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himinn (noun m.)

‘heaven, sky’
ONP (prose citations):146725759
SkP: 222127911 (prose):371392394

forms: himnanna, himins, himi, himni, himna, himins, himinn nom m sg, himinninn, himna, Himna, Himin, Himi, ifna, Himins, himinsins, himnar, himninom, hifnum, hifninum, Himnar, hifna, himininn acc m sg, himne, himnarnir, himnum, himeɴ, Himiɴ, himninum, himínn, himninvm, himiɴinn, himnvm, himnarner, himnana, himinz, himens, hífnum, hímna, hífnni, heimin, himiɴ, himnom, himnj, hímínen, himen, hifni, himenninn, hímninum, himnenom, hífna, hæimen, himin, himna, himins, himni, himinſ, himiɴ


Anon Andr 1VII, l. 8: himinríkis ‘of the kingdom of heaven’
Anon Andr 3VII, l. 8: himinríkis ‘of the heavenly kingdom’
Kálf Kátr 41VII, l. 6: himintungla ‘of heavenly bodies’
Kálf Kátr 43VII, l. 8: himnaríkis ‘the kingdom of the heavens’
Anon Leið 14VII, l. 4: himinríkis ‘of the heaven-kingdom’
Anon Leið 36VII, l. 8: himintǫrgu ‘of the heaven-shield’
Anon Líkn 10VII, l. 8: himinríkis ‘of heaven’s kingdom’
Anon Líkn 38VII, l. 4: himinstýris ‘of heaven’s ruler’
Anon Mdr 30VII, l. 6: himinríkis ‘of the kingdom of heaven’
Anon Mdr 40VII, l. 2: himinstýris ‘of the governor of heaven’
Anon Mv III 14VII, l. 2: himiríkis ‘of the heavenly kingdom’
Anon Mv III 30VII, l. 1: Himiríkis ‘of the heavenly kingdom’
Anon Pét 2VII, l. 7: himnavista ‘abodes of the heavens’
Anon Sól 52VII, l. 3: sigrhimna ‘victory-’
Anon Sól 72VII, l. 5: himingeislum ‘heavenly rays’
ESk Geisl 6VII, l. 8: himinvistar ‘heavenly hospitality’
ESk Geisl 16VII, l. 6: himinríki ‘the kingdom of heaven’
ESk Geisl 46VII, l. 6: himintungla ‘of heavenly bodies’
ESk Geisl 59VII, l. 8: himintungl ‘the heavenly bodies’
Eil Þdr 5III, l. 2: himintǫrgu ‘sky-shield’
Eil Þdr 10III, l. 3: seilhimin ‘the strap-sky’
Anon Lil 5VII, l. 5: himnasælu ‘heavenly bliss’
Anon Lil 67VII, l. 7: himnahæðir ‘the heights of the heavens’
Anon Lil 87VII, l. 8: himnaríki ‘the kingdom of the heavens’
Eyv Lv 14I, l. 3: álhimins ‘of the channel-sky’
Gamlkan Has 37VII, l. 4: himinljóma ‘of the light of heaven’
Gamlkan Has 49VII, l. 4: himinríkis ‘of the kingdom of heaven’
GunnLeif Merl I 58VIII (Bret 126), l. 8: himinstilli ‘ruler of heaven’
Sturl Hákkv 26II, l. 4: himinskautum ‘the corners of heaven’
Þjóð Haustl 16III, l. 4: upphiminn ‘the heaven above’
Þjóð Yt 19I, l. 4: Himinfjǫllum ‘Himinfjǫll’
Þjóð Yt 19I, l. 4: himinsfjǫllum ‘fjǫll’
Þloft Glækv 3I, l. 4: himinríkis ‘the heavenly kingdom’
Þloft Glækv 4I, l. 4: himinríkis ‘the heavenly kingdom’
Þloft Hfl 1I, l. 2: himinríki ‘the heavenly kingdom’
Anon (TGT) 19III, l. 4: himinríkis ‘of the kingdom of heaven’
Anon (FoGT) 7III, l. 7: himna ‘{of the heavens’ ’
Þul Sjóvar 4III, l. 4: Himinglæva ‘Himinglæva’

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