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Runic Dictionary

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indexed kennings:
GunnlI Lv 7V (Gunnl 11): jǫrð hyrjar hafnar, ‘the earth of the flame of the harbour, ’
GunnlI Lv 7V (Gunnl 11): því landi lyngs lautsíkjar, ‘of the land of the heath of the dell-fish ’
GunnlI Lv 10V (Gunnl 16): In litfagra Eir ormdags ‘The lovely-complexioned Eir <goddess> of serpent-day ’
GunnlI Lv 12V (Gunnl 19): lôg auðs. ‘the tree of riches. ’
HrafnǪ Lv 1V (Gunnl 12): Njǫrun ǫlstafns ‘The Njǫrun <goddess> of the ale-prow ’
HrafnǪ Lv 2V (Gunnl 15): eina Fullu fangs. ‘one Fulla <goddess> of the tunic. ’
HrafnǪ Lv 3V (Gunnl 18): spǫng þorna, ‘shard of brooch-pins, ’
ÞorkHraun Lv 1V (Gunnl 25): mín*a góða tróðu orms arms ‘my good pole of the serpent of the arm ’

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