholmen, Skånela sn, Seminghundra hd, Uppland, Sweden)
• Odensholmen (Odensholmen, ?Östra Ryds sn, Danderyds skl, Uppland, Sweden)
• Onsholmen (Onsholmen, Irsta sn, Siende hd, Västmanland, Sweden)
• Osmussaar (Osmussaar, Odensholm, Estonia)
• Torsholm (Torsholm, Tärnsund, Uppland, Sweden)
• Torsholma (Torsholma, Frösunda sn, Semingundra hd, Uppland, Sweden)
• Torsholmen (Torsholmen, Helgesta sn, Villåttinge hd, Södermanland, Sweden)

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