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2. heyra (verb)

ONP (prose citations):455726238
SkP: 99127911 (prose):8011392394

forms: heyrðr, heyrða, heyrðuz, heyrik, heyrðak, heyrt, heyrisk, Heyr nom m sg, Heyra nom, Heyri sg pres, Heyrir sg pres, Heyrið, Heyrt nom m sg , Heyrði, Heyrðu pl 3rd pret, Heyrðum, heyrandi, heyrast, heyrist, heyrið pl 2nd pres, heyrt, heyrum, heyrði sg pret, heyrðir, heyrðist, heyrðum, Heyrik, Heyrðak, Heyrðir, heiirir, heyrðuð nom f sg pret participle, hœyra, hœyrir, heyrazt, heyrer, heyrðu, heyraz, heyr, heyri, heyra, heyrir, heyrundum, heꝩrda, heꝩrþi, heꝩri, heꝩri, heꝩrþa, heꝩrt, heꝩra, heꝩr, hera, heꝩrir, heꝩrþa, heꝩrom, heꝩrþo, hęꝩrþi, héꝩra, hęꝩra, heyrðisk


Anon Mdr 29VII, l. 1: Bænheyrðu ‘Be attentive’

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