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Data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas

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Kormákr Ǫgmundarson (KormǪ)

10th century; volume 5; ed. Edith Marold;

III. 1. Sigurðardrápa (Sigdr) - 7

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Sigurðardrápa (‘Drápa about Sigurðr’) — KormǪ SigdrIII

Edith Marold with the assistance of Vivian Busch, Jana Krüger, Ann-Dörte Kyas and Katharina Seidel, translated from German by John Foulks 2017, ‘(Introduction to) Kormákr Ǫgmundarson, Sigurðardrápa’ in Kari Ellen Gade and Edith Marold (eds), Poetry from Treatises on Poetics. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 3. Turnhout: Brepols, p. 272.

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Skj: Kormákr Ǫgmundarson: 1. Sigurðardrápa, o. 960 (AI, 79-80, BI, 69-70)

SkP info: III, 283

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6 — KormǪ Sigdr 6III

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Cite as: Edith Marold (ed.) 2017, ‘Kormákr Ǫgmundarson, Sigurðardrápa 6’ in Kari Ellen Gade and Edith Marold (eds), Poetry from Treatises on Poetics. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 3. Turnhout: Brepols, p. 283.

Hafit maðr ask eskis
afspring með sér þingat
særanda at fœra
fats; véltu goð Þjaza.
Hverr myni vés við valdi,
vægja kind, of bægjask,
þvít fúr-Rǫgnir fagnar
fens; Gramr til menja.


A man will not have to bring either a bowl or {the offspring of the ash vat} [BOWL] with him to a meeting with {the wealth-wounder}; [GENEROUS MAN] the gods deceived Þjazi. Who would fight against {the owner of the sanctuary}, [RULER] since {the Rǫgnir {of the fire of the fen}} [(lit. ‘fire-Rǫgnir of the fen’) GOLD > GENEROUS RULER] rejoices {in the descendant of swords}; [SWORD] Gramr fought for neck-rings.

context: In Hákonar saga góða (Hkr) this stanza precedes a description of Sigurðr jarl as a generous ruler and an observer of sacrifice, and it is said to be part of Sigurðardrápa by Kormákr Ǫgmundarson.

notes: This is the only stanza to consist of two helmingar. Because it also contains two stælt lines and the two half-stanzas differ in content, they may have been arbitrarily linked in Hkr, and it is therefore possible that they ought to be edited as two separate helmingar. — [5]: This is the only line in the stanza without a hending, and it is not possible to supply one (Finnur Jónsson 1891b, 318). Kock’s (NN §2426A) attempt to create skothending by emending to vild must be rejected.

texts: HákGóð 9 (I 68), Hkr 78 (I 68)

editions: Skj Kormákr Ǫgmundarson: 1. Sigurðardrápa 6 (AI, 80; BI, 69-70); Skald I, 42-3, NN §§263, 1064, 2426A; Hkr 1893-1901, I, 187-8, IV, 49-50, ÍF 26, 168 (HákGóð ch. 14).


AM 35 folx (Kx) 91v, 21 - 91v, 28 (Hkr)  image  image  
AM 45 fol (F) 16ra, 23 - 16ra, 26 (Hkr)  image  image  image  image  
AM 37 folx (J1x) 55r, 4 - 55r, 8 (Hkr)  image  
AM 38 folx (J2x) 51v, 26 - 52r, 3 (Hkr)  image  
AM 761 b 4°x (761bx) 233r, 4 - 233r, 11  image  
Runic data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas, Uppsala universitet, unless otherwise stated