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This material is incomplete and is for reference only: it has not been checked and quality-controlled and should not be cited. References are to the new edition and may not correspond to the text of Skj.

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all- ((prefix))

ONP (prose citations):0726238
SkP: 59127911 (prose):01392394

forms: all-, All, all


Anon Gyð 8VII, l. 3: allmjög ‘most earnestly’
Anon Hsv 47VII, l. 5: alldyggr ‘very trustworthy’
Anon Hsv 56VII, l. 1: Allsnotr ‘a very wise’
Anon Leið 1VII, l. 2: allskjótt ‘very quickly’
Anon Leið 10VII, l. 8: allþétt ‘very energetically’
Anon Leið 22VII, l. 2: allheppinn ‘An altogether fortunate’
Atli Ól 1III, l. 2: allmǫrg ‘very many’
Bersi Lv 1I, l. 8: allvaldr ‘mighty ruler’
BjHall Kálffl 3I, l. 1: allvaldr ‘The mighty ruler’
Bǫlv Hardr 7II, l. 6: allfriðliga ‘most peacefully’
EBrún Lv 1III, l. 2: allrífum ‘abundant’
ESk Sigdr I 3II, l. 3: allvalds ‘the mighty ruler’s’
Eyv Hák 13I, l. 5: allvaldr ‘a supreme ruler’
Glúmr Gráf 4I, l. 2: allvaldr ‘The mighty ruler’
HSt Rst 2I, l. 7: allprútt ‘most excellently’
HSt Rst 13I, l. 7: allvaldr ‘sovereign’
Hfr ErfÓl 1I, l. 6: allvaldr ‘mighty ruler’
Hfr Óldr 1I, l. 6: allvaldr ‘The mighty ruler’
KormǪ Sigdr 7III, l. 2: allvald ‘mighty ruler’
Mark Eirdr 10II, l. 7: allvaldr ‘the mighty ruler’
Ólhv Hryn 4II, l. 3: allvald ‘mighty ruler ’
Ótt Hfl 1I, l. 4: allvaldr ‘mighty ruler’
RvHbreiðm Hl 81III, l. 5: Allnýtr ‘The thoroughly beneficial’
Sigv Austv 11I, l. 2: allsvangr ‘[My] famished’
Sigv Austv 12I, l. 2: allsnúðula ‘very quickly’
Sigv Nesv 5I, l. 2: allvalds ‘of the mighty ruler’
Sigv Nesv 10I, l. 4: allvôn ‘expectation ’
Sigv Víkv 2I, l. 8: allvaldr ‘Mighty ruler’
Sigv Vestv 4I, l. 2: allframr ‘The most excellent’
Sigv Vestv 5I, l. 2: alldáðgǫfugr ‘highly renowned for deeds’
Sigv Lv 2I, l. 3: alltíginn ‘most high-born’
Sigv Lv 2I, l. 6: allvaldr ‘mighty ruler’
Sigv Lv 12I, l. 1: allframir ‘The most outstanding’
Sigv Lv 16I, l. 1: allvaldr ‘The mighty ruler’
Sigv Lv 17I, l. 4: allvalds ‘of the mighty ruler’
Sturl Hákkv 25II, l. 5: allvald ‘the mighty ruler’
Sturl Hákkv 27II, l. 1: allvaldr ‘a mighty ruler ’
Sturl Hákkv 33II, l. 7: allvalds ‘with the mighty ruler’
Sturl Hryn 13II, l. 7: allvaldr ‘a mighty ruler’
ÞKolb Eirdr 10I, l. 1: Allvalds ‘the mighty ruler’
Þham Magndr 3II, l. 3: allvaldr ‘the mighty ruler’
Þhorn Gldr 4I, l. 1: allsnœfrir ‘the very vigorous’
Þhorn Harkv 9I, l. 3: allvalds ‘mighty ruler’
Þjóð Yt 4I, l. 9: allvald ‘the sovereign’
Þjóð Yt 7I, l. 9: allvald ‘the sovereign’
Þór Lv 1I, l. 2: allvaldr ‘The mighty ruler’
Þorf Lv 2I, l. 5: allvald ‘mighty ruler’
Þorm Lv 20I, l. 2: allvaldr ‘mighty ruler’
TorfE Lv 2I, l. 4: allvalds ‘of the mighty ruler’
Eþsk Couplet 1I, l. 2: allvalds ‘the mighty ruler’s’
Hjálm Lv 9VIII (Ǫrv 19), l. 3: alltrauðr ‘completely averse’
Anon (Ólkyrr) 1II, l. 4: allvalda ‘mighty ruler’
Anon Brúðv 16VII, l. 6: allkær ‘very dear’
Anon Brúðv 19VII, l. 5: allfast ‘very firmly’
Ásb Ævkv 3VIII (OStór 6), l. 2: Allstórir ‘We mighty ones’
Sigurðr Lv 1VIII (Ǫrv 35), l. 3: allvalds ‘the mighty ruler’s’
Rloð Lv 7VIII (Ragn 23), l. 7: allmarga ‘very many’

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