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heimr (noun m.)

‘home, abode; world’
ONP (prose citations):221726238
SkP: 163127911 (prose):501392394

forms: heimar, heims, heimrinn, heims, heimr, heiminn acc m sg, heiminum dat m sg, heimsins gen m sg, heimum, heimur nom m sg, heimurinn, hæimenn, Heim, Heims, Heimrinn, Heimr, aimi, em, heimi, heims, heima, heimr, heim, hęimi, heimi ,, heimi, hęimę, heimom


Anon Leið 14VII, l. 5: heimstýrir ‘world-ruler’
Anon Pl 25VII, l. 4: heimsiklings ‘to the world-ruler’s’
Anon Sól 30VII, l. 3: ægisheimi ‘the terrible world’
Anon Sól 33VII, l. 3: ynðisheimi ‘the delightful world’
Anon Sól 35VII, l. 4: dularheim ‘a worldof delusion’
Anon Sól 39VII, l. 3: dynheimum ‘the noisy world’
Anon Sól 41VII, l. 6: aldaheimi ‘the world of men’
Anon Sól 52VII, l. 3: sigrheima ‘victory-worlds’
Anon Sól 53VII, l. 3: kvölheima ‘the worlds of torment’
Bjarni Frag 4III, l. 4: mergheims ‘of the marrow-world’
Eil Þdr 21III, l. 4: alfheims ‘of the elf-world’
Eskál Vell 11I, l. 4: vínheims ‘of the wine-world’
Anon Lil 74VII, l. 4: heimleiddir ‘having been led home’
Eyv Hál 2I, l. 6: manheimum ‘the lands {of the maiden’
Gamlkan Has 32VII, l. 2: ísheims ‘of the ice-world’
Gamlkan Has 64VII, l. 6: heimspenni ‘the world-clasper’
Glúmr Gráf 9I, l. 1: heimþynntan ‘sharpened’
GunnLeif Merl I 82VIII (Bret 150), l. 8: gollorheimi ‘home of the pericardium’
Refr Ferðv 4III, l. 2: borðheimr ‘world of ship-planks’
HSt Rst 15I, l. 4: Þrándheims ‘of Trondheimsfjorden’
Ólhv Hryn 8II, l. 5: Þrándheims ‘Trøndelag’
Rv Lv 16II, l. 4: Ránheim ‘Rán’s world’
Sigv Knútdr 5I, l. 7: þornheims ‘of the home {of the thorn’
Sigv Nesv 7I, l. 8: heimdregum ‘’
SnSt Ht 22III, l. 5: Lýsheims ‘of the pollack-home’
SnSt Ht 29III, l. 2: heimsvistir ‘home-visits’
ÞKolb Eirdr 4I, l. 2: glæheims ‘on the glistening world [sea]’
Þjóð Haustl 19III, l. 2: heimþingaðar ‘of the home-visitor’
Þloft Glækv 2I, l. 4: Þrándheimi ‘Trøndelag’
Þloft Tøgdr 1I, l. 8: otrheims ‘of the otter-world’
Þloft Tøgdr 5I, l. 6: svalheims ‘of the cool world [sea]’
Anon (TGT) 36III, l. 2: heimstýrir ‘world-controller’
Anon (ÓH) 1I, l. 4: unnheim ‘the wave-world’
Steinn Frag 1III, l. 2: heimtjalds ‘world-tent’

indexed kennings:

index entries (as compounds):
• Audinghen (Audinghen, France)
• Nalum (Nalum, Brunlanes hd, Vestfold, Norway)
• Nereim (Nereim, Fjelberg hd, Hordaland, Norway)
• Næreim (Næreim, Suldal, Rogaland, Norway)
• Nærem (Nærem, Sylte hd, Møre, Norway)
• Nærum (Nærum, Copenhagen, Sjælland, Denmark)
• Nærum (Nærum, Rygge hd, Østfold, Norway)

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