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allr (adj.)

ONP (prose citations):1187723058
SkP: 818127911 (prose):87831392394

forms: ǫll*, allrar, ǫll, öllum, alla, allri, allts, allri, al, allra, ǫlls, alt, alla, allan, allri, alt, ǫll, Alla, Allar f pl, Allir nom m, Allra gen pl, Alls gen n sg, Allt sg, Allur nom m sg, allur nom m sg, Öll nom n pl, Öllum dat, Allr, Allan, Alt, Ǫll, Al, alir, ølu, aler, alæ, alra, ala, alu, ali?, ala?, ala-, alan, alum, ...ra, a=l, atra, altr, aullom, ollum, ollvm, allre, ollv, allvr, ǫllu, als, all, öll, allar, öllu, allrar, ller, allan̅, aller, all, allz, ollom, all͛, oll, allan, allra, ǫllum, alls, ǫllu, ǫll, allr, allri, alt, öllum, allir, alla, allt, ꜹll, avll, ꜹllom, ꜹllo, aꝇar, ꜹꝇ, aꝇz, at, allaɴ, aꝇa, vęnallra, ollo, aꝇir, llom, aꝇr, os, ǫl


Anon Mey 30VII, l. 8: allsber ‘completely nude’
Arn Þorfdr 1II, l. 3: Alfǫður ‘of Alfaðir’
Bjbp Jóms 8I, l. 4: gǫrvǫllu ‘everything’
ESk Geisl 31VII, l. 4: alkœns ‘of much-skilled’
ESk Geisl 62VII, l. 1: allskonar ‘all kinds’
ESk Ingdr 4II, l. 5: alkostigs ‘of most splendid’
Gamlkan Has 35VII, l. 3: gǫrvallt ‘everything’
Þloft Tøgdr 6I, l. 2: gǫrvallan ‘the whole of’
Svart Skauf 35VIII, l. 8: flestöll ‘almost all’

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