Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Oddr kíkinaskáld (Okík)

11th century; volume 2; ed. Kari Ellen Gade;

1. Poem about Magnús góði (Magn) - 3

Skj info: Oddr kíkinaskáld, Islandsk skjald, 11. årh. (AI, 354-5, BI, 327-8).

Skj poems:
1. Et digt om Magnus d. gode
2. Lausavísa

Very little is known about Oddr kíkinaskáld (Okík). Skáldatal lists him among the poets of Magnús Óláfsson and Haraldr Sigurðarson (SnE 1848-87, III, 254, 262, 274-5), and he appears to have been in Norway at the time of Magnús’s death (in 1047). The meaning of his nickname is debated (composing about a person with the name or nickname Kíkini or Kikini: so SnE 1848-87, III, 576, Finnur Jónsson 1907, 246; composing about people from a Norw. farmstead Kíkin: so ÍF 28, 63 n. 1). The quantity of the first <i> in the nickname cannot be established.

Poem about Magnús góði — Okík MagnII

Kari Ellen Gade 2009, ‘(Introduction to) Oddr kíkinaskáld, Poem about Magnús góði’ in Kari Ellen Gade (ed.), Poetry from the Kings’ Sagas 2: From c. 1035 to c. 1300. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 2. Turnhout: Brepols, pp. 31-4.

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Skj: Oddr kíkinaskáld: 1. Et digt om Magnus d. gode, o. 1046 (AI, 354-5, BI, 327)

SkP info: II, 32

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1 — Okík Magn 1II

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Cite as: Kari Ellen Gade (ed.) 2009, ‘Oddr kíkinaskáld, Poem about Magnús góði 1’ in Kari Ellen Gade (ed.), Poetry from the Kings’ Sagas 2: From c. 1035 to c. 1300. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 2. Turnhout: Brepols, p. 32.

Vas fyr Míkjálsmessu
malmgrimm háið rimma;
fellu Vinðr, en vǫnðusk
vápnhljóði mjǫk þjóðir.
Enn fyr jól vas ǫnnur
óhlítulig lítlu
— upp hófsk grimm með gumnum
gunnr — fyr Árós sunnan.

Malmgrimm rimma vas háið fyr Míkjálsmessu; Vinðr fellu, en þjóðir vǫnðusk mjǫk vápnhljóði. Enn lítlu fyr jól vas ǫnnur, óhlítulig, fyr sunnan Árós; grimm gunnr hófsk upp með gumnum.

A sword-grim battle was waged before Michaelmas; Wends fell, and people became much accustomed to weapon-sound. And shortly before Christmas there was another [battle], by no means trivial, south of Århus; grim fighting erupted among men.

Mss: (519r), 39(18ra), F(41va), E(9v), J2ˣ(256r) (Hkr); H(13r), Hr(11rb) (H-Hr); Flat(191vb) (Flat)

Readings: [1] Vas: so Hr, Vás Kˣ, F, ‘Vass’ 39, Vann E, J2ˣ, Var H, Varð Flat;    Míkjáls‑: so 39, F, E, J2ˣ, ‘Michials’ Kˣ, ‘mikaels’ H, Hr, ‘micels’ Flat;    ‑messu: om. E    [2] malm‑: mann‑ E, H, Hr, marg‑ Flat;    háið: so 39, F, H, Flat, hátt Kˣ, E, J2ˣ, háin Hr    [3] Vinðr: vindir Hr, vindar Flat    [4] vápnhljóði mjǫk þjóðir: valtafni þar hrafnar H, Hr, valtafni þeir hrafnar Flat;    ‑hljóði: hljóðr J2ˣ    [5] vas (‘var’): varð H, Hr, Flat    [6] ó‑: æ‑ Flat    [7] grimm: om. Flat    [8] gunnr: gunn J2ˣ;    sunnan: om. Hr

Editions: Skj: Oddr kíkinaskáld, 1. Et digt om Magnus d. gode 1: AI, 354-5, BI, 327, Skald I, 165; ÍF 28, 63-4 (Mgóð ch. 35); F 1871, 191, E 1916, 32; Fms 6, 90 (Mgóð ch. 41); Flat 1860-8, III, 284, Mork 1928-32, 51, Andersson and Gade 2000, 125, 470 (MH).

Context: Magnús engaged in battles in Denmark at Lyrskovshede (present-day Lürschau, some kilometres north of Schleswig) against the Wends and south of Århus against Sveinn Úlfsson.

Notes: [All]: For these battles, see also Arn Hryn 11-15, Arn Magndr 8-18, ÞjóðA Magnfl 6-19, and ÞjóðA Magn 1-14. — [1] Míkjálsmessu ‘Michaelmas’: 29 September. — [2] malmgrimm ‘sword-grim’: Lit. ‘iron-grim’. This reading is preferable to those of E, H, Hr (manngrimm ‘man-grim’) and Flat (marggrimm ‘much-grim’). — [3-4] en þjóðir vǫnðusk mjǫk vápnhljóði ‘and people became much accustomed to weapon-sound’: The variant en hrafnar vǫnðusk valtafni þar ‘and ravens became accustomed to corpse-food there’ (so H, Hr) is an equally good reading, which may represent the Mork version (cf. Flat en þeir hrafnar vǫnðusk valtafni ‘and the ravens became accustomed to corpse-food’). — [6] óhlítulig ‘by no means trivial’: For a discussion of this word and its cognates, see Note to Arn Hardr 11/4. — [8] Árós ‘Århus’: Located in Jylland (Jutland), Denmark.

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